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Slacker and Steve - UPDATE: Mariah 7/8

Jul 8, 2013|

Last week we talked to Mariah a twenty-eight year old woman who wants to become a single mom and is planning on going to extreme lengths to make it happen...find out how her weekend went!


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Electricity. Street -- when it was 59 last week I believe it was Wednesday we -- a single woman. We -- plan. She's intense on getting pregnant -- let's Sheila or tell you aren't I remember it. Like he was yesterday. He was yesterday. -- he. I am thinking all twenty year old brother and I have the GameStop and I have no man he. And I watching him on the shore and thirty and we'll get after it pays to be comment single moms. I'm out Escobar and he actually anywhere at any track aren't I am glad I checked every week I will go to are actually Atlanta's. I do well what else I can I he doesn't seem crazy. And of course even -- -- now. I don't think I'll wish each parent I can actually tell you did he get it had -- Ardent supporter. And I can provide that and I have a -- -- a good job adding that it had everything. -- had everything to Alter. I use this season yeah -- use this. Our own little variety -- right she's got an. Updates yeah okay guys so you have the long begins on the. Oh yeah. Yeah I yeah it inspired repeated sorry it is great it is you really really good I -- Basic tax. -- was hot. How many times did you have relations -- okay or I'm I do that's so. Sharing her right there and how many times did you ever since expired. Six -- like six guys six. -- -- -- -- Six times each or six now can -- just six guys who. And then you knew before me and you didn't know before menu more in the like fringes of your -- -- kind of mentally -- and about. I didn't -- And then try -- high school. Now. How do you sleep was six guys in how I like how many it is a two day what do you like what do you think. Not euros to give details -- name. Mean I didn't I mean -- now but I I did this this I am cracked I I am. Right when I went my idea it working out so -- I think this is the way. We certain that they they all use. Obviously they use protection when you got him to somehow the right way to do ya. I wouldn't have heard -- sounds so. But he had no I don't have to deal with it. And other another trick I need it hit me I don't have to deal with ash and during that someone out I can get -- We don't even know right now yeah and oh yes so when you wouldn't want to -- it takes a long time reflects how long yeah and what was. OK to just just super quick let's just pretend you got pregnant in your weekend of six. Nests whatever. On. You won't you'll have no idea which one of those guys is the father. Actually. Wonderful in this part of the slim. -- -- -- -- just tune us into these funeral. You can Bridget takes a while for your hormones although it's like outside she's pregnant she if you don't -- and -- -- -- -- so in the meantime you while you're waiting to see it's been weakened to six this is on. Did anything are you gonna continue disabled people or you are or you just don't. Yeah I mean I wanna make sure that he helps you out and you know we. Got a. Yeah yeah you -- okay all right. No and you you. Without them using protection how are you say exact how are you not gonna get an ST Mariah I know you wanna bring your health alliance is immoral but -- What about what about you or nice. I and am I am very confident about I'd say that I am not just thinking -- I artistry and our people that I try and you know people in my circle. And I need you now I'm not I picking the other precautions. Well but didn't. I don't know how much out more we need to be involved in your life but I know I will say this arm. Good luck to you -- ES. You have if there's something else you wanna get up your chest like next week game you have you breaks your sixth -- -- -- -- -- Or if you have an -- -- a stake -- get a positive Bora or it's become your senses and realize this is the dumbest plan ever. Well it is with something like to stick thing yes if if anything major happens otherwise I I guess we just wish you luck. We care all you you can't tell cancer test now can I think trying. It. -- in the. That is exactly.