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Bj, Howie & Jamie - A guy spends $60,000 in custody battle over Dog! (5/16)

May 16, 2012|

A guy has spent over $60,000 to get custody of his dog from the Ex. Some times when you are divorcing there are things you just WANT!! Howie wanted the vacuum… didn’t get it. Bj had to fight for his golf clubs….. What did you want in your divorce that you did not get!


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He's Howie and here's the headline that check this out I may end. Spends 60000. Dollars in custody battle -- his ex girlfriend over a good Abdullah have you seen the story it's wasn't. Every where yesterday -- format is just so stupid his name is not very little Beagle Needham and sixteen. Thousand dollars in court -- well it wouldn't -- that so I guess disarm a story of the guy was worth life. You know ten million dollars or something like that because 60000 dollars would mean not that. But the guy now it's flat broke he's actually online asking for donations to helping this cause. But he spent everything you -- his life savings to get the dog. What happens I mean you know and take the dog part of it because the dog is. I understand the love for -- on it but it really does become this. Competitive hate -- -- edge yeah it becomes a contest like nobody mentally contain themselves out of it because now it's a contest. -- -- -- and then there's that one item. And he -- you're fighting for you don't even think anymore about how this item it's nine were at 101000 dollars is costing me 101000 dollars. -- for the principle of having it. You know yeah extends to tell you Kim. It -- you -- people the fight were so called -- time when the getting a divorce or you're just separating from somebody you lived with for a long time. How are you -- a vacuum cleaner situation right you love -- and Iraq and love the vacuum cleaner. I remember it cost him like three times as much what the -- you know actually it was worth yeah. To to try to keep sending him back any inning didn't I did not get -- there's still -- determined over. Next you can somewhat relate just decisive action -- you can support relate with the story because you've spoken with past couple -- how it. About how much you miss those dogs there. But he missed the notes are locked. That's exactly what this story. You have that thing in your house that you point that the one in the divorce because I know somebody if you will go to his house to this day. You go to his house and he likes -- -- to see that big screen TV here and there have gotten divorced and you're vegan. It's one of those old huge. Big screen TVs but he's still vindicated he will that team. You might kind of bizarre though cheap meats it's like -- it's like I walked away and left stuff there that I knew what dale returned via. Isn't it at that he had -- I mean it's all there because I was moving to a Condo and that's a bigger house. Wait and didn't care about you must not -- passion where. Could happen here. Some -- -- attached to -- that I really I think she'd put up a fight over like a golf clubs are so big wolf it's on now yeah it's -- up. Well that's that's what people do and this is what this -- point is about knuckle. That he had not he said it was his dog he loved that dog and she's just doing it to be spiteful so yeah it's about the dog at all no I think I think that she's in it to be spiteful. Is he -- kidnapped it. So I think some people and divorces but it may be even back it was a little spiteful because maybe so -- -- that love for the -- I'm not understand is how do you spend 60000 dollars fighting for dog I mean. It seems to me like you know that's a part of -- Poland. I just I don't get X I don't get -- you spend that kind of -- -- -- -- would do you have to have a lawyer to go in and fight for dog can't you just. Put your day in court show up with her and say look it's just below the guard dogs and I've purchased or whatever the what are your stories that make you feel like the doggie doors how you get sixty grand in the hole trying to kind trying to get to go back to me is just it's completely predict. Also the lawyers stalled because they see that you're involved it mean emotionally attached -- -- really can't when it comes to divorce because they see that you're emotionally attached or not. Or that you're in for the fight and then they're just like much less and so then they do a continuance and another continuance and dynamic data continue with -- and it's another thousand dollar. Now the ex girlfriend left him she took the dog went California he's New York City rightly so they're completely across country. And that's why did this become such a big issue because it's not like he can visit dog whatever he wants to because of the you know distance here I -- So here's my thinking no it it you say that it's all because she's being spiteful. And getting back to him -- what every wanna call it and that's what she took the dog ran with it now he's -- to spend the money to get the dog back. But in the long run if he's flat broke. He's had 161000 dollars he's online begging for money to helping this cause hasn't she won this battle already -- God laugh and then she. On somebody for like five grand to go and steal the dollar back and bring it home -- There's no court orders and not as -- -- -- You could steal the dog back then he is escorted out to the point and eat there's no court order on the dog and I. And I'm sorry 61 night that you had -- secured to the house and try to get them back. Exactly yeah. Garnered a lot I think that. 60000 dollars and you don't. I mean this guy is not exactly all there right yeah and it's just like (%expletive) like you said ten million dollar to be worth that OK again it. But to spend everything you have big guys like what thirty something years old he's asking for. It's how much they didn't read your -- like 400 dollars and 1000400 dollar and the grand but he couldn't. He's rationing here I mean his thinking he has his mental problems here because if I think about that what this guy really don't come -- in the years. Give him money I. We should -- the games in the nation is what I got out of divorce and I'm damn proud of that he has how many women have you seen at the license plate was teens. The man -- -- a vote -- -- are you know yelling you're out and die down soon. He is our Jamie what did you get from that if -- what did you win. Your -- I'm just asking which you won from the divorce surely got something you know he had nothing. Now. So what did he. Yet it if they -- Monday. He's having a little part and I got that this is flag out there like you do on the wheel of fortune used the shot yeah. So he's driving a car that says it was her blazing my sister Jamie -- the license plate got them. Like I think -- -- -- for your looks don't do it. That's not -- so it is a funny thing that all of -- -- though when you win that one thing yeah you're just hope. That trophy it doesn't matter what is or is he tennis -- at the house when you're leaving nearly. There. You're 3036312542. What did you get out of the divorce that that possibly you wonder she wanted but you can now with -- -- -- you -- vanity. And got. What did you get in the divorce it maybe both partners wanted everybody wanted it but you got it it's amazing making the fight over TV's. TV -- vehicles. Yeah you're right you're right a lot of things I think three and hello. -- Rihanna what did you get. There you'll have. Loved. -- did it because. Credit card. That's a little. -- so right and I only wanted it because he paid for it. And eighty. Eight and. He's still -- be really bad if he is still paying for and you had it. I don't think I don't think el -- the widow. And robbery and are you dating another fellow. I -- -- kind of person you are -- you know your student days or -- -- was your bed together in June is secure over the -- I don't have a better. Yeah so -- By -- I think to get him and I'm just want to release flip it over. That's a pretty good story she is today that he goes to jail right. I think there's some more add to that went finish at some other than -- But like the suspension is not knowing really hate Gina. I would I do. I -- my. Oh there he sure. I don't want. Yet there's good stuff in there that the -- -- Like a little treasure -- Israeli and start fighting over. I know they reject OPEC to cut that out. In the kitchen. So that was filing legal documentation. Bob we'll get the -- door and Cindy must say no. Gap ad and because in all -- -- -- -- jerk. When you -- you -- over the trash bag is empty and in their -- Alan -- color like I. But I got like jingle and gentlemen corkscrew your token drew the baggage. That little thing of treasures but it's really not what is -- tell -- -- to patrol our troops and. I love the giants -- everybody has more I wonder how much that cost them to get the drug does drunk or the drug toward the right. You know I'm sorry and an ugly -- to watch us. Much about the cars in the house and talents that -- data items. Well I eat out at through all of that like it worked out and make when they got to. Break it nitty gritty I mean. You know she held in wide terms are in and might not checked out any. -- -- Or. Cellular mother got how's your dad walked away with a world full of junk. Yeah I think he's that he's had. Played somewhere out teacher. I got to jump drawback to -- the. Or make fun of her but really why did you have such love -- a vacuum and the like big advantage to orbit. You still think about you spent thousands and thousands of dollars for -- This vacuum was incredible I mean if you find a vacuum that sucks in the corners and just. It was so powerful I mean I'm not -- you like every time you use it was so whisper quiet it was like this does sound like when you're using that. And just like that's a nice little home. And it was sold. Honest even that he could take it on the hardwood eagles' front carpets of to the hard wood and it wouldn't clean that up to Siemens a little louder on the hard when you don't have. President Bush and I know change one to you re not even close. And it had a pack if you could do the stairs with -- a little pact with India and you put on your shoulder lap. Tiger on the that was worked and I'm not a question been answered yeah exactly done it again it's a -- one more Wired News that's -- they Aaron Aaron. Slides but yet I -- eight. -- -- -- -- -- -- So he let his it's -- -- -- to itemize the -- you know this stuff so he wrote an item invasion from the attorneys Q tips Champloo. Wildly. At it but. I really -- I end up getting the bad. Like I while we were together. He just clear due out this. Year or by. I know I -- to black until sorry see this guy to black. Trash bags into that house and just are dampened everything into black trash bags -- their cue tips. I get that they just Egypt's. Human. Junk drawers and Q tips -- It -- and losing that yeah my -- -- big -- Wake up with PGA -- and Jesus weekday mornings at 530 Dejan -- 105.