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Bj, Howie & Jamie - UFO over DIA (5/16)

May 16, 2012|

UFO talk Howie does believe in UFO’s – The story is that a mystery object was in the sky over Denver/DIA and almost caused a mid-air collision The reports on 9News is that it looked like a big remote control airplane. BJ and Jamie do not believe in Aliens they both think if they were out there we ...


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah Howie and -- you realize and to bring this up it's gonna -- how we going this morning Liane I think that's fun for me yeah. Yeah yeah. He's really got a good close. I know is he really is being released new photos -- -- about it is that the proof in the putting my friend alien. I see US I mean as my dad told me it's real because it is unidentified. -- Our Internet Smart man and heard it. They didn't necessarily mean aliens or anything like that it just means it's a nice to have kind of -- when it comes to how these little Green people. All of that he believes he works so when you say you thought he thinks being Duvall yeah witness eight Green people but I don't I think I think it's got a naive of us to think that we're the only thing in this entire universe and -- means is. I like but at the same page this right. Here's the story. They have a light is this I gotta tell you I took a double take this morning when I saw this. Mystery object. Nearly causes midair collision and -- reading them weekly world news. It's not going to the world -- it is not news it's very credible. I guess you know you've got to people at the airport saying we really don't know what to figure Obama. Within although it is you don't always happens with stories like this -- we -- two days later it always comes out that was weather -- Now let's go there and there was no weather balloon. No way you know I think later this morning we split two games in the nation. Who called hate nobody believes my story and a half OK you. Because I think people have tons and tons of stories that nobody. Believe this at all Malia told an Emily -- have -- -- there's a guy in in Florida for example and he worked at that Postal Service. He opened a package from Yemen did you see this -- he opened the package from Yemen he said it was leaking. When he -- like a lung infection -- he's really really sick the Postal Service said. We never got to box yeah. Yeah I think that's a bummer there. -- -- -- -- do you believe in aliens and yeah there's life out there somewhere. I just feel like we would've known about an hour that's actually via best -- I will tell you -- -- -- -- about water on Mars. How it will there's water there's life in there has been nice yeah yeah -- there's there's water there's it was important you know. -- how he has preached just for several years in in I've been an easier on -- I'm really not bought into -- because unlike you I think we would have known. But here's the thing is starting to change my mind is you've got some very. Intelligent people astronauts for example. Dad to are saying now. Is it because I guess you were told to shut the hell up you -- to two years ago but now they're coming out and say if we really Lou. What they know we would be scared to death. I don't like Lulu hey I don't print table laughing like last week and a pilot took an Air Canada flight. He's flying along he made its -- play because he's so well like some kind of an aircraft it was the planet Venus and he was really tired. That's I won't I it it. Dyslexia and content of books and you know the fact that there might TE you know and. -- -- what I think a lot of presents pilot to teach us that's my -- -- -- -- rate down and people got really been asked that oxygen mask. It was just a planet. Can. You know I saw when I -- over -- Roxy girl. -- an experience with assess set of UFOs all right here we go now know it was it was completely and Tony because before that I had thought I keep -- what. Rocks broke markets it's over. Our -- draft standing up and down. Need ice does on the one I guess that was I was kind of on the fence of whether or not you know I'd really believe in and I was I was still wonder believe it but I but I saw something in the sky. Remember they've changed my television it did everything hair on my body and not your child yeah. He had the two television was doing weird things because of this thing was covering was -- this noise outside and sky yes I was -- And then just like a flashlight boom. It was gone the wrong song about her they were song about how we. -- -- I saw a preference for. -- -- Yes. A solid background. Yeah. And important moment. How can you look well. This. -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah. -- that is great. Wake up with BJ Howie and -- weekday mornings at 530 did CNN Dallas 10 by the time.

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