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Bj, Howie & Jamie - Does Coke and Pepsi contain alcohol? (6/29)

Jun 29, 2012|

A story out that says both Coke and Pepsi contain Alcohol – In France!


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's a story out today it's actually hit DM Italian news yesterday. That Coca-Cola and Pepsi both contain alcohol. They both contain alcohol. Is straight so Coca-Cola not only as cocaine in it. It has alcohol. I don't believe that for a minute now and guess plan is citizen but here's what the headlights -- this is no wonder so many people light. Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Because research shows it contains alcohol. No. It does still ginger white -- notes -- and that's no no way I -- actually where did you get that. Off the Internet the camera. Right. Test it now it tests reveal more than half of yeah so those. Contain. By new traces of alcohol but it is there -- I think that's yeah okay I guess I. I like you start stuff just like Charlie Sheen destroyed as a -- room. Just started some think -- this and why you're -- let me hold my. To be friends and here. Even your diet sodas -- did you love Diet Coke you -- your diet can be you were consuming alcohol being. It was done and parents. -- other cup is different than -- known known to which the same day. Colin distributes the same so all over the world don't every plant is different. It's the same person he gave. Didn't know what have you been to Europe let me take some guests this cheeseburgers yeah. All of it -- different it's not the exact same thing milk. You know -- he's so sorry and I brought this heavy that McDonald's over the. You can get a beer in mcdonalds over there like it for the glass and can. And -- -- not even into Friday compare it against what he was Saturday. Night. Yeah he's got a Saturday and Saturday just as we started said -- -- Saturday right it is not yet -- dissidents. It for you he G is just -- I try to pass along some information. Yeah we heard tomorrow and TV guy and of course everybody knows that there -- buttons suspenders stuff they don't do stuff on Friday they don't call her over there they call it flat. If it's good cubicles flair but over there they call that flash how many pieces of flash to outweigh. Now flash led flash. Yeah. Ed Norton would go to the game on the -- Muslim. -- -- from the plane liquidated.

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