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BJ & Jamie - Jamie and Sean watching leaves fall (10/25)

Oct 25, 2012|

Bj really wants Jamie on Twitter and she says she is too busy... we this morning we are watching the live feed from the Gloria Allred and we are watching the leaves fall from the trees Bj got her on tape as we watch.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Really. Couldn't get you don't have time for Twitter is that we are telling me parade -- out. You're sitting there watching leaves fall on your computer and video feed with a tree -- to pick out which leaves is gonna fall next. Doesn't explain why you guys -- what's happening. So I TMC right there's a -- or Ronald. There's so I just felt that you know we have a guy that's going on on TV if you go to DMZ there's a live feed. As we're waiting for Gloria I'll -- to do a live press conference right so there's maturity and has sleeves on it and so -- I'd be watching this is microphones and I -- -- margin leaves fall because mad at myself as to which. Legal Paul next right. So they shot I got to know and as to -- the sleeves are gonna fall next. Thank you that's exactly the report that you just explained it for -- so about thirty minutes ago but know this all started days ago. We talked about it at this time yesterday by the tried -- Jamie into getting on Twitter if she says she doesn't have time port. She's got FaceBook she's got -- she's got all these things going not just matters so and she's got everything in her life Augusta I don't want to know some guy just bought a slower -- out at 7-Eleven. I don't care. There's more than that on Twitter and I'm trying to get JB to get the end to Twitter if she does I don't have time it got so much going on yeah. GS what we have done this bought into what shuttle leaves fall off of that -- can -- we shark. After the play is something because I hate this without them knowing it it what you and show are and where were betting on leaves falling as we were doing this last little. Commercially. The what -- You don't like it my mission there's a huge site permission of a recording me without my permission there's a piece of this audio we're Jamie actually -- is so I would had leaked it out in fact that took out like three or four liberal blogs because it's that -- -- -- just fell ought. I believe this is illegal. It's not illegal UN a studio with the microphones it just. Accepted that you get it recorded every down that. I don't think reads that way exactly how ruled illegal aren't listened and just proven my. 15 of what goes on behind the scenes out of your analysis here in our studio -- selling adored. -- -- -- This -- Only a little bit but. That -- And why. Don't the please. -- sure hey. Hey round yeah. Yeah you make me cool what do my god. And it. -- -- I did use. Them well. I did Ohio. And -- live a do the Gloria all read -- politically and -- -- only if the Hanson shot. Not only needs not the one that's closest to the brain and should I mean today the trunk of the tree that when mentioning him right then that thinly. My is one that's closest to the screen that's Miley. The definite yet which 91. Advocate -- -- -- it but probably has gotten a domino notes. This. It is you don't get relief from the scrap metal lock but I know he's Tuberville when you're waiting for oppressed under the unannounced due to -- -- please call and let. Warnings Twitter -- but like many Clinton and by the way are we have a way more fun -- -- -- -- your stupid Twitter. Listen -- that don't listen to get done and what events. Only a little bit. And I. You can basically. You guys national. Because if you really you guys the you have really taken the cake at this point. Oh by the way you do follow us on Twitter I'm going to do -- 1010 tweet every day. -- -- 1010 you'll get a special tweet from the morning show it's only Stalin just if I. I guarantee you we will not merely symbolic aspect and I guarantee that -- go to twitter.com. At BJ -- Oh my god you guys are. Sitting here is to tell you -- in the record button because subsidy you're going to -- the. I -- this sounds like not normal and my guess. I don't think we don't need to be shared with everyone you know like that like back and I felt like that was right there and I didn't give it makes no sense. It doesn't make sense it does make sense what goes on around here. But it is crazy what people -- -- to what people sit around and watched remember that wasn't there like a piece of ice that was built he would have shown. Everybody was glued to remember those those hit pit exit ranching oh yeah the bald eagle the bald eagle eggs in all you saw was a nest. Think people cent per. Hours watching that an ideal. When -- shot and I shocked accounting believes that it is so number -- yeah I can see well. Well look at the moment. There's this Dario trailer in the -- eagle sat right on -- -- catching a really ticked me off a I went there was this guy showed twittered I were silly you welfare. There's a guy on Twitter he posted those bore peak or why not just a few minutes ago we posted its -- with. It's don't last night and several black dyed in mud trees out front -- to -- to grow it at that point and it did come off. Who gets on purpose and see people will do it -- -- you -- to be different this is like a car won't start. I wish Gloria dollar and adjust GAAP and are ready enthusiasm anxiety about my -- You can pick it up at the. What did she know who this has risen to -- and -- -- -- good news bad though should he got it bad -- -- are now -- the would you be prepared I just have to check on you left -- -- all I am. -- Only that won't put it. I -- yeah. And my. View. It's -- -- clean. Wake up. With Vijay and -- We didn't morning's drive thirty Dejan tell us 10 I.