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Bj & Jamie - Secrets from the past. (5/1)

May 1, 2013|

Sometimes you find out some things about a person’s past and it troubles you today! So Jamie found out that Okee Dokee used to own a ferret.


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-- Looks like you guys are on the rocks -- hook shot that you're OK okay. And -- -- from Buford on it but we're not on the way to marriage or no no just a week or so ago you were under way to Vegas to get married in a drunken stupor you get. I Aniston. Yes we work anyway so -- it's -- when I was telling us the OK have you ever found out something about somebody even though it's their past. And he can't get it out on your head and you're trying to figure out. Like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's say you used to be a male stripper right yes it disturbing to me that used to be male stripper who told. Look I -- I think demise of the BJ I know he's a male stripper who the or I found like wearing a sperm donor right here in college. You know. Oh you would have a problem we -- in the sperm die guide. W weird just make fifty bucks here and there survived -- a college -- you -- I never that would that would trouble me that you didn't care enough about like thinking about that your. You know creating half again I didn't I get to because that's not my persona that's not me right it would shock you because -- AM when -- do. Our -- that you found out in 1980 yeah deleted like five -- partly -- I think it's like me working with you right now -- mean you're just you're wonderful sweet person is like me signing out like -- Like you would like went to jail or something. That would be like. -- not I that would change everything. Have learned that little moment. Oh yeah there were at that time and in California where. Couple days -- pokey right. About that but I am talking about like a big -- in prison. Right. That's yeah our detained it means knowing -- some security to would you find out what -- find out about okay. Straight ahead this is yet this is really Arnold listened it does nothing that's weird do. I agree with -- 110% to -- a problem this picture go -- -- So I. He went to CSU. And and is best friend say they both currency issue. And they roommates OK so far so good right bachelor and lots of people do that as the Bradley's colleagues got to. Wait for. 44. -- -- He had affair. -- affair in college. In his room -- fair wait there's more. Is but he had a fair to they were they were double fairness. Really breeding ferrets don't they just had parents they just they both had dared to. And I can get but it is really does it didn't. I don't normally I don't which. I don't which is worse being -- -- owner or are being a guy in college sharing a room with a the other guy you guys have cats. It's like that's what is -- like to relate -- first got called. Fair Isaac Katz I thought I might make it's the same I think there might be us I think -- works. Possesses weird right it's weird war he answers they can't hand stickers. It's weird it is we are so -- but that's we -- okay Adobe that's weird if you listening and it's weird. And -- -- really had a parent they have like little prayer. Buddies me and what's even more weird is that you told Jamie thinking that she would have no reaction at all. Yeah you Doubleday in his body his best friend and his girlfriend and we all went and they were like talking about the affair like. It was just yesterday like I bet he's like in a little buddies like him a bit like I was singing memories in the background looks it was so stupid they hear that that -- -- -- -- They changed from Jack because that would be weird that because she at all. Jack and Jill would -- -- so we will with Josh and Josh in jail the little ferrets. Putting is part of an -- tandem. Kind of laughing about communicating to them and there's a special about two guys on the parents again what I would you tell me I thought it may be -- -- -- your microphone and I'm a cut off your butt but when you tell me that's firstly I thought was. He's really bizarre I don't know if I've never heard that he can double -- owners though doubles pair of voters in college coach what I had a fair and eight with a -- What are you doing each kid to college when you're looking for a dorm needs to go and apparently it's all fair donors live together you know and how does that work last weekend at her all out and they had to their memories. It. Yeah. And head buried in the. -- So I don't understand white -- public affair it is very popular pad their fund it to have. They're very. Can re release -- you know it's like this I guess is like CN old college pictures and and see and how you dress. Yeah I mean that I would that they find out in a long hair and you're heavier -- you know -- -- it's weird isn't it he's made him. Is that the -- Sean a ferret is not a -- that there much that -- their kids. Are not a guy in can't. Is if the guy that if she'd heard the Nokia W had a snake in Italy let's say a snake UPS taking college train. That -- -- or I'd wanna it wouldn't be so bad but I certainly see what she's saying. He faced -- a pet is like cats that it's a cat is the kids and pets together right -- they didn't. A little like -- little. That is another next Pollard you don't you're gonna have this guy is and I think it's mentally and had no -- are -- I'm not -- -- have been empty it out no nothing and I. I'm a fan and you get to distance yourself well I think some of you because after alerting this -- you move on this relationship well now suspect. In an inning about losing DNC -- you know and maintenance done you know it. Thank you were dating somebody and you found out something about like they were an important or something like that and it just. It just changed yet in your head. Could questions have you ever found out something after he started dating. Possibly even marry somebody and then used on deck wow that was a little bit weird to I didn't know that before we got married and -- here I didn't know that and it I wish it didn't. Know that sticks in your head you you know naming him that he can get rid of it I know it is a very I don't think I told you I didn't know somebody I dated you know I. I don't know that they were -- hair club for men until I found pictures in the house and they were bald. That changed everything you know it was a little lie to you because your kids are going to be cold. Right and knowledge to ask you but to see the pictures I was like. Oh my god this -- -- And then I start look in his -- we're a life. Yeah I deploy each team get your mind off of that point -- -- you start staring right exactly yeah 30322 Ellis real 32225423. And that my girlfriend she found out that the guy she's dating right now on have I mentioned this. He had gastric bypass this you know he was morbidly obese she also -- pictures that is morbidly of the -- freaked out because what gets -- Seriously. Don I'm more than it's it's yeah you you start digging this up because it's like what if what if what if he -- get -- out of your head because if it's happened what's gonna happen and if you know I -- sending -- found -- that -- -- to be a phone sex operator. I asked I applied a in hand and right in -- -- -- -- -- yeah that's right it is kind of merit offense and that -- parents doesn't make a name. On it what you store. Looking at the end. Up with this girl doctor couple. You know what I don't know we're talking and I can't remember what happens. -- there's horse candidate so -- Did you ever been made it an important one person and didn't and -- great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it'll hit it clearly meant dictate how many people would you -- that warned him. Sit there. -- -- they yeah. The early you're seeing it -- with six guys that -- her room at one session as a bold move. Will notice when he. I'm good you know. It would be in the. He yeah. Dad said -- -- that's not right. There have -- all this unit and everything you're doing and then. Came another earlier on because it here. Yeah. She honestly detonate she's a nasty ads that -- didn't. Ask the girl and yeah yeah Brittany you'll meet people like this YUN. But I don't. And that regional are number. -- -- name's sandy thought that the. You hear me unified -- drought when they liked about it was kidnapped -- -- thank you -- that how can I tell you as an an organ in the generically I -- -- this its lungs and mind when you find out that your husband at one time in his life. And hired a prostitute. Changes things in your idea actually the playing field you like Hume Brit did what can speaking to that point so maybe when your lives. Yeah yes that's a character thing is I didn't like. Yeah yeah that's the -- and or any -- what's story. I am gag me cream baker about me starring Mike that was now we started that with. Oh lord. After they are not what -- colts cheerleader. Yeah. And I want to point. Your your married did. It. Is just how key the around the break that. John you remember that story about he claimed it would check. Now you -- your -- you know and -- -- -- yeah him saying. He says that now and you look at them differently but I -- watching interact with other men like him now. I don't like that exports but it -- me like a would be stop and limit what they're like. Candidate at Wimbledon. I nearly a skating she believed -- it and ice skating. It is swimming in the same categories cheerleading. But that went out to. Be in water polo where -- gravity -- -- the -- -- -- -- There why are well is war and men that like man of the water polo is like what are. You. But it latter pulled fool you're calling edgy sport. And oh yeah he's more competing like that and. -- -- My friend even if he's OK we just different is all -- -- and he used to play water polo and he said and let people know that there all day get that get -- and a lot. So -- when. -- Wake up with Vijay and see us weekday mornings at 530 minutes and tell us 105 and.