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Bj, Howie & Jamie - Sean interviews Casey Abrams from American Idol.

May 23, 2012|


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Casey did not first interview I -- yeah I had parties it's news at all this -- has been like wanted to -- -- -- your -- Favorite American now contestant that's awesome and I'm gonna tell you -- because there were the most versatile in my opinion you're able to play some instruments we came out played little. It's saying it thinks that your days it blew me layouts inspired -- so -- -- cents deeds and like that what I wanted to know from you is what. As American Idol than your knees. As far as your writings Hillary -- the inspiration. From the sale what is done yes -- -- play. What does it need me my career but has it changed the lead you lead the -- -- -- To be honest I don't -- really changed the way a bit I create or not I have to. Something not working with color red is it is kind of weird thing you know diseases -- in my leg a little dungeon you know -- Typing away and doing little many things and doing like -- that myself but. I think is -- dual collaboration here and then and that's basically the obvious thought collaboration you know with color matters. I think -- election -- more confident person and songwriting team you know I mean yeah yes. Yet to learn how to say no and other times Iranian and it sounds that you referred -- writing for rent on your own. It's a good question as a good question I mean on my friends like -- it might just -- reading -- -- you know of it but I think degrades it makes it. It makes it fun and music is. A collaboration. It's -- competency yet. Give 13 of the united name and it's -- balance is about the ballots and when you have people you and Angel led. With people around here edit right I'm telling you you can -- a woods is an -- tiring yourself but when you have friends onstage at -- It makes it that much better so that's the same thing with the code red and -- awesome. Manulife they think the timeliness it. That. Appreciate it and continue to look forward your albums coming up next on June 26 yeah so what's the name of it is gonna be called. Casey Abrams -- like thought that the -- Iron like cricket ground up I. Expect -- and airmen and led the beavers view he yeah you would -- It out to do the -- awesome again I think I think that kind of glad Don a little bit but I think he had heard Steve -- -- army -- here. I don't feel very it's like to -- Abrams I've read here your immediate area that's. -- case and it makes it a group.