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Bj, Howie & Jamie - Bj apology to Jamie- sort of (6/8)

Jun 8, 2012|

Bj owes Jamie a coat hanger he made fun of her over the divining rod and on a tv show Bj saw someone use it to find a dead body in an old well. – story of a guy who gets a wack on the head and wakes up a great piano player.


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How we -- Jamie I -- you an apology. So -- the no. -- you'll for an apology without any kind of -- waves slammed you think south. -- just say it's never happened and I was just technology that has never happened I don't think there's anything wrong with acknowledging some things never happen. All of the past and really never had to -- politics. Isn't just gives you let me just. Yeah the annulment are -- so it was Bibi I don't know maybe a month ago or so we were talking and we were talking about use it's -- -- Baghdad and I don't somebody showed you where you could take coat -- and you could billion erratic -- compatible horseshoe type you know -- -- -- to welcome you walk -- -- -- -- I forget the story you welcome -- in the yard you can find water in the crops. They start flickering in his stuff. I honestly said to be at that point that. -- -- Fulham but I'm glad that executives say the word on the air right now but I I did say that. And I apologize to you now because yesterday and watching this crime -- And this guy this -- it -- it real crimes he was the real deal yes yes because I remember reading about the story of just got they suspected on this property there was a body in order to hide a body kept Berrian therefore they would -- hole in the hole that would be open areas and possibly water. And dude. Goes to the house the cop and he asked for a and -- co anchor. -- Tony -- makes the device actually to just like he's at -- makes the device and walks -- in the certain process that we found the body. Because there's water in that hole and I owe you an apology because it truly did work. So and so they didn't need like that he sent to tie in there he noted that need to go to rehearsing it's all colleagues and that's how the salt the cried that was like eight years old cop. And job mr. That that would just easy. Putt dubbed mr. I hate that word and not to -- -- -- different in that -- I hate the word apologize because to me that doesn't mean you're Sar. Like I apologize like this just empty admits that like I I apologize. I apologizes not sincere I apologized like he whatever. It's like I'm sorry. I was wrong. You right now take this and go -- my vehicle but at midnight you mean like I I hate that Howard Dean used to Lisa -- I apologize of these Sam sorry. Well again and very little apology -- -- yeah heading into a genetic or an hour. But really the only person on the planet I -- like pilot I don't like that Lola Ford. Always -- do you find it to be like that I wasn't sincere. It's. To the 200 yeah. Do you. We're back to how would you can compel you to we we have found it just. He's like I've never seen in the last eight years JP. -- like that so let -- -- and I am sorry he. Slow. This really mean I don't know what's he once went seems more real leg. I think you and sorry some amazing athlete that even though they apologize -- and he's battered it is better but the -- -- is because it's the words. Your music when he's just -- confirm your argument would be my apology. Or else and you let him. Put me right he had patronized about crazy thoughts feelings. Soon own yeah my question he jerked her defeat. Because I think you know and I think he's not -- -- low. Herself a little yeah I think so took -- he does breed on my pocket. Anyway my point is do you say and I apologize or. I'd say I'm sorry. See I do because you magic -- the guys you know it meant you didn't mean to me. And you know what I'm sorry to the the next life. I will say I'm sorry that I apologize because I apologize you know I'd never thought of that I've never really thought of that. I deceived thinker if I walk up to somebody he -- -- I wouldn't really affect I've said something that probably will weld was way out of line. In apply we're going to be sincere about it when I say I apologize -- I'm sorry I would say -- -- -- is real sector apologizes like Diaz. That went up. To the coat -- did you guys know if you take a coat hanger and you -- -- to like the sprinkler system like you -- it'll set it off the -- But if you just touch a coat hanger -- -- they even have a bit shoots the water -- all over the place. If you touch it coat hanger. No no seriously if you know this back me up 3036 we want to -- -- to the -- now if you just touch a coat -- to it it will send it off. It does include about. I'm back about 25. Point 535 now. Wants me to back me up once it. Penalty and you just closing attribute it could have a few other things I've heard that -- -- for like -- nothing. You -- finding water. Hanging your close -- I think he's sitting -- the way to say hanging near close to call us. -- anybody calling too low because that's that's ludicrous you can't take a -- anger in touch to a height. No I don't turn our congress on a pipe it's a sprinkler like it's the head. You break and just touch the metal to know if you touch it coat hanger and to the sprinkler the kind of pushed and now know they'll be just simply touch it and boom it comes on. -- -- -- What are we -- let him. Or Marco had gradually lost no we were talking about. I am sorry. -- yeah. Help us we need a felon today. Not lose you coming in that added about a -- -- yeah. Everything here. Well I do have a story of something new that I find -- -- -- -- -- -- move on to this and commitment can adjust to -- -- yes -- sent any mining has got a question or ask. Got a question I was gonna ask to all fair but don't stop signal to -- you apparently don't issue question what's happened again must -- a guy gets whacked in the handy gets knocked out -- can. Caution and when he comes to win when he when he gets right again he's a musical. Genius. Is that what happened to me. Catcher -- that -- more now that guy can literally he used it just kind of Strom around the guitar but he could -- really learn it's. But since having the concussion. He now is like a world class pianist. This guy can write in composed he's already put the other two CDs I mean the guy's incredible crises. Like a genius with piano it's actually pianist. Venus is the correct term for the -- dissent when he formed the analysts. And that's a thing you know. -- used to piano president pianists. Experienced. Nevertheless. The guy is like an absolute just. Amazing now here's a question to -- -- if you win it if you look. We're gonna get whacked with a hit okay parent -- -- if you want to -- let's say you're like Justin -- you walk into. We already are if I -- in the head when I went to happen is I'd be like a different trim like supermodel that's my question what would you want. I don't think I'd be I don't rally in double what what what what she got they got there it. You didn't get whacked in the head and become of super -- You your hypothetical let me play my way. Okay you know I was thinking more like if I got whacked -- -- -- what would -- liked to happen to me that would beacon -- considered being a genius. And I would like to if I got what and yet when I get all cleared up I would like to like speak like four to for. Do you want to get hit I had that intimately against an athlete. Like Lance Armstrong -- without testicles. -- -- Who who -- this yeah. Sure how that happens and works and -- -- he hasn't had a drive some kind of like crazy thing in their head that makes them might push imprisoned him like an Olympic athlete. I guess you could make an issue could come back with some type of play he has. I -- and then determination. It's like Kaiser Permanente and commercial which I love so much -- that it may be my kids to connect. You know I'll give it to -- I think possibly could combat that drive that you -- -- trained become a try if the leader or something of that nature tell it what about you. It was if you got whacked in the head let's say you -- walked into indoor or let's say you're riding -- of -- a lot of cartoon -- hate you -- your head. What kind of genius tree would you like to have efforts all cleared up. I'm not sure I understand the question. Hey I have great news. I mean is trying to sprinklers right now. Really something entertaining -- two weeks. I -- good morning thank god you're here yeah Elaine worry at all -- is why wouldn't feel right on the screen of course Irene. So what he had -- have a coat hanger. I don't -- to -- and I was on Sunday that I without my read my grandma's house. And I try to set up to think -- it was the coming here. First off who in the hell has day if I don't know and number two what switch sprinkler system are you going you she should be the color. Now how. You are. And make our -- And and why -- -- OK just just got to keep it. -- my box you'll get the flood -- just stay on hold more comeback tournament but don't do what do we get back on the air okay. Okay and I agree I. Can -- and -- She's gonna do it right now from talented Dave's -- but the fact. And I read I read I mean. It is sad -- -- and gone home there was going home with. Cadillac you guys I've had enough to that could -- I'm going home sad about your. It's called the person that if somebody -- but going to produce about -- a modern day for the proposed fifty. How you've finally done it I've cracked I saw cracked under the. -- question the question is that that -- at this point nothing matters what so -- really funny are really tragic. It's your name is Eileen any lost a leg and they didn't find it funny after I guess I just totally funded. But but but but if I didn't he apparently has a I mean I apologize I kind of on its -- we I mean I'm sorry just drop -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- God I don't. OK okay -- -- -- look back at it Leo op -- it would -- -- opt. Bob. But I anger usually that's not. I eloped and know all about. The -- is paying. A whole different outbreaks because the -- is hanging on the sprinkler. About the metal components. Where. It's about -- week the hangar because people and do it out to aren't they trying to. Paying their you know whenever in the bathroom to steam it and it says specifically don't do that because the way to anger will will -- Linton. Enough. Some of them and that's a -- sinus. Go look Irene is gonna put it to the test if I'm wrong I'm wrong we're fine. They've money it needed and they -- -- it was art and a matchup with. He had no arms no legs in -- the ocean with a colleague and pop -- -- Monday. Which by the what -- -- it's coming -- Nice a season that can be up at what he did read their needs and nice nice -- penalties. Wake up with PJ Crowley and each weekday mornings at 530 -- now when I.