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Bj, Howie & Jamie- Mega millions or Mega Lie? (4/10)

Apr 10, 2012|

The self proclaimed winner of the Mega Millions lottery in Maryland turns out to be just a plan old Liar!!


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How he and it's so bizarre how this lady went through this entire -- yeah it just amazes me okay this Maryland right right Mega Millions. Yeah I remember the woman who said the McDonald's crap we ever heard about it over and over and over number guy and she hired an attorney and we are suspicious does nobody had seen the tickets. Is it true that -- all just a big fat lie and it appears that like to all of that she's made Lola. It's certainly appears -- they're saying that the person in Maryland that won the Mega Millions which was 110 million -- -- Keyboard yesterday and that person will be revealed later on today in a press conference I guess -- Do teachers in an administrator yes of them -- debt and all that information is gonna come out there and be confirmed today and it appears that this lady in the Merriman they claims she worked at McDonald's and was a pool and she -- -- -- -- around and she's won a one and I'm not going to share with anybody but it was all a hoax. Hardy go in -- -- coming to get an attorney patent attorney yeah that's craziness. The attorney bought into it. Yeah I mean she hired him and it very saddened and you you have to look at him of that act I limit straight -- in and say look this is my ticket. This woman she she was on news stations worldwide and manage the difference absolutely crazy all all. Knowing she did and and that is beyond what went -- college golf like something and it's not not not what is it pathological pathological. Liar yeah that's -- that in my immediate -- -- -- -- What he did that that one it's yeah it's some kind of actual mental illness and -- if Europe. Pension law -- pathological liar her candidacy -- that. You're pathological that means that you can't help that you that you you lie. Just for the sake of lying and not only that you lie and you continued to lie and lie and lie to make the lie and truth to that makes sense what you just keep it going -- you don't even know what to truth this. Well because I was with some news from harm them a long time ago I read up on it. And some things that are scary is -- may start to believe. There are -- -- -- It was scary they they start to believe it's true that don't even know what's I don't know let's seems so weird that you wouldn't know what you're lies are you gotta keep command line. There's liars and then there's -- and -- OK so so there are people who will tell little want to call why not so OK all -- you know you'll you'll use Eumig stretched the truth. Okay that's double we're talking about which are about to put this lady forbid it. She came forward she says she told the lottery office. She called -- the Mega Millions officer told the she had a ticket I got to take it this will bring it. Well I know what else we -- hey Murray didn't -- it instead of reunion and she goes and gets along she sets up a press conference goes to the whole deal she gets all these people McDonald's all worked up. I mean these people think they'd want money or at least they're gonna fight for the money and nothing nothing it's just all a big fat lie. That she lives up. -- -- the -- that you know when your pathological you get caught up in the lie and -- not to surround yourself because you're so used to. Covering your tracks there's a point where Europe pathological -- is so big that now you're in trouble. Because you had to do everything to covered up or fix it or whatever and now you're a lawyer. You know because you've highlighted the beginning -- protect its. You know I don't know what she thought would be the end results will be. Think's worse men or women. Can -- really being a liar urged. I don't know I've known I mean I've had some scary stories just scary I think in a worse. I don't know women are so -- it -- you don't expect it to him maybe so let me know that's -- good topic we'll bring that up tomorrow because it's all on the heels of this whole lottery thing but. Men -- worse. I mean when you find out that you are best friends. With that girl that's pathological or man whatever but it doesn't pack pathological. Liar you almost feel violated. Because -- full story the whole time that you spent with them was all fake it was -- I mean it's you can't even put your arms around -- I know some people that lie. For sport it just well no just about every -- the mouth of infection with. Yeah. I mean lies just just lie blood line life and it really disciplined and be very honest about it gets to a point in -- and not see anything bad about the person I'm not seeing their horrible person would -- be there and in your time of the year whatever. But I will say that he gets to a point where you eat you just don't when he didn't hear anything more because you know it's not the truth coming out. Are you -- it is this risen up well I don't even care anymore you don't even carry more because it's like okay whatever it's not you know he's McCann and well. I know that as like for example how he -- is sick to see I was gonna -- I am not naming him in your story is this not a whole different Oprah. -- -- -- -- -- -- Wake up with BJ how Lee and G. We didn't morning's drive thirty Dejan -- -- -- I kind.