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Bj, Howie & Jamie - Mark Zuckerberg is a cheap tipper (5/30)

May 30, 2012|

Mark Zuckerberg was seen in Rome with his new wife and they had a $50.00 lunch and he left No tip, Callers say you do not tip in Europe it is offensive to them.


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Yeah how he and. In the Hollywood report this morning Mark Zuckerberg and his new bride there in Europe and Rome. They had lunch just a couple of days ago it came to about fifty dollars yourself for lunch and he left no tip. That's crazy and it's making news this morning. Now how he is so somewhat just blown away by this -- mean you're talking about a billion air here who would basically put -- an eye -- it's worthless right -- Indeed billions of dollars in he's got a fifty dollar tab and leaves no it just it to blows me away that you would have that kind of cash. -- literally not put some money down for somebody when they serve -- I think the -- to differed in Europe. I think in Europe you don't leave a tip but I don't know for sure Rachel -- outcome. Right and if you don't answer 3036312542. Rachel. It well I live near or about ear you don't get okay. And it's it's extremely apparent that it. They need -- always end. So when you -- -- actually air America dearly and that. That's not true rage on the morning show your kid who doesn't want extra money and the -- His radio show I make a wage here but if you anytime he wanna come by -- go to Jordan downstairs. On the tenth well. Just tipper at the drop a couple quarters are -- out Al have a better day -- I'm already haven't and you're not going to be offended even closer since. Bridge I agree yeah I've always heard that you just don't Tipton in Europe. And they find it offensive now I do it is still what how he seemed area looks like we do little extra money the way it'd be happy about it but I guess not. I ever -- I -- there I -- keeping him on that I was told not about the local. And it. Zero four -- to review where we got Rachel. I can't in Scotland but I travel that brand. Journey. Got Belgium. That's right that's gonna call you out. Because I -- I was in Paris France couple years ago. Those -- relying on home almost three weeks. Everywhere I would go down have a couple and craps and have some wine called grapes they're not craps. Whether crane crash site is likely deeply Blackhawks look who's on the Food Network star you were me. Who was on her okay didn't trust -- scraps. And I was another and I would always easily I would always leave a tip money doubted people every time I showed up they they love they. -- is rally all the time. And I know for a fact that some places it may be where you went to before I went to where our frequent they love to have the tip. -- -- the same experience. Bureaucrats -- that I'll tell you right down Rachel. Tell you originally peaceful craps is what you. That's what he did that -- on the food network's I don't usually I don't -- critics and now the good noted this -- OK okay Kate. You the year for. Re still -- -- I don't yet and it appeared. Eckert. Ashley here's what's surprising to meet Kate is that this story from Mark Zuckerberg -- pride digging in Rome and having a fifty dollar largely be no -- his actually made news and I'm shocked that the journalist or whomever the tabloids are. Or pro tiger whomever whomever grab this story didn't realize the same thing. While probably not that -- get product out I can't thank you didn't read it out and it. They don't get -- here now. You can feel that at least order thousand dollars worth the suit. Now the very least fifty bucks that you figured -- a thousand dollars to blue grass. Hey Chris what's the answer. It's different in the last year. And Utah. I know these other Yahoo!'s you have -- your neighbor Colin you're just about computers were just tell that's the most ridiculous thing ever right. It's a little bit yeah I mean I it's definitely not common over the -- that it hit like -- -- -- any circumstance that especially when it arrest or. -- -- -- -- if you regrets. They're called grapes. -- positional groups that have you been on it worked. Have you ever been on the Food Network Chris -- yeah. You know who knew who can do is drag. It out a correct last gold go ahead. All right. Over -- about it the island about right out you don't yet know what you will go to war or in Knight who will accept that it. They'll gratefully but. It but don't hit it it looked at it -- they don't want it they didn't let that aren't that would that mark but the main Zuckerberg. I I think deputies. It because 80 is not there are falling. Bill analyses like he's he's hoarding is hoarding my. Literally CE OK well thank you for valid answers saving for rainy day. You never know we'd use you don't need an extra blocker to -- -- -- couple extra bucks -- Mark Zuckerberg right I heard I just I don't I don't get why people think he's okay for a little and. Wake up with PJ Crowley and Jesus. Weekday mornings at 530 Dejan palace where I --