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Bj, Howie & Jamie - Divorced Men are better dater (5/30)

May 30, 2012|

Study says that divorced guys are more in demand than single guys…


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Yeah how -- and this. Right take some calls here for some ladies and ladies -- here is the topic and we just want to know what the truth is here because this has soared to tell this morning how -- and I are both divorcee is how we twice he wants. Jimmy are here today she's Elsie she's also divorcee to disaster with guys in the mirror before according to -- It's a service out of I think it's New York City there yet. Top they're saying matchmaker dot com. This data says that women today. Are more interest it in a divorced Mae and then she is a guide it's never been married before the headline is divorced men. Endeavor may end. My son ladies we know deadly cancer is stroke. I'm double in demand that you are couples to bid because to towards -- to smile thing is -- monitoring to commit 3036312542. Ladies just just quick question here for ladies that are going online to match dot com. To -- dot com they are requested. Then there portfolio be lined up a potential said are divorced man instead of men that have never been married before here's why. According to. The women that have participated in this. She says that the reason she wants a divorce band is because another woman has already put him to the test of part the hard work of domestic -- him. A divorced guy is obviously not afraid of commitment been their before. He's also more likely to be more mature. Has enough experience with -- relationship to make him even more manageable. Then a guy that's ever been married before or at least he assisted to a woman's desires because again he's been there. I'm very sensitive to -- czars I think there's some truth -- -- extremely sensitive. And I'm not afraid to commence it's just via staying the course having an -- through means like right now that's the hard part. 30363125. Port to your single ladies. You're looking for a guy. Do you think could -- it's been married before it divorce is more desirable than god it's not dead that's what you're saying -- and what's your take on this. My. Eyes there and a -- -- Saying any jail but yeah that. It. The guy -- need to let it. Go by you know article. Not necessarily -- mommy's house. No way you. No slot. Canyon mine through it and that -- -- cook I cook aren't. It is about 300 -- until about a visit he can't go therefore he's just not you know he's not worth your time it's -- -- Hang on you could be a winner in pain let's move on to some people use cool Greenwood this study a brandy. Divorced guys are now in demand according to single women. Absolutely. I totally agree because. They at least they have already been -- they know what the reality epic is light so they know. Have a man what -- real bikes camera lights books like that it's not on they'll pop Brad that it -- maybe you know these are live. For ever did not. Not that way. Would you consider yourself at times a soap opera. -- create drama. You know you -- Erica -- said that your job. Do you think debt at some point you're like you did it now you don't anymore because that's -- -- about me calm and why I think that I you know I have my agent drama there's no doubt about that you can create. On yeah I think I do yeah I think I'm more intentionally like I'm not like I don't intentionally -- drama. It's just that you know. I'm not quite as mature as it probably should be in my day that's all and I -- -- mean I'm -- on the jealous guy sometimes and things of that nature and it comes back to bite me in the moment and I think may be or just the I haven't quite learned my lesson yet but I am ready for for wife number three -- -- Irina brandy. How he's a bad example I'm sorry about that. I take some time here at the port. -- don't wanna get somebody like right after they've just gotten more. Talk about noble Brady's head to this is his second divorce. Elusive player. These are bad -- -- getting ready to commit. It's -- and -- It isn't because I know here's the behind me well it's a money for a week. And I'll be like Alameda fly off to spend the rest of my life that I really delete the thing that's what you do is strike while the iron is hot. And then you know sometimes you're seventy years later you find out maybe didn't make -- -- yeah that's not worked out for you as a lot so far. They did beat. Women say more and more these states have to say women are demanding. Demanding divorced man. No. No limit said that -- -- pressure angle that the single and they're single for. Right behind me. -- I thought that I applaud you. At every bit better now it better and I'll never -- they're so that in their way. I don't -- and stand them. I'm willing to change and that's what I'm I'm willing to change that's what Melinda. I really -- -- -- now how we I don't know about that. That doubles as -- Really why I mean it just makes sense if you're saying get divorced -- -- desirable would not be doubled to. -- -- -- -- -- I just every time -- more desirable and I love it here I don't know I didn't have would you that when let's take one more call here on draft. We -- seeing this is right easy. I think it's crazy. I'm hearing I'm not looking at me -- yeah -- like -- and there -- being out. On. Anything to do it. Because. Like the other call at their divorce her even. Maybe it's not their fault or divorced and thought about that if your friends ever thought about the tactics may be it's not exactly their fault. So should -- -- I'm just saying agent -- because somebody's been divorced and audit found the right at the same person that said you know the divorce for a reason said her single four recent. Well actually it there it. Big. And exciting and met the man I've been married a lot of them are actually anticipating getting married at -- Some of us are but but -- here's a thing about your friends and so they just refused to date may in the have been married before -- is saying. -- -- is but I think it at caraway and. But so there were just dating single guys only then pretty much -- guys had been married before we -- that's fair to say right. Let's -- that that the. Are you aren't well I mean that's it improves in the put Americans -- yeah. Thank you match for the call from the dining room. I you know I think it's 5050 -- -- -- but according to dating services Mets dot com. Women today are asking. For divorced then. They want -- in the portfolio simply because you think these guys are domesticated in have been there and done that and know what it takes. My relationship get a -- has -- -- intact hole doubled the how are you as the delta seven Vijay Alley and Jamie. -- wake up with BJ -- and Jesus. We didn't morning's drive thirty to 10 hours -- 1 o'clock in the.