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Bj & Jamie - Bj in the Dog House PART_1. (5/9)

May 9, 2013|

BJ is in the dog house they have a shower in the house that leaks and both Bj and Lisa agree not to use it.. well Bj went to the Hardware store and got some stuff to fix it.. but he did not… well when she is not home he will use the shower, and other day he used it in the morning… and Lisa was not ...


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-- I don't know why but what they've done a -- in Italy. I don't know in a minute because she's still she's so old man she is so mad at you and and for a. All the right reasons and I mean. You know I don't take up for a lot because of that that that there's a little overreaction because you know she's -- Well well not only that your your master of the store most of the track it's so therefore I -- -- so that it looks like an item in the right. Right so so -- this time I really didn't just tell them. All right so we have this bathroom in the master bath. It's a big shower. Okay we don't use it because when we moved into place I had to do a lot of grades and we found out that the shower floor is leaking into the -- And they know they don't use off limits they know they don't isn't all under construction alternates between her and I do not use this because it -- -- now. Since then I've gone and I've done the old BJ Harris patch work I went down to ace hardware got these supplies and -- -- got fixed it. They didn't instantly. Jesus as silly as -- -- six says she said hey let's use the other challenge that we get you know on. A -- me in so every now and don't Jamie and again had to add to that did so anyway IE. Every now and then and she's not at home or whatnot how sneaking usage our initial babies love. Location or the elements like the old type shower -- AM eight no room in there adding. The small guy. Your critique. -- -- -- -- -- ourselves. Go to use the showers this was just day before yesterday. Yeah that they don't use in the shower OK just so ever get this they don't use everybody knows you don't use it they use the guest bathroom and now the other -- fixed. It's 3:45. In the morning this is Wednesday -- Tuesday morning. I give up -- she's asleep so I think you know grab a share were real quick and cheap for what -- Our should be supported you so much cooler the water gets hotter faster -- school. So I'd go and I noticed she's got all these clothes. That are hanging. On the doorway when you -- shower door that you get that real there. And -- -- clothes -- hanging there read and you can use that as a as a clothes rack because you don't use that's it the clothes basically because they're really nice clothes are dry but she really put him in the -- -- gonna air -- your life so she -- all so close that. -- -- remember being really quiet because she's asleep next group. So I think most definitely a -- on the calendar no big deal. And that get sharp. The shell out big -- fictional boxer is pulling right it's pulling. Pool rules are taken messy kind of move -- to the drank it OK okay so because I don't want holy -- to do in the in slow motion -- -- -- hour right okay so don't let him forget it. I know how and I just tried to show you hit it it's a -- Don thank you Dodd put everything back at you handle all that Gupta goes. Is that that I dilly dally around there in that in the bathroom -- get stuck together Bobble by an -- I've got okay out of their. Mission accomplished yesterday around this time BJ's and start school ballistic I mean ballistic. Somehow. When I left the bathroom. I don't know if I hit a door slam something I don't. All the clothes that were hanging on that -- fell into the shower into the puddles. Wait there's more. Those close. Where -- there you -- hidden -- in its dirty needles those. We're hanging there why you ask ourselves. Well because. Britain is in town the day. Opponents the big loser in town. And she had all her clothes meticulously. Laid out for big Kahuna meetings -- big opponent meetings and now -- -- owes her big hit a close are in the -- average work. It's. Soaked. It is time to go to -- she could not even do you pick out your big tuna -- -- -- -- problem display in an hour -- pick it up disclose she mix matched everything they did you say -- -- as -- -- she's steamed and -- we have good Steve -- in a really nice had already -- big political and now she gets up to go to work walks in there and has a perfect out there on the show our. In puddles everywhere she knows I used -- shower that's all aren't mind goodness sound like I know what she's right she's right I tried to pull fast when. And it backfired. -- think it like. Did they follow up the -- when he hung them back up what what. Yeah I mean I don't think the fingers felt that the closest slipped off the -- I guess in a rush. Because I didn't wanna get caught nap I guess it took close to throw up their real quick like yes yeah I turn my back they must have fallen off the. Though the clothes makers snowman you and I don't blame -- It's like you know lay an -- that just the perfect doubt it because of the big notice right. If -- if you achieve what she she's like a big -- -- these are the big game and it. And tie and you know police special meetings so have you ever had you know you -- in your perfect outfit like for whatever events you know you go into the -- again. Have you and your perfect outfit laid out and they come in first well you get to sleep later when you have a closed it out. You do all that work the night before and I can -- together closely that would -- of the sleep in later and then -- -- -- -- late for work. I don't know she's not talk it to be I don't know what time she went to work and pregnant. From -- that she was late for that she didn't have big -- -- close I'm sure she wasn't sure she was very I heard she just -- in the middle of the bathroom floor old and sobbed. You're yeah you're right because it was part of detection I've forgotten about that for yeah you heard that she was sitting in the middle of the bathroom floor just -- -- she was crying she was so upset. About these clubs and so Matty and or her. I really am because I just I can't imagine walking in there and have an all your dry cleaning an appropriate clothes and everything set out. And there is something way in the bottom rush hour I just. I don't know what I would do. I mean I'm right. Bob you we went to dinner last night it was so cold than it was just freezing in here. -- -- cold but she didn't say a word to me. Because she cement those clothes -- I mean it's just it's bad it's bad I don't know what am I going -- and how to live pics I don't know how to fix this. Can I was thing about it and I -- just so mad for I mean in my esteem was commend my ears no I wasn't even my outfit. So I was like BJ. Don't know. -- really that's not where you're going because I thought well maybe we should send her flowers week look at my prime tuna -- I'm Michael mainly should send a flaps. And -- -- that just doesn't fix everything that happened like that just that whole thing that you guys made an agreement that not do you shower and then you. You ruined her day in new during the meetings and he Nader Lleyton in just stocks. We just made her whole day old sock. Because you and your selfish. -- you made it's her day because you are not the only look at people in your life that make your day better. I know are now and I'm here I'm sneaking around and it's almost like cheated on. So here's gravitate towards feels the only way to fix and she's so man the flowers what word comes that you cherries Mary -- a thing at all self CN. Maybe you know go by Nordstrom getter and that doesn't know none of this work the only thing that will get that woman to shut up and maybe. Well it's -- -- vision of shame speak to -- T Guinness. Engagement. Because I will tell you this -- private Steve next. You get that girl and engagement ring. No never with a closed shall never written up again until I swear to god and swear to god. So -- thank. Return of -- picture I totally disagree. What are -- unlike some game show no true I just. Josh Josh -- nobody's -- -- that because I have been married -- -- long time and I still get those closed drop off the -- it's. And she still gets upset I think that this is one of those things that she will never ever forget. She will forget it he put it. Home and she will forget teetering on really mad she's really mad that I'm telling you at the original trump everything because -- little happy until the tough to be shorter -- -- I. I think fruitful ones on me agree with genius and I think what I guess it was going to like -- I -- I think it kind of agreement here and it's got to be being here it's gonna be big and really show I care. They will fix it -- -- if you are suggestions will be right back. Wake up with each and each weekday mornings at 530 minutes and tell us what I --