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Bj, Howie & Jamie - Ghost hunters coming to Bj's house. (10/05)

Oct 5, 2012|

We have a Paranormal investigator is willing to go into Bj’s house and see what is haunting his dogs.


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Yeah how we ended -- Why here's the deal yesterday I said that my dogs are barking -- -- stop this. Us Airways -- up my house and I think I have ghost out JB you know believing goes tally visibly in those so. So no it was just me basically having a conversation -- myself yesterday. It's not my. Think OK let. Everybody's beliefs are different if this is what you. Believe it's I go back to what I -- about Houdini you know how Houdini like that list of -- he -- he told his wife and there's -- like you visit do you really do that yeah and then he never showed her sign I always thought that was like a myth. I didn't you know myth buster that could put a clip -- I was certain it was years that's what I don't believe in spirits and ghosts in. You know that my dad my dad thinks that my my mom visits him all the time and yes so you're playing the only want. But all I know that but here's a way are the reason I bring that now is because yesterday. We were kinda worn well I wasn't you work you win now. You were warned by our boss frank if we're gonna have to pair of normal people -- talking about the ghosts you've got to play it straight and like you believe because they -- description. He didn't have to believe what he said is please don't mock them or make follows them because this is there. They're job and you know it's what they do it's like me go and -- church or something in my pocket you know let me put up a truly totally separate would have -- forget -- and -- hot button. This is Sabrina yeah you get is that could be -- -- it's it's gonna happen. -- a nobody has entering she's from under earthly paranormal investigations they hold the show yesterday saying BJP to -- ghosts. We can come over run some tests and possibly we can discovered got -- or not Sabrina. -- -- -- I'm Garrett thanks. Even sound like a ghost presidency you've got that sounds like you know shoved it could be go and do. He averaged out what -- -- go into this field. I am just trying to understand. It. Things that are hard to understand really. You know he added we investigate all kinds of situations that are kind of strange. Paranormal. Activity not just what -- split everything all right now men and I'm just trying to understand what content. On the white people are hearing and seeing things. You know -- -- reason for me and I just figured out. They did do you think that I have goes about dogs are just marketed thin air. You know it's possible BJ without when I heard you talk about your dark. Be an uncomfortable in -- site sympathize -- -- nobody wants to see their tech. All your heart thank you for subsidizing. And let me ask you this before we -- for -- what have you guys ever walked into place it was kind of like to dump. The -- yeah it was my place because the subject at all. And it's all my biggest fear we you guys coming it. Isn't the fact that you could tell me -- evil spirits who goes by house is expected to -- to -- but don't. And judging and not the target guys judge. We don't judge I don't judge anybody stalling but they know what they changed. We don't judge to play the night sky and hit some pretty. Scary part. What what's the best ghost story you have what you found. I mean. That that's. The way and not. -- and children are involved. -- -- encountered -- about four. Investigation. I have some audio on our web site. Am I mean on our faith. Actually I cat infant children. Coming through from the other side on a device she. Park in about -- they're cat yes. Arms who can talk to -- front. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're you know no Adam it's totally caught the ball you know first we're gonna come and them are gonna figure out what it's not. We do you have I'm from equipment like electromagnetic. Frequency type equipment temperature equipment. Will check and see if they're high you get mad at your home that maybe -- -- -- I can Beckham just a second we're looking for what I need to serve which isn't. All secure a magnetic. Album frequency. And. Can put up like microwave. You know some crime as of electronic. Well what can we get to this -- -- all the all the technical stuff I gotta be honest with the Sabrina we don't understand when we get it just have to throw there. That's her field that that -- yeah that your expertise when you go there with you kind of loses us we just like nuts and bolts have a vision comes with a metal detector. -- and as a we want to make sure that's that's not you know not don't make it your -- -- cut. I don't know almost close Robert. Our most -- dangerous or are they friendly ghost like -- You know what I spent about fifteen investigation and I haven't come. In contact yet with that in malevolent spirit. And -- -- wouldn't -- -- -- the what is malevolent. The unions get a -- -- The Wii is the million and I didn't care. OK okay so hard. My apologies. -- my questions to bring it when you find him and Angela Hammond. Notes or whenever when you find them that these dogs are barking at -- will be dealing yet to Britain since Ager when we do Paul. Oh yeah. They want and it's possible that whatever manner if that is the spirit it's possible. -- -- -- Our interstate and the -- not necessarily mind -- then maybe they wanna play what. You know and BK earlier that you said that you haven't gone until that you previously lifted. And I'm wondering -- it was there any time did you have another pet that may in fact passed away enough. Our daughter and -- know what happened was I bought this house in Cincinnati Ohio and I didn't know until after I bought the house but a guy. And committed a crime and assembly there. -- -- Yeah it and I discovered it after bye in the house it's always told if I did get a look at us and sure enough. And just being disclosure paper it wasn't. Flat out to lock it wasn't in that had weird stuff kept adding it was way beyond what's going on now I -- up there the the TV would go on and off doors that slam I mean it was really bad. Think about pets that they've vibrate on another level for -- if that makes cents they also here in a different frequency. And we'd do it. Jimmy says they can -- tsunamis coming. They they can feel it yes thank -- and because they're vibration. Is different than art. Fellow. You know and and when we go and to speak to go and -- that BJ were gonna try to talk to lump. Wait let me it's like music -- a car and -- to bring it we're gonna film all of this well this is -- in place. So you and BJ will be standing in the hallway going. -- like what are the words you use what it would he's day. Well we're gonna ask questions yeah. If they like the dog stand it's. Who they are. You know maybe look at -- name. Maybe it's somebody BJ now you know and. We didn't -- you or Lisa. I forget that that we're gonna you know -- if they like the people at home you can look. Maybe I don't like me being there because my ex wife used to live there with a boyfriend but the. And and he had -- bad energy BJ. Open -- particular room it's set -- a bat at anarchy here at the. The -- they barked at is the master bedroom really towards the master bedroom yeah. I think in a lot of activities happen there paranormal. A very abnormal. You know what we'll do it well. We can have an equipment and we cannot sell you know watch the dog and see what they're doing. That they Sabrina. I get quick question here you talk about all this equipment and he does going to be there. Well at thirteen BJ at that is out Fareed you know you want to go into. And will spend about. This yet. Setup and equipment and believed the premise confirmed what I know and sometimes when things happen we get up there -- and DVR camera what might be or not America. We'll have that are out and then we'll bring that -- it and you know we'll see how they act. Warned you walk around. We'll have record -- going to look it would get. Thought our recorder. Up -- begin at different frequency and that's why when you record -- spirit. Here with our human year. -- doesn't do this. We can hear you are right aren't -- -- and we do it. Argument do you think this time and it's not due -- we are doing your coming to my house -- salt calling its first week. As a -- to for. We'll get these ducks comfortable let it come to volunteer. You know if there's any kind of energy either need to get out of there. The brain and bring snacks in need to be their for a few days. It got him telling me after we will leave the premises for awhile and where will -- -- cards and believed that. -- Don't get too comfortable place at the -- so I think this program. Also -- to give out your website really. I cannot think but -- -- -- paranormal investigation anti posted some things about from -- And that you had net to contact yes I email. At unearthly terror not all at Yahoo.com. And it is the knee and my partner remain Estrada that says the investigation that was -- haven't yet. And you and producer Sean and now we'll get to the bottom of it. Thank you shorten up that word -- -- you know what is. Like on earth -- paranormal investigations. UPI. Image and Glenda. You're heading into the book club let's Brandt thank you will we'll call you back. What will put a link on our website and FaceBook page to FaceBook dot com BJ how -- -- can't. It's been thank you haven't we get Sabrina she got an idea I don't do this. I don't have my house. You can win I'm sure is going on your house today is such a filthy mess that is -- you need a pick -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay just -- tape all -- -- you know I think that I does need upgraded to -- just moved in right does it needs a lot of trees when it's floors for example it's older house that some changes -- on the -- and stuff -- -- -- be on video to change my parents can be a videotape. Like. And running again. Can you make it look like you're doing a full remodeled to do somebody else's house it's. -- -- -- can work you know -- you know what you make it look like there's some construction going on won't let him do is they'll come -- won't do it. I ever gonna remodel homes will videotape Yemeni too at some point it looks just like it or not to keep falling -- light blue -- -- toilet. No war because that tells me need auriemma could. Cut that cut like what's the worst hurricanes remodeled. About four bit release it a little more so -- -- slowly ripped out all the carpet because the carpet was nasty it and nobody -- done hardwood floors which is based. -- you know that tire they can be -- with this afternoon of chilly again. Wake up with PJ Crowley and -- weekday mornings at 530 did CNN Dallas 105.