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Bj & Jamie - Meeting the EX for dinner. (4/19)

Apr 19, 2013|

Is there ever a reason to have a meal with the Ex-wife or husband? Jamie say no way, but Bj does not see a problem with it.


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-- Who's right who's wrong because somebody's got to be ready to -- is going to be around -- yes. Yeah. Well we're here. Yeah I think you need. Which -- way -- -- which we and number four men. Her attempt to hurt you recover you know we definitely should I think the open up other acts. Did you go man should not -- Harry what's up. OK Katie Couric on you -- -- always agree with a big point. Pete is guiding hand. But this -- the out teaching your children. That if you love someone why are not to create these children and Q maybe -- that. There it is important. To open the important that you learn our Internet. And if you have -- some -- you have to forget that and you have children you set an example of how each week the people in your life. Okay and Kerry Kerry can connect and I talked. I have a son obviously. My son has no idea hat how I feel about his father my son thinks I put his father on a pedestal. My -- -- I think his dad is amazing. My eyes and sees as nothing -- but get along its soccer games and get along at the dorm early exchange stuff but what my -- New Jersey. -- I can't let me ask you to indicate it viewing your acts go out alleged you'd pick any -- you talk about your children okay you have body language. Opportunity this week with each other instead of over each other on the which so much. And call a lot of the time and you're able to have a bond with your -- -- it asked for your children. Why do you know the best for my children you just. Your very cordial your time here I mean we are kind to each other my like you to that we need to go and sit and have lunch and -- body language and and that would just -- could see there's no -- Nobody at some point eight he's gonna realize that you in his father does not get along. None and I never never gonna do -- detected at some point latency because we set my agent that's not true and you know it's like at some point -- -- that finishes. She feels like carries. Outside of your children. Okay outside your children that resembled that at some point in your life you love this very very much like. He's friendly person. See everybody's situation is different that's all I'm saying I've seen some people can do it some people can't do it obviously changed yet. But some people can I'm in my situation is that it means nothing -- our they have conversation about our children -- block letting go. That was and I understand Harris now I understand cars that get made that -- But I will tell you I will hold it to the and a that the only reason why people go and have lunch together as good as they want to. Physically see -- and I totally disagree though it had that statement so blanketed that not everybody's -- you know I have friends and I'm I'm I've been on the phone with a lot of friends. And until we talk but guess. Let's look at what -- Carly. -- Do you know I get on an economy now that Amy shaking your apt when you re concerned and lately. Against. I don't I think you're right -- ready I went the X Ray. -- and my. Eckhart and had me dying had annually and that its iron -- all wanted to the once it can be won in nineteen bowl me. Am and -- -- actually get its. Way. And now we're back to get everything back together at sixty years. Who believed were again that's your relationship that's what -- do you do it that I gonna stay a little bit shocked numbers and Indians. Talk about the not shocked you know it happens he moved fine. He had a new girlfriend right -- linking back to her. Sure about it I mean it happens the habit that the best predictor of the future is about east. The -- for him until I'm I'm saying like it's in the -- -- now six years. All overblown and you know that this is march. -- -- together that blooming in my heart AP would be. Smart for corporate. So that it he's getting his but -- -- it's -- open up a. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're always writing about the stupid capital being the we'll let you write new package this year extra talk about your cute in person. Always have to do is just sometimes. -- -- -- -- Yet it more convenient they're being a liberal or our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right. Okay are bigger boat in -- Hickory. Yeah. Amy because I'd been -- and -- Exactly like you're describing. But I'd also been on the other side of it where I. Like I -- my partner completely and I note that. It's completely completely different dynamic. -- candy. With him and -- backs. Are. Under part of -- I like BJ because it really it does depend on the relations at. It. I had in my opinion eat you can't. Throughout -- morning. Then you shouldn't be wasn't. -- yeah. That kinda got back upmarket acting like that about knowing what they need a game bank. Let me think it you can actually done. I I know there is at a weird -- you know of like quietly sneak his ex -- at dinner like. There's just no need for that him out of his ex wife she would even come into our house and write little notes like I left the Jersey over here -- -- might surprise you she even to our house who are gone and left and no and that's. I mean maybe it's because that's you know she adamantly they'll hand puppets and maybe my situation is different. And the whole different ball -- a good morning our last call him go far beyond. -- I called directory without -- the -- On my change I divorced and when they are divorced they would need to -- cocky and I thought it was the weirdest they aren't but once it came right -- I did it's it's normal about that -- -- -- where they get to talk about me and my brother and back there. The fact that you didn't I was -- -- I had a great time though. I let portal can. There have been -- pinup imagery think that pretty much about it earlier they moved on did they move on after that other. You have a vote of no god and they still continue to see how each other every once in awhile again at the stats the talk with each other about me -- -- Other brother. Should I just don't trust myself because I know not let them when expect I know me and if I had a couple of glasses of wine -- hello my ex husband. Now Lorena on that -- and he is getting to know my ex husband. Not content or hate him you know we did it needs another call whomever we just yeah I was just at that I ask. I could see as amicable as well I -- like it is really -- big eight. My -- Wake up with Vijay and gee we didn't morning's drive thirty Dejan palace where I.