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Bj, Howie & Jamie - Is having secret lunch with the Exes ok? PT.2 (7/31)

Jul 31, 2012|

Jamie’s friend’s husband went to lunch with his Ex wife and she is upset about it. Should men be able to go out with Ex without telling? Jamie said if that was her she would go too. Bj did do it once and he got in big trouble so would it be ok if she went out with her Ex?


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Yeah okay. How we ended -- Here's the question. If you're going to meet with the Ecstasy you're gonna have lunch do you tell the current girlfriend or boyfriend that you're going or do you do it in secret. He just say you know. What you don't know is probably best. You know there's all kinds are mad drama and members I'm DNA and and you have to know the personality of the X. To know if he should tell begins then she gets the power if you don't tell. And at some -- she's been in the -- even met again to tell you -- Here's a dig into the the power of the girl that -- dating at the time because. Sometimes like really really strong -- saying they used to just winter but there. Yeah. The settlement is not really much stronger than they. And they're the adversary sometimes is now. When I when you don't do with the right thing. Sometimes it pays more convinced there cause it got not a bad way just like you don't like a she -- with -- but what we and a physical way right right I don't sound like Starwood Tina Jayne out. Ultimately here what -- story. Well I thought why are cheating on me Edinburgh club and he ended up calling lot of my friends as saying all I need to talk therapy. Ever communities so. There. Two years later as recently. And why you know bought and brand new truck and it would create. Arabic -- look at out of the water. I went over there and I at a truck. And you look at it in the please you know I'm sorry can't get back together and it is you know last unit struck. A -- or outbreak. He didn't write it ran out -- -- -- -- back there. And you. You see this. It was all about the ketchup on -- but I'm -- I -- -- this yeah right. I don't right now -- -- Ali you're driving around that deal Volkswagen. Shares of Utica pics you know they can. And denied there was any meddling going on there that are Barbara revenge because we're gonna say you know alive she's still don't drive destroy -- still got one drop -- later does your little undivided could go up to go and obviously this -- at. Your ex husband is the master -- bought -- HUS. You've got you know I've got -- my -- I'm real happy where I got on yeah yeah. I tried really hard the late night -- could -- don't wanna make him know that they you know like move on and -- that there. I'd really try to be nice I try. Why all the I I QB date is the way it and then I write because we shared yet and it all out. A tropical -- have you Elton and not how might you aren't -- but somehow. I always blow it up. And that when he got and I end up happening -- how my act about it are my current husband. And -- my current president I don't know how to play became part of and I'm I don't know how to think like it it I don't know I think like I. So he's telling -- huge -- Our need to be more like good guys you can get away with this stuff as we -- You. You know he's fight hard -- -- all bite back and then I go -- -- if you don't like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The question Suzanne what is the ex husband like your new husband know that day -- met. How he had a my act cramp then yeah what we know me because Clinton and other states that he continually call flight. My daughter are now and you look you know the call and say how great they're. They're trying they're together and how you want I'm there and then she does look at all. I I try not to involve real let's think about want to make him that he. And then when I don't ball then me. -- as being very he make me some appetite like -- and then you'd like you know you would get -- I would argue had -- handle things to make him shut out. How yeah. Yeah in the game endeavor and Suzanne I'm convinced him when you have kids together the game that never aimed -- -- It's. Good morning good morning your story your corporate I think they haven't had a -- -- I thought you know evening meeting -- lunch or for dinner included the script anything important there's no need that. Trust us I I don't total agreement I do I not why why wouldn't -- because because I. Had situations of where we've actually sat down for luncheon to go through some legal paperwork debt over the phone was virtually impossible to -- and I -- one mile back and forth back and forth email back and forth when you can sit down and one hour and -- On the piano and a good -- relieve. -- -- School you know I not -- I met my -- from the bank parking lot where their security cameras and stuff like that totally much better than it Evans belt black -- anyway. My -- are my -- and the ever governed our guys had been involved my husband we've been together for eight years. And he has never I had had a conversation and Max hit the desire cute he didn't want you become -- to do the exchange with a -- And you know can you to go to lunch at a bit afterward the family but. He never had a conversation with the -- he never gets involved he doesn't want you don't get me right from the back and back of the net. He doesn't want communication with -- guy -- I sleep with you one interrogation would you regulate them reminiscent of course it's I totally get. And makes sense and and little ad deal as a living yes I do agree with you there's there's no reason for a glass of Chianti and some you know some tax. Now I want a relationship with and I want to political party not him. Right now I'm a given night but you know when I was a mile per hour flight Connecticut plus -- plus your man doesn't want to you know you want have a glass of wine with a -- fan of hitting fresh. Disrespectful this -- Wake up with PJ Crowley and -- weekday mornings at 532 and tell -- what I.