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Slacker and Steve - GMD: Lose the Number 4/4

Apr 5, 2013|

He used to be a hard core ladies man, but now that he is engaged women from the past still call and text him…he doesn’t respond but his fiancé wants him to change his number. He says that he uses his cell for business contacts, and now he feels that because they are engaged she is trying to control ...


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It's like Bernstein and -- street is that an Alice when it was 59. Ask your way into the rest day. Only seen your name I think I multi about a -- your name they cannot go in there so it's. -- That's really uncool no there was just so yeah. Really uncool I had a good time you don't want -- -- -- That's where I remember that when it's time to sing the next you know I think it's great -- -- I'm she wants him to get rid -- of the -- sad for his whole adult life -- And I'm not sure -- ammonia solicited him both on the -- here let's start with some Olivia. Yeah yeah I. What does -- want him to get rid of what's the problem. Hi I'd tell yes I am lining him Q. Get rid of his truck he attack. Iraq. I'm Brad and I got engaged recently -- doesn't listen seeing. Here you -- to remain armed and you can't help her along time and I mean basically. As long as he can remember and I heat. We kind of had a bit of the past. And there are a lot of numbers -- hair day. Of -- relations women many met. Not in this phone number actually in the best held on and I -- want him -- now that they can't remember in Florida paralyzes. Committed to each other to get a bit and and be -- with sick as I should point. You're not talking about the cell phone itself you want and you wanted to scrap the number you want to start all the way over. We have brand new phone number even though this is the number he's had forever. Had a completely because I mean he's still getting lake. Coastal detection incumbent he might not responding paramedics despite coming into -- like I don't think it's necessary and I get down. I don't begin to deny America. Reasonable. Well. Let's look at his side and didn't find out if it's not reasonable Brandon. Guy why anyone you remembered it. Dude it's just. -- my number you know I I mean number one reason is is. Varies with the business the number two reason that I adult. I don't think. I mean they've that would that we went through this a million times and it's really just I don't -- immediately to my number. Do. It Nortel excrement from girls from -- Distant past you know like it's not it's nothing to it beat these girls may not enemies text add delete them to become and you know whatever it's. There's no reason that I nutrient or number are. It's still look flattering to get the tax though isn't it Brandon I mean is that why your whole manoa -- you you wanna know that you're still don't tell. I mean honestly that's not presumably -- -- -- -- considered -- it's -- -- -- -- -- to -- -- the -- -- you know of a flattering nature but. You know I mean it's it's. Aren't good there's no reason to change the number he would cause a lot of problems with my business. And you know. Basically I just I just want you know my fiance. And he likes to. Do me a little bit more Flacco mistrust over more. It's -- Utah. I truly I. I didn't trust him and a cute delighted that so we -- sending out induction it didn't contact it -- letting them -- I mean just so you can change your number and what it could mean okay good night how could it be flattered by these women at what point I -- we're gonna prevent something that's beyond the quote I trust you. But why put unnecessary completion and -- -- -- -- The thing that can present it all they -- it does better than not yet been cheerleading and in this whole. I know we are not that you're just leaving the opening minutes and why not yet moved -- I'd like why even keep in the near light why even keep an accent -- Brand new yea yeah she's right on the one thing is you're making it seem like. It's this big thing like we were living in the world of the yellow pages in its Internet totally change your business today it's like. Just go through your phone and send attached to the people who you still wanna be in contact with. -- my new numbers this. None of them in your email is gonna change emails we don't just trying to remember it or maybe he's got emails come and hence the move maybe every month. Tell your phone -- that's easy are right now. Well oh you're saying she's gonna wanted to change well let me -- got a changeup you know I mean that's a good -- he -- so. Is that enough if the only change that number would that be enough Olivia does he have changed every email all these you have to move. OK but there's. -- classics and clean out his email the illiterate so you're okay yeah. No I mean I did stink like when she clearly receiving text that I. Seats so I don't want and that in our lights I don't I don't even need to change it yeah I didn't need change at all you know everything it just. He even women are you know led wire they even still contacting camps that's the part it just it doesn't mean and it makes -- I don't I don't understand it either. I -- I haven't talked to some of these people in years. -- -- -- -- It's like brand has been punished stuff -- that he's it's not on him. I get it but to make your partner happy are exposed to like give -- and sort of does not mean. Mean. I idol title -- to -- -- -- -- -- and I love I love my fiance. Over the moon to be getting married her I can't I can't you know like. Imagine my life router but I I'd I think is still a little bit too. What you asked I don't want you know -- set an example here which can track. -- let's let's let's let's fast forward to your wedding night. What do you get a text from a girl going you know. Last chance. -- that's inappropriate can can can you see that that would be inappropriate even though you're not soliciting and that's inappropriate. It. Occurred there that's very duck grew out there I'll take a look at that -- Regular reporters. And it's edit and delete. -- may god wouldn't -- be dead -- injured. Broward and -- reported diluted. And all. Desperate. Girl trying to I -- wedding night. Imagine not on our buddy name. And they are you know I actually and you know what I would. You wouldn't even and trip urged not about. Why. I wanted to woman can even eat in an -- He did derby you're getting upset I get this hypothetical. OK here's the -- -- -- horrible and care which you delete it. -- -- Just okay. You hold on I. These great hang on because I am about to screw this up again and give people emotionally. You guys are great you're gonna get married everything's great but a monthly on hold before we messed that up. Juli did not adds extra scenarios like -- and analyze our -- -- get a shot my mouse frees mill cold you just keep these at the great big debate that they call me we're okay and not so you won't -- -- low spirit of the number own. Number is it. -- and there is a -- -- -- it hasn't happened that was my bad. I apologized. Would you if this was you would you just weddings you Bret Hart honey just right here cultural entry. -- get a good business there are people who have my number like from. Years and years and years ago but so what. So -- just send it acts and go. When you first moved here you were attract strong Canada I am and then you got your new phone and it was just like this is -- it's dude it's. It's it's in the three minutes of that -- hard work each person who gets it just so what's outlaw he's not a sex object may have a cash out of her mind but I'll tell you -- like a technology -- -- -- -- 100 what she do we need to ask -- if they plan to abide by the decision but Bolivia wants him to do one simple -- just change your phone number and he's like its main route to a -- and that's -- murdering -- 63 minutes it -- -- from a girl -- and it's -- the but it's inappropriate. -- Elements. You guys decide if the number stays or the number and Ellis can you guys at you guys agreed. You know I know you've thought about this at home have you agreed that whatever the jury says is what you're gonna -- I concur with a low rent you lose I mean the what did you colonial that. Only if you lose you -- given up and if you put if you win and she's got to get off your back. -- -- I got it really clicking you guys decide what may. We're we're gonna stay -- Where we're trying to stay impartial let's let's go to the jury and find out what they think. But I I hope you guys abide by those. On Julian. Yeah I. Do you. I -- I'm -- and I had my. OK. How how about how are you make -- case now a -- -- -- name. You already did not like other girl -- and rightfully so that brand into -- efficient number rightfully out. I've had a number out especially -- wolf and it's you know in a lot of my people are under a lot of -- -- and -- had to go out there and to change. It on everything in it to. It a lot have to a lot of information can be a lot not only bumps. I I'm saying both come are approaching the situation in the wrong and it's not. Like it's not branded spot in -- early are texting -- you're -- you're not unilaterally. Oh. Get wind that get like I think I don't think he should get. But on the wayside you know beat the under the rug you know OK they kept it it's not -- pop why didn't -- check and act -- they looked and the HQ Mary Lee Scott. Why would you want to getting into any sort of congregation what you calgon take him onto the moment he got kidnapped. Enter a competition and I think you can read. -- I mean he just eliminate all contact with them opted not even get them away and do the contact you -- you know they can get right now I can't even I don't like you hit your head I am married are. You're both pretty -- to. -- -- -- That's a 2013 it -- problem contact Randy and it. Hey what they think -- active and you want -- I'm like. I let it again why would be I I had my. Future how bed and she then. Accord would allow for all of the stink of steroids that it be that. Extreme about going about and contacting him and -- will have a big you're camping out appetite back but now they're actually implemented each. That we can both -- huge. And hit it very easy to change it out of your work contact. Eight you know let it collect it and -- and he can go to -- -- all the paper in his bat that he need to contact because basically I'm -- Going to be your wife and he I think by and come in that we can both. Together -- -- or bad why did you are only limited practice they'll be in it contact. Goats and both needs and it. Thank you for the call Julianne let's keep going -- Taylor. Yeah. -- -- PM -- go ahead. -- there yeah okay civic Julie are actually exactly. I mean. Yeah like she does she have a say number the point -- -- -- and it's not it's it's not and I are -- -- not hurting him a hero. You know go into this gonna work out again and you can't change the simple number it. Nobody is giving apple is that we if we all this over such typical days. Then that is that is that -- I need you to change yeah. OK okay 88 -- deeply ramp up so fast just chill able to view -- okay McCain would go ahead. -- guys who sent you 10. Yeah and India why. Because why I'm her I'm in a relationship of -- engaged to be married. And you know we actually went through coming a couple of years doesn't say green then you know got a -- of cultural context -- -- And -- -- all you cut the number for a long time. And it basically came down to it going to be -- orient you to change your number. And eventually needed because you know it's like Olivia but before it's hard to see your number now you don't have to rely on the phone -- cut. Contact everybody's consent the map -- and the people you wanna stay in contact list. You know you don't need to be in contact with all the email from your past because that's what caused trauma. And there's no reason your -- is simply can't do anyway especially if you're going to be getting married. -- if there's no drama. When you don't when you just ignore the tax that's simply not right there is no drama at all. I know I'm not. Asking you how you. You shouldn't be shouldn't change your number if they keep texting you probably aren't you read -- point -- record. The accident dwindling the text have been. Getting less and less than last girls figured out I'm not interested. And I'm -- my fiance. He has series. Yeah hey guys -- do you. I am on brand inside the most are and I agree with Olivia I completely get where she's coming from and it my boyfriend doing I would be upset. But I agree with him because it's. Opponent at something that's like so personal I know that I'm dumb but. Everybody like they're on every you know he said he -- early along tremor and that piggyback off what the first -- that. And that they did it how publishing your phone number it's not easy to guess. Contact every single person you -- doctor -- -- -- credit card -- build everything has your phone number. He's not at all our -- my number this. Aren't you -- it pain and is Brett take you now they are legal ID. And he might hear pollution and Ahmed Indy I only find it'll. The solution that Ukraine can work because I know he keeps saying let's just change the numbers so that we're both happy we can both agree on that but he's not agreeing to -- why -- you guys just look online or go through your -- from a writer is cell phone providers do have to. Think that they can add your Carol you can blacklist phone numbers look calling cortex you know stall any future health underwriter -- that. Provide that you can go. I looked online and you can download apple. Application or something they'll do match you know what technology do you think there's so many other ways to do it than just changing the polymer and maybe that would satisfy both. I'm just -- and I did you call when I got married in so -- empties the can believe in -- suggested this when I got married Brandon. I look we bulls got rid of our numbers yeah got it I take -- their seemingly plan dealt with two new numbers that are like you did you -- off of each other. And that's the way we live our lives now -- why is that I don't like he tried that. I I see no reason to do that aren't stars I. Get that in. Greater if you like it better that way it you know I mean there's no reason for me to change -- number that's the bottom line. -- -- -- -- then I mean come on it seems like starting a future together it's. It's like one put in the past and and one foot in the future and and you're not finally bring an autorad. Still rumors still essence that this is and I got caught a lot of really great idea I did -- ain't -- great you know and it but I -- and that. Yeah I thought the grade I yet but I still don't think it's so -- to put it out so -- moan don't understand why he can't get back. -- Yeah I said he wants. Cornelius last. I'm married twenty years. And marriage is not 505500. A hundred she's got control control simple. What about when something really what you really need something. This -- is not listening but there's a simple and that was a no brainer. I'm not listening no more or -- doing into our own bill on the boat. On the regular you Cheryl why is asking you a simple thing that matters terror. It obviously. It didn't matter that much -- Does it matter doesn't make sense Brandon. It does it does matter today. Bill that's the problem is that it doesn't make sense that it matters to me to keep my phone number. So I had Al -- it and it -- -- expect and you don't if you aren't coming from all. Didn't -- if you -- I -- -- order comical. You're only promote what you'll see -- I'm coming brought. -- you know I'm -- -- and I knew I needed to eat it not that typical here aren't you may. It was just a complete these are probably about how many units operate either. And because. If Theres a lot younger women who are still contacting you and not that he -- -- -- -- don't worry then what would that leave the. It's a girl it's guys were contacting her brain and when you be okay without. Nationally didn't. Whatever says -- too liberal. It's as if she -- the same way as you do do you think -- -- and -- -- -- She -- you guys -- or girls were good. On here's who were still people were still both human being here it's nice to get a little bit of attention from the opposite. Saddened and I mean we're calling our eyes. Go all I don't know republic that where it it you know I mean. -- -- -- -- kind of feel like it when guys say you've got a hot -- you -- girlfriend. I mean -- you know I did not elect Barack really the only. You will meet and chat -- it ever directly commenting to meet not telling you -- -- I picked Adam immediately. Do you need to say hello after a different -- You can help. Point should growing brand in the. You no no if you hit it and now I'm your number. At a time when you were not. Committed to me lunch. They earlier are not very intelligent -- they'll understand that you're not. You're not gonna reciprocate any of their. -- you know it bad. Here's to hang out at a year until the -- It pains me to say this -- is it will be just told me he. Tell me that. He's ahead by two. And on up notional -- -- -- know that our FaceBook it was she's winning by a landslide no. Are you guys I mean it's. Is there any debate here and there's a ton to -- anymore because it wouldn't even if it's. And even if. And irrational request this is a woman who's asking something from you and you're gonna spend the rest your lives together in year. You even if you don't see the logic that she's gonna save a lot of illogical things when she gets pregnant a -- -- and flat -- then. Dude it's you gotta grow up and get ready -- -- You're not. I I I think you should change it. On the phones they don't think you -- on FaceBook they do think you should judges that the and so we still don't have an answer I get a main. A guy out I guess you guys. Good I'm not under -- now Ernie -- aren't they a. I will say this it's considerably more on FaceBook friends on the phone yeah. Well let me let there's what they got -- which is basically that this sort of it is this in the pit in my stomach you're okay. Asking you to do this now I think it's silly. Stay on the point how many more things. And if it a lot it's an hour -- -- -- now you're not as you can refer back to listen to David -- one. I'm not mean this is not unreasonable did. -- like eight points were keeping score and you saw how many Americans it's not even somebody. Skipped about Rick acting and turn them I'm I am -- new undated. Beating your right and unique. Selecting me lie well actually I'm not I'm not age girl. I stared how do you do you. Okay learned thank you guys for being angry -- -- debate checked FaceBook later everybody you'll have an answer on. They're different. I did I do I am trying to lead our world so you don't know her now. I want to be the guy who thinks it's gonna work out the romance is morneau left and -- -- -- were were stumped and are stolen and Elmer new. Say well -- and -- there's chancellor there have any huge magnitude just built like video our soul. Completely. We'll get a drink you tell her face okay and meet me in the bar he's sure Doug comes -- slacker is the failure plus.