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Bj, Howie & Jamie - Bj displays his singing ability (5/30)

May 30, 2012|

Howie was texting Bj with compliments and Bj is not sure if he is telling the truth or just making fun of him? So Bj sang for us all and the Callers say he is a good singer….


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Yeah how -- and this. This is how this came up earlier this morning how this couple text of the week in his Grover Cisco -- routinely shown altitude yeah. Debuted on Friday night right how he says attacks on either Friday night or Saturday morning. Complementing me on my judging abilities because a judge on the show for an end that look good on TV. He went as far as to say you should have your own TV show and at this point I'm thinking to myself in -- did just back up. Analyst at what you think -- media -- on the show and I wanted to bust your chops a little bit I would get that. But when you're just out on your day off and you think comes in new text messages. To get yuck -- out of and I. Offended by that why you can't believe that I'm saying something nice to you about your abilities on television because I know would you. You think you -- if you're thinking that I was being you know. If I was trying to be -- here I was trying to be mean that you don't know me at all I was trying to be sincere about what he's super fund technology fund -- just just to see. Loyalists in the unity -- the -- look okay here we go this is starting from Friday the Friday night yes it was there. But no Saturday morning he said did you see the show. If you miss you can watch -- grow -- cruel dot cops are Rebecca said I missed it I was still. Golfing yesterday afternoon but I'll watch it on -- and get to the hotel last night. And you wrote back yes many and you look good a year ago trauma at that point I -- back I'll watch tonight. The -- -- your message with the UK time of the hero back page you'd need to get your roadshow. Ranked -- back stop now undergoing this debate too far I'll walk. -- the weather today Brokeback you don't just say at the camera loves each day. Don't know I didn't say the camera loves a huge bonuses love's -- Yeah this is the easy killer a little early for that. If it's a -- what I just -- -- because I -- -- at this -- you're gamecube well I was enjoying it and -- well we started talking about it and then I brought up to him I said yeah how we used just like you always do when it comes to something playing north or something that I'm seeing in along to -- you'll stop down and make noticed some of like -- could -- get me and you should really. And I know I -- and I know I knew anything can suck and you keep pushing nanny issue but I know what you do what you're digging yet. I am I here's here's what I need you guys do. 3036312542. I know it's 715. You're trying to get into your day but you -- Stop for a second and called listen to him do this and give your honest opinion of whether you think BJ is a good signal and I can't believe I'm even gonna do this in and thought I had little -- I think I. I just you really do with a back issue if you didn't think you were -- good singer you wouldn't be doing this on the radio right now. You think you're gonna and I know you think you know turn it back on me I'm not getting on. I'm just playing a -- because she's introducing V footage this will be -- me and I look that I know what you mean but funny -- sock. You know what you -- -- singing yesterday as we did that every morning at 930 we do this and yesterday were sick at all so you know what I don't have problem so I'm gonna do -- 303631254. To listen to wouldn't be injuring dozens -- missing along with the track. And you just give your honest opinion of whether you think he's going to be targeting Ebola is okay it's that simple. And then you can listen to them and I guarantee -- you're gonna have a slew of good here's what's so intimidating it's because -- to say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wouldn't -- I think you're better singer than I am. There you go. I'm being honest let's do the Caribbean on -- systems -- out here Dario I apologize. If he gets the dogs to -- and cats and I nearly -- some good news. That's a good. Good news a -- how. Music make. Either way you he. -- -- -- back. -- and I thought that. Really -- shorten the -- graduate. I think you know I wasn't laughing that is I get a little nervous I enjoy I enjoy singing and I like what you did before my -- what's karaoke all the time. I really do I put my Sanchez and that's by range. I think -- -- to go why are you were sing it higher than that that's you it is almost like spoken word that you're just a little fright. Yeah I was nervous at valid if I'm Mike Judge and you're doing that -- and Abby is good but I think next time you gotta come -- he really -- only -- 36312542. Was it good it was a terrible. He's leaving me one more time maybe just a little higher. The higher. Ten regular phones. They Chris. Morning guys -- -- Eight BJ at all like they haven't opened up the record Angel. See each -- you got Chris thank you dog tricks and yes there's one good one right there already right out of the gate. Nice shot into extra crispy death. Look if you're if you're gonna if you're gonna be hammering on -- easier to chime in tell you something decent and positive that live around this hi Sandra. I say hi -- how are you -- Great how -- in the a lot. I want to -- now. At a map on -- And I AM that they are. Seek do you wanna try to -- Thank you said they just. -- I -- here I think it's great. -- -- -- Yeah job thank you since there aren't they thank you -- you know -- all goes back to the Texan got over the week -- from how we because I think how we just digs at me sometimes. And I it's almost like have you ever had a friend. Where do you think that person. Sandra. Is. Tell you something but with another person like the genie for example he's laughing -- and you don't Satan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well Howie you know he'd play the -- out I -- and -- ticking time at bedtime you would be. He does and thinks it's enough I will I will admit. Lynn Marino was there with me he's the director of the things that's -- -- -- don't know what I was saying -- I was I was taught me how much trying to get your own shell he agrees. The director of the show agreed that maybe we should try to did you in the works for something he'd look dropping off like crazy that he would -- you agree they marriage. Yeah. I'm I don't graduating -- -- rule that degree and I thought it was great you're great players. C really has a degree. Do you like literally do it like few weeks ago and Italian people would tell how a little -- like -- and -- like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I love Alec a good a good base -- I -- -- -- -- but again they are part of final. Yeah hard -- so did you did you find him sexy. The cricket did you find missing and sexy. -- she's -- -- -- keep keep on. Thank you Mary -- Yeah. Mary Kate has a degree in music are great I had no idea was that does affect people found just -- -- sex in there you're not one Brad told -- a race. Good morning aren't. -- -- -- -- You can understand why you allow happily eat. You -- let it. Whether you know what they're period you rock you know you are and your your confidant who really want deals. City cop well thank you very much -- Didn't return if you like your in the club -- hill you're it complements shredded that you compliment. Actually did get into middle finger you're thinking you can all understand how would a lot like me. Until there is only gonna get it out inside you Larry. -- is -- Andre there. I love you guys. He does look today he does look today he brought himself back so I know he loves. If you allow him he'll beat you keep it have all the power. -- That can be competent. On confidence and makes me sexy -- race. -- -- consumer and down on. Okay great screens thanks so much drag and take the -- is how we are -- -- but helping out. Okay -- -- but not much it yeah this is all into one more fairway cult. You tears into commercial it. And whoever it. Go out and I don't know. So hopefully he. And it's that you just couldn't. Wake up with PJ Crowley and G weekday mornings for thirty minutes and tell us what I look.