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Bj, Howie & Jamie - Jamie is freaked out by Lightning (7/31)

Jul 31, 2012|

Howie has invented a Anti-lightning device that you attach to your leg and keeps you from being struck. Jamie is so freaked out by lightning she pulls down the viser so she cant see it when she is driving, or stays in her car in the garage until it’s over. She would not have to worry if she wore ...


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Yeah how Lee Anderson. Thunderstorms again so out the civilian you're going to be -- lighten. I think you know what I do and that I don't even I can tell you that earlier this morning when it's lightning I put my -- sun visors down. So afraid yeah. -- advisory to do that don't wanna see it I don't wanna see the light and ability to -- Also wrote don't like -- to defeat but -- I can see the road but I just I don't women see that I don't see them the lightning -- -- -- the sun visors down and then. I'm so terrified of and coming through though that sunroof that cool that little Kirk peace over owners are gonna stop it. You know when I have for you this is to be there the next big thing I was gonna wait for this as we're having so much lightning talk on the show today. I've invented this thing that when it's what it's lightning outside. He simply put it on delay it's like a rubber piece -- the completely make you immune to being struck by lightning whether you're driving when you're walking hiking outside. This thing is actually going to stop the current electricity so it never even entered your body. Barring any direct -- And and a hunt you don't get what I'm saying. -- and rubber piece he wrote a rubber. You've got the perfect ground at all time. We can ask a couple questions -- this country. -- -- -- just one she's taking she's pulling down a visor you knew you would say we don't think that that's crazy that's. You know doesn't do but look he's a carbon over the this summer of economic -- stomach and I don't touch any metal that's a steering well. Do -- wouldn't matter who had this on Cheney's makes sense because she's like these kids going under the cover much to hide because she doesn't wanna see it the visual enough is enough to scare us and coalition between the for peace bridge. Has anybody ever looked into this to see that this piece actually -- -- leg would stop the current of enlightening his have been tested and he had lab studies -- I don't -- -- documented do you understand how lightning works in the current and don't go around the -- and when -- tell -- -- -- honestly you know you know about -- -- those types of things and how what's the perfect thing that stops the -- electricity completely just removes it from the whole situation right -- you know that -- Current moves was like to -- that the -- of your car that's what they say it's safe in your car you have the tires all those type of actually tires can create electricity static electricity on the note of the current stops -- the current SARS because it's well rounded. We know that he needs more Browner to -- everything is not and is not sought to answer your question is no no I've never had a test. No I don't know it actually works much. Did you -- the man who those tires came out a long time ago. And then he went in oh well I've never heard of limited tollbooth Annie in exchange money and the tires and develop so -- -- I like Tuesday carjacked. Why for -- tire and rubber doesn't stop the electricity here's the thing exactly is -- point here's my point is this people that -- the people that are completely freaked out about lightening. Will buy this thing in droves just buy it in droves because in their mind. I. Scared it's not necessarily judge -- PNC you're saying that will help and protect you right. Although there's no documentation saying that -- -- -- just like whole craze is slightly usually confidence as rarely is faked well it Bobbie I think any confidence is not sake if you have extra confidence or more confidence it's real there's no such thing as a conflict. Here's the other thing is because you know I mean every statistic there. Safe and your car is actually at one time when those really powerful storms came through I set in my car in the garage -- -- he gets to keep. Because they mean you can taste the electricity in the air and it was so close and they actually in the house of their back anyway. So I'm so afraid of and everything you shaking your car side I don't wanna give my -- fears night. I really hold it like I don't -- I I tried to do really quietly when they when the lightning strikes -- did you -- afraid but did you see that -- car was struck by lightning. And what happened is he thought I was gonna die it was struck by lightning. He pulls over to society called his wife because the car it's blinking at the whole electricity. Everything went out he buried it over to decide everything went. Usually out he realized that when his wife came to get him -- -- the keys on the car and it was still running. -- to try that car chiefs I now I have. You turn that often pulled the keys -- we still don't know what's going you don't need to shut up that's created one of the Robert -- I catch your leg into your car. I'm Jesus and that would stop all that. Well no would've stopped the car itself but it would surely have stopped any you know harm coming to him whatsoever mean I can't promise anything about the car. -- you. I can't you won't have to worry but the visor down the carpet doesn't even matter because it usually -- -- got the lightning rod let. He gets your rubber and. That's that's the -- that is a lightning out to make sure you put your -- If you leave -- -- get this and you don't. Maybe that up what I did I leave the house don't forget the driver off. He won't shut up about putting your rubber patent lightening outside before you get that nice yeah yeah yeah. I hate to point about all I'm saying is that they call it luck call it the Trojan. The lightning Trojan I had -- job. I'm just playing it maybe the new arena did you sort. These aren't as good. But we are well I'm I was Tonya earlier that you know we had second leading number of strikes -- yeah. Yeah I think America hotbed the number one was Taylor we remember what -- -- OK -- I -- -- Jamie -- he -- you -- and he had. What the hell yeah -- got another thing. Today we just worry about you know that you rubber on -- never actually. -- -- -- -- It is. -- audience but because it's how we you know here's your life by just flooding because he's sitting human there. And I mentioned the rubber part of it and I did you see doesn't look. Like don't present like those cartoons were in light goes off like. It's fun charade the record -- -- Eddie's gonna -- it DeLeon who break well. And a rod is I'll make sure I have my rubber -- the fact that you think that Robert flexible electricity. Is no -- And dig down to the flex electric it's clearly wanted to end it absorbs minutes according to how he does look Shiite Iran or are. Eight Canadiens who absorbed now he wasn't actually you know at its own. It's bump it on the one that was hit by lightening those pregnant. Yes -- the last information if she's okay but yet you -- this story was you know Jefferson County happened yesterday afternoon to a woman says her doctor told her. That she's nine months pregnant in her doctor says take a walk the walk to some exercise induced some -- on this baby's gonna come so her husband -- walked yesterday afternoon. A bolt of lightning they say the sort of like you did not get hurt. Even had a you know for them that would have been out with. But dumped it hit close by it she got out of the aftershocks of the ballclub like the doctor to the ground they took it in the hospital -- her in the bigs can be okay but -- the lightning hit that close and you and I were talking earlier this morning haven't you have the lightning capital around you before -- you. Actually say to yourself. I can't to have to hit some balance so glow that was just due -- intense is -- something close but you know it did. Well that's good -- -- -- taste the metal that once -- got in my car in the graduated a talent there's metal my teeth and spoke if you don't and I assumed she needs a patient as I love this because I said -- GB and I'm watching your conversations. -- couple -- in but I'm watching your conversation to on FaceBook could you replied back to the people that are policy. But and his host a live chat if it was it was like a live chat -- and TV's big. The hurt her fear of using her new swift or its at a -- So you really. Yeah really where a few people into I don't know if -- know. Some people of all some people did not know it was all about does metals swept for. -- -- -- did you find out whether or not it's it is is it is safe -- I had I don't mean money is safe most of the making fun of me like as big fat idiot ever hear oh okay with myself I tell you want yeah. If you had to rubber room with the reasons we start you are with that reference to stop I'm just telling it like it is a just say. Did you say anywhere with lightning I don't you know I don't believe any amateur in the car the house and -- exempt. We get that woman on the weather channel I television is electrocuted -- out. How slow I've heard so many different stories because he had been trying -- -- lady inside help to try and -- I've heard before never be in a bathtub or shower right now and I guess it's true. -- -- your kitchen sink standing at kitchen sink even doing dishes people were electricity is lying and how. I don't know about my metal -- -- -- he write it well it's plugged in right well you know it's Barry on his battery up -- Of course it's plus -- because electricity can run through the current system of the house of the or Chris I would agree to that. And tell right it's amazing to battery -- actually need four double A is right and you put the solution and and they push his button you. 00. And you just let her. And not the way to describe -- didn't sound like this with no attendant now. Exactly yeah you can. It's odd because it feels like -- you jets shoot out there and in. Now because here's an idea how many of those little pad to use up on -- back door. -- Pat Sims -- being discussed in your what was your duties for patsy you know he's -- how's he tracking and I have kids your house everyday and it's just a big house to. If there's -- -- like you're doing just yet. -- west wing. In the west with a. We don't I don't I don't I occasionally do because it's battery operated. And because you're walking around. I think dead if you were using that in a thunderstorm with your rubber aren't you visualize other time. -- -- -- -- -- Wake up with PJ Crowley and Jesus weekday mornings at 530 Dejan palace when I --