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Bj, Howie & Jamie - Bj may not be a tough judge! (6/5)

Jun 5, 2012|

Bj feels he did something wrong yesterday during the taping of the Grill Vs Grill TV show and he thinks he owes Howie apology, and if Howie wants him to bow out, he will… Howie does. Bj needs help being a man.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is gonna sound like a joke but it's really not because this has been bothering me since yesterday so yesterday we went down to Jackson's did you grow vs -- -- -- -- -- show -- the judging portion of the -- Yeah we did the judging portion and how he has asked me to sit in as a judge on a few episodes this year where you've done a fantastic jobs for the most part two you know. That's that's -- problem. I want to apologize to you because there was something happened yesterday during the taping of the show that you were so dead on and pretty much busted me and Italian politics because I feel like -- showed -- If you want me stepped aside I will I want to just have to decide well let's talk about it for OK then there's literally talk about it and gorgeous yeah. So -- What happened well -- lost. We're judging these two contestants they have their food there in front so we eat both. And and we give our feedback of well when you give your feedback you're supposed to be very very honest about the because that helps them later well. Here's something that you need your positive criticism that you're there on him you know this going to care for thousands hundreds of thousands to see an altitude -- -- You don't want to come office of Joseph. And as a real public what it did for assignment how to and I want ads and a -- energy forested. There are so yesterday. So this guy -- burst you can see and -- unknown Q have you chance. To determine the outcome the show has an air -- -- -- you want it. -- -- -- -- Dogs and this added that it that there's no one way or the other just say -- just somebody in particular that made some -- get would just leave it at that the clown the got a legitimate clown suit Arlington. Hot dogs to Larry the clouds there. Larry the clown grilled some of the case can say that sure. -- you kill me you just went. I'm sorry I told you it was gonna bring this up do you say no problem well I thought I knew enough that you know we can't you can't say anything about in -- issues -- -- thing now. And hot dogs. -- Do. Now aren't they wanna lose it isn't isn't -- -- -- -- some would -- without sorry about this eighty year old woman but it's hard. That sounds a little vs eighty who would -- what. Point -- -- the is all screwed up this -- is this why the political. Short and start over served them so compete on judge yesterday and this woman does some hot dog she cooks the -- talks of McGraw okay. Right and that we go through were -- some of the food when I got to the hot dogs the hot dogs were like. The bottom of the sheet that the they were election literally eating issue I mean it was that the -- Right so they come back through and we're taping in the gas for your opinion won't start at the end with a one guy you know Todd yet taught taught as the guys from from altitude to talk I was very -- whatever Gooden got he is written came just -- the story. Not -- out of him. A happy story of TV it's it's it's I'm trying to -- I. Tyson we go to the Lincecum -- made when he gets to me instead of me saying what's the hot dog stays like crap. I said hey this was one their fault he that you can tell you spent time on it I mean this just you know I. The presentation on the whole thing. Lot of them all season long is all I've dealt with all the whole lot of them now everything is being gradually Asians. I always get on you guys did a fantastic job sorry that's not what I wanted to. And nobody told the truth like you know what you're not dug -- like I don't know. Not alone is to know they told -- -- that -- and everybody in on television and I would be the nice guys their -- was the. -- little Armenia and inaudible we've done well all week you know what I did went -- left I flew after. That's right I'm just built throughout history fluff fluff fluff that's what I am I on the floor for the exactly. So. What do you think that that is. Cooking shows where what they they kind of are a little ambiguous with there you know you don't know how to Gannett -- to the end right. So -- you're doing that maybe you're being ambiguous. Putting a dirty done -- sees a thing as we do they eat one person's sued they they tally up says and scores they the other person's true they tally up the scores. And they come back I know who the winner is they don't know who the winners but -- birdie tally everything up so what I do is -- -- before I announce who the winner is. Let's go through the judges one more time and then give them many no questions comments -- derogatory remarks. And that's where I'm wanting people to be honest about you know what they liked and what they didn't like for the sake of the show I mean that's why you're there to be a judge not to be a -- offer. Like on the bus or whatever that like -- your -- didn't look like to -- -- exact dispute just behind some of the need for the sake of being mean but just call it like it is the bottom line is I that I left there yesterday because even how we pointed out how it on camera goes take. I need one -- viewed to be an a hole and really say what's going on here. I mean come on it's only gonna do its flaws yeah and I'm looking at him thinking he's -- all season right and I. And here I literally have -- they're all season Gmail and basically it. It week by week by week I don't deserve to be a judge -- it was a -- on the rover is -- yeah. -- -- the sign in like real life he will tell people the truth I ask you. Any yeah it's Lisa's walked around an ugly dress yet. She is no idea why you took it when it comes for me he's gonna is no problem telling me like it is I just a year and a BMI that I don't know. And I'm just saying I feel like your apologies except dry lately and it tell him that drew what I tell. They cannot now remember around a little bit. -- shall we routed knocking out. Let's not only just happened just being -- them everywhere now have to look ridiculous I don't exactly know as to the -- -- -- don't be -- back tied at. -- -- let me hear it here's what I'm asking how he here's the reason I brought this up. Well okay the I. I do what compact I do wanna be a judge but as of today I won't be brutally honest -- these people what they're -- -- think -- over it's over but we have one more episode of hell yeah and employed you will not be a part of that unfortunately. You might be -- -- here week. Yeah it's you know all masking his -- to be honest you know when my show comes on Friday nights at 6 PM -- altitude. -- is real if you wanna DVR it can stop the double hitting and nice when you cut things. Isn't bothered -- a night I don't bother people and I sat for a minute the other it. I can't help it can't not do it's it's not not do -- excuse me now Gordon Chris. I don't I think yeah man I'm on the judgment upbeat. We totally -- you sure are true it's. Present -- I'm Barry. What happened -- and he's taking my spot on here I can't judge -- -- Yeah. Well that's my new that's the new meet I mean I really well. And an ideal -- to me what that was that was another cop that was an -- if he should have told Chris say you're not taken my spotted. I can do this job better than union that that's -- supposed to do not. Hang up on.