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Bj, Howie & Jamie - Jamie has complicated Bj's vacation (6/27)

Jun 27, 2012|

Bj is on information overload because he is thinking about different places to go for his vacation and everytime he mentions where he may go Jamie is all over the web finding tons of information on what he should do and where to go… and what hotels to stay in.


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Yeah how he and as soon. I want to say thank you Jamie what -- I lived here yesterday would vacation information overload thanks to yield. And tried to get together you know some plans for vacation getaway we're going on vacation in a couple of well just about eight days or so. And and so I just mention a city I just mentioned location and what JB is. All of the web. -- email you later again I had to more information. Awful moment I am the person that give back in ice to travel a lot like all over you his. I happily when my friends is going to Amsterdam I have all the books -- I -- all the books and think it was this it was going to strike him -- be a good. Restaurants. I hate it is sick and Sidney you're the type that when they give back from the vacation you start -- -- -- -- Note that plays a -- you guys that you're going I think to like Laguna Laguna Beach and I value -- for a bit what that's kind of it was almost your backyard at one point. Mean that he lived in San Diego and also in Los Angeles and it's in between. And I'm trying to see I'm trying to convince BJ. -- it's an 800 dollars a night for the room. He's like I just looked at that hotel this egregious is 800 dollars a night I'm like a gateway to. Get this map to listen to this right. My name's Isaac is 800 dollars a night but you get unlimited golf -- -- -- okay okay do you think about golf. He's a hundred dollars a person who aren't so he's getting on a Friday that's 200 -- their imprint on the next morning and that's to -- that's sort of develops. Let's say also throw in a -- decides not -- hundred -- -- -- 500 dollars worth finally gets right there can be take that off -- -- -- look at it printed aren't. Who looked. Pretty good but for several reasons Hallie I can't seem to get past that wrote a blog about 800 dollars a night when you check it. Well I could see where that could be in the tournament. Yeah. I had to -- I think I said you could cooler with your sandwich is don't do any room service you don't eat out fancy agents -- you know it's -- Issued -- on the -- do you wanna you don't want colleague. Go on vacation and see how many corners you can come out well so you don't want to trim the fat on vacation with satellites he Satan PGA know what this big vacation Laguna Beach which is one of the most beautiful places the risk. In the country right Evan and mr. Gordon it was I don't doubt their stay at an 800 dollar and -- hotel and he got to the cooler. That's what's your obligation to the. I just wore him out. Because there's a cheaper hotel right by the Ritz Carlton. So yeah. It's great choice. Can do is you just get this cheaper hotel -- -- -- Carlton and that they don't really keep track them on your room number. As usual get a umbrella or anything like that as you just go to their little cart and Newsday. I'm in room 228. And then that you can use are shuttled down to the beach you can use all their swimming pools that he's a -- everything. These will be very impressed with -- well it. I think you really wanna marry you after all that I I would wait don't play options after getting all that information from you wouldn't so here's what I'm gonna do it again. Amid a drive there and we're staying in Compton. I. And I -- that is chaotic I got with all the money you make why this is such an issue for you that should be really a big deal shouldn't mean you make -- Condit know it's not really minutes. Importantly it. Guys it's more about -- it's -- that but yeah it's just the stress. Of making all the plants you know it. -- cover quite covered would play and you what what what what we resting on -- the perfect example. She is sitting in your talking about her vacation how she's play and -- -- -- out that I am. But yet she's got me play it all went through Laguna Beach and shot people are better planning other stuff for people in the -- themselves but. It's like this I can. Rearrange my sister's -- you are -- -- that's not right. Yeah I totally get -- but what are you stressed out about what brands you have to make it's got to all stressed out you know it's just. Vacations are stressful guys that really aren't. None -- I think -- be -- halfway point where you stop and sleep overnight. Why should I did -- question for you did rented out his math genius did also decide. For me she really does she is girl little travel agency for the I don't know got -- source that he threw -- them going on and I haven't received one little. -- one little like -- when little me. Why did you know you you figured your tell you know actors around you did need tuning me. -- Less and by the way if I'm not mistaken. -- -- -- Drummond who walking up and down the hallway a couple of days ago was telling me how stressed out he has about this big vacation he's taking in four different settings because caught about a bit -- too much that -- too much did you hear. Well I don't really wanna go. -- He is sitting here saying. I don't understand the problem good nobody -- -- you know blah blah blah and now he's booked for cities where he's flying into New Orleans. He's off to New York -- to Vegas and back in the Chicago yeah. Don't know. -- -- -- -- I don't know what is it sounds. As I get. And then you know you go there and I -- the cake boss wants me to introduce him on stage now just another another chink in the whole thing there you know I'm as usual. -- should stay home some are. So I just -- stay home some time. The study that death family vacations does not -- set you know lucky you don't have kids involved in this whole thing began as you start playing it with kids. Oh my god. -- right it family vacations aren't -- was in here it is okay. As -- said something about that a secret survey. About two thirds of parents fought tooth hurts by the family vacations are more stressful. Then their jobs. And I'd rather stay home they only go for the tootsie out. Up my friends they have four kids and they are stuck in an airport first six hours with four children don't need. Orders for kids what do you do. Don't feel like when you get home you find GOP just worn out. So spinning out it's so closely on -- -- what do you do when your second ever with four kids. Well I think you. Take a lot of medication know what to do by now I go to the bar automatically -- Blacksburg. The thing yeah it's tough I mean the kids don't turn. Yeah because you drink what the Beers or eight dollars meaning you're there for six hours yeah but it's -- -- times. So architects of well yeah that's not true I was talking to myself there's actually an infusion once in my am my husband of the times family and we were delayed and I so camera that when I got -- -- and I -- the family and I yeah. And I don't know if I don't get drunk on the plan. All that could be Jason what are the -- thought about the cost of the the the the greens -- you know they don't play golf that's part of it and saint Regis and it's included -- -- -- -- golf that's what -- -- payment would about the -- is now thinking it's -- Sometimes I play and that's why it took 500 dollars up the bill. I'm gonna make sense and then that was -- math on paying 800 dollars a night was all these amenities that you get for free what it used to -- if you're talking about staying at the other -- you wouldn't get those -- correct I am just saying no -- -- the Ritz Carlton Laguna -- I have had sacks in that steam room just in. All we should mention. Conti here I think all the steam in the world. Good clean natural like how they're doing this yeah. I'd say -- less than men come in from the side and the women commend from -- -- can share it. I don't think I'll do it Steve Bruce I'm just stay on the golf course while the men and the women share the -- yes we do. So how many. Mentally I'm there was this -- a stranger. This isn't just due to the only doing there yeah there -- diligent in their real and where when where what time a day was this there was like -- analysts currently 10 o'clock at night. Nobody in the know that it was kind of freaky and I was watching the door and he has got to watch ended up it wasn't that great to have sex because you know we're both much -- the doors might -- -- -- I just another destination. Video creeped out yeah. This is that they CNN steam room. I haven't gotten it's even more we'd be talking about it. I think it's really wanna sit on the spot where at some fat naked guy possibly just got up from -- your lady I don't know so I don't. -- -- -- -- almost house you don't tonight Angel to get but now I tell who's ever been to a steam room yeah Italian. How is that a Taliban what the post should not everybody does. -- -- -- I got to be okay. You went to just -- -- just leasing memories like okay. -- -- I have no I I figure on the planet this weekend I had no idea you said that last week play a problem on a single mom right and I'm taking my son. So what ever you will not be for me. It's steady ever -- to Puebla. I heard it's lovely this time of year it's on fire pretty -- that low as well it's headed that way sticky. Now dynamic web and not just thinking at this point you have a lot of times you know you crunch now you're running on its own. Running as you as you could book something the day before you can't it's. No you can't keep it a lot more and signing a miles. She doesn't care I. You don't have to cost -- I figured to go to Europe once on -- miles coming out and collected data. I'll tell me about this for years and years of 123000 dollar. 23000. Dollars in airfare is you can go to -- -- I went to Sydney. So industrial and you gotta love those rewards program you figured out after five you know I know that's how much it was probable and probably that the audience into the -- golf but what do you think that you're gonna spend that money anyway so it really -- -- war right so it's very mild to free. Vacations. So stressful. Successful loved every night. I mean I haven't utilized spending money on one and a -- you know it's not just the money it's it's just going out -- it's. Occasions and you don't wanna even go one yours and the fun but the about barter my truth. Take everything he -- on -- go think about trading and offer something like his and his him and going a four city tour by yourself he do. Sure how you can change the rights you can change. Don't change your -- have the digs intrepid now trained over to somebody else is doing to is the worst part about vacations and the stress you have these expectations of what is going to be like. My sister went on a cruise within the family. She said that chairs were so close together around that pool. And step over people -- -- -- -- true and they need to change your Chara at 4:30 AM could fix. I have vacation does that sit here like 4:30 in the morning to your towel down and robe and a book and save your chair and getting up early and yeah. Saddam might share and then all of a sudden look up and there's some fat guy waddling over top let -- -- and -- -- -- -- ultimately -- Columbus. It -- that on the cruise and commercial -- -- distant galaxy but. Wake up with -- -- -- and each weekday mornings at 530 detail and tell us what I.