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Bj & Jamie - Snake on a plane and woman just want their men to be Men! (1/11)

Jan 11, 2013|

A flight from Australia had a snake in the engine during the flight.. and a news story is saying that with the cold weather be careful because a lot of varmints will come into the house… mice and raccoons, even bats are seeking warmth. And it is the man’s job to not be a sissy and get rid of them.


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Yeah and Jamie. What is the -- because I'm not familiar with it snakes on a plane activity and it's going to be named -- It happened again I am no this isn't kind of a different story this isn't nine foot python it's actually on the winning -- although plain and while there and flight. That's not possible -- it can you imagine -- here's the audio or listen to this before we talk about it. Ten minutes it looked like a lady on the list all of them -- cross who got the windows secret and assorted pop out. From the engine and Richard of course again so markets like -- the and the quicker turnaround there on certain that the -- certain. -- -- you know maybe around trying to. Got back into the wing of their crowd you know Burton Burton Kevin. Particularly -- let -- -- quote partners were literally just. But they're also demise of the big problem. Ten minutes into the flight he said we are -- it was Australia. -- -- son Austin that's crazy I know we get a British I can tell the difference. Am I mean if you know what -- contagion into what can and nine foot pipe on due to an engine problem to worry team from I have no idea how. How's that latch on was it wrapped around the only recently smuggling it you know on on the flight C I guess in -- head to get out of the baggage compare compartment but how do. -- sold blues so weird at that snake ended up. Now appears they don't tell me it's there and I'm crazy I don't know if they turn around the flight consumes me. -- -- that flight rammed his island in the engine department but they say and steady diet on the -- Would be eerie look froze to death yet in Princeton and -- exactly right because it's so cold -- room to get to that altitude but can you imagine you are flying against descendants addiction. Your flying and you just looking at a dead huge snake like your flat that would be weird that's an -- re exactly he's like no this can't be after big business. -- -- -- -- -- God it's just I mean you know those some of those critters creepy element anyway I definitely think that all right I hate snakes I'm not afraid of them hi -- you know. Only -- I just -- -- freedom that they jump out and bite you you know and I mean yeah. I can't stand I can't stand to look at one inning teach I can't cede the slime me in the subject of the way they slip they're -- or -- that's Amy and I dry. Yeah but they seem slightly -- -- the way they slip there. Do you assumes that means it's a mental thing OK and I -- kids -- that who can't. Believe that forty -- comes out I hate them. You -- or something really disturbing engrossed in what. My girlfriend totally you know cleaned and Antonin. And I say this but is she got a dirty person she's married into it's yet to kids as. Good job educated they'll get the bill. She's hot as of yesterday her eightieth mouse. House eightieth mouse in the house. -- Do you live house eating my and they don't have like food lying -- or anything wrong and it's like dropping crumbs all over the blazers don't and that's doer and she's like not and I know RC is -- she's totally. She's -- redundant and but I also she wants them to go to a hotel. She's freaking clue what I mean to me -- you reached and we're talking eighty Mike's okay so once you reached the plateau. Like you get it to like thirty mice -- at that point I do what do most -- of the house and including a place. If I contend and -- okay ten. Each and they have sticky pads everywhere so I said -- leg. Anyway and it neck as their name. A Jodie I'll color -- that with the but Julie hit it to -- the -- -- I set to yes I think you know with hunter virus and she is a little 106. I like her to viruses feared trapped. My ice everywhere and sticky pads and then I told you go to Walgreens to those play against. Haven't had a dropping. Since a plug in plug into an ice hockey -- concert gone did you play again. No I got to sticky stuff -- yet and I are quite like two or three in the in my camp caught couple. And I think that that might have been it. You can sticky things I haven't seen droppings haven't seen anything in the past several low weeks camera is it -- twister. It's sticky stuff and his leg and arms over here when arms over here when legs down there -- twister. Only team we want to move the mouse list. I would get another -- -- patent. -- And I think you're a. And then. -- to do that you got another mouse over the top PM yeah over to the red circle. But I. Right and that is so weird pages to start now what what is the story because we were talking about the us take off there and then there's this whole -- about apartments in general. Right so you know my -- jelly. Whatever name is. The solution has 80 Evan yes I am and you've got him about as gross as -- and I'm reading then snaps and the -- it's -- Critters are -- dating United States homes at a record pace because of the current cold snap. You know we're used to be all these other states got all this blizzard and all that -- there will never get. So says pest control accompanies a recluse. Rats and bats in the bats. Are sneaking into homes because of the record low temperatures to stay warm so expect this weekend you're gonna get a raccoon a rat -- And nice really. You attack at a -- I would sell. Now so what are our boss's office yesterday because we do this -- bleeding after the show we could never talk about the shall we talk about other crap. And yesterday it was about -- What was the story yesterday about that vicious raccoon. I should I let my windows down in my car and I and popcorn in there until I was freaked at how he knew all so it didn't happen. I was were OK I was in my cars like in Iraq can get my card it's gonna attack me like -- could face up. Meal and horrible. Even and their stories now that some just dominates he. But just for no reason -- even have to have popcorn now is gonna bite you but they say I am this is what does best -- experts as. That -- that toughness to removed from a home. But that does begin to make sure that. Was this against going it really told him that everything sealed up. Looking freaked out and I mean I reckon would be terrified that link if -- our -- when you feel dirty. A -- doesn't bother me. Don't bother me it's funny how certain things but -- certain people I know people that are just scared to death of mice I mean I know one guy he's like a girl if he sees them a mouse. He goes -- gets up on the day. That whole thing you know I don't do that it does bother me at all catch can catch one out over get it out of the chance belts and the question. I don't have a problem with the -- snakes whole different ballgame I'm that guy on the bed now. I can't stand -- tell you the truth about -- and this really is the -- and I mean no harm. When we as women. CU men become. One of these cities. It breaks our heart and into us. Like even listening to media edges breaks our heart just breaks. The couple loose. And we just in our heads were like wow I'm so lucky I got back. When my ex husband. On the counter because in the mountains and I had to be pretty. You know the bullet slug their relationship and it really disappointed me I agree with a mouse -- I. What is horrible they noticed that had to know even a snake. If you're dumb enough. I don't even a -- you. But if -- didn't -- is skiers speed yet. I mean there -- just kind of life I think a lot of -- women don't agree when you have to be that size in the butch in the relationship media and it is so disappointing forget -- -- life. Would she have to get on the latter because he's afraid of heights that's. That's disappointing. Heights -- that that's really ridiculous. And it's disappointing as a female it -- -- -- Yabuki yeah I mean heights he can't blame for that. You know on the latter and and I just can't move a three he's yet. Again. So it's disappointing as a female and Chandler we have laws -- that. -- and if I. -- -- -- wake up with Vijay and. Weekday mornings I was 30 Dejan -- 1 o'clock --