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Slacker and Steve - UPDATE: Mariah 8/6

Aug 6, 2013|

When we last talked to Mariah about a month ago, she was desperate to have a baby, and willing to do anything to become pregnant. Has her wish been fulfilled?


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-- -- -- Street analysts -- -- -- 59 so a monster and about a week ago yeah we first met. Mariah out on -- no -- he. Warning to have a baby she was feeling her biological clock in facts this. This is a little snippet of her initial. Conversation with -- I remember. He was. And. I am -- April 20 year old black man I have good GameStop and I have no -- I need. And I watching him on the shore and thirty and we'll get after it pays to be comment single moms. And how discuss are any actually you -- at any track aren't I am glad I checked every critique I will go to our actions and it is. I will now -- -- ID doesn't seem crazy. And school even Kamel -- I don't think I'll wish each parent I can back. You know -- it peaked at La. Army corps. And I can provide that and I had a -- a good job betting pattern and everything that I it has everything to -- -- So. That was just for the long extended four day fourth of July weekend and she yes yes she made the best and I know we talked to were. Now right I don't remember do we talk around eight we talk tour after the long weekend and make it got a little heated. Who went a little things. How many times you have relations yeah. Or I'm I don't that's she's sharing her right -- how many times did you ever since ecstatic. Six -- or six guys six. We got a different diet. And. Six times each or six now can -- just six guys why. How -- it. And then you knew before me and you didn't know before menu more in the like fringes of your -- -- kind of mentally docking about. I didn't -- in there and -- it from high school. Now. No we don't know no it's. We sold or we didn't wanna talk tour until she had a major update but apparently what she has to -- I what are you have to say apparently got -- the little. You know I can. I -- I -- -- the -- and ask is going to have edit and you I deemed I guess an actuary. -- out the with a color shirt and blue. Is married bank CEOs aren't you -- a long time and now you why I mean. And I want I want I -- -- It's Tina or did you know that this is the planner you're just sleeping -- and he doesn't want you can't. Are you Larry I. Just I. I we've touched on this the last time Mariah and I just I just want points coming out in addition to the fact to your being massively unsafe even though you think you're being sentenced. What -- you are. Already embryo so. Again and we'll get into that in just -- I just wanna say this. You'll may have gotten knocked out the very first weekend you do this it takes 6810. Weeks excellent -- shows -- -- You're continuing to sleep with people you may already pregnant I want to -- -- to be more. Green and I I'm betting I don't know I have no I really this is -- I have a deadline. And I am old -- out of the hole. Mariah there there all the women listening were screaming out this one question you can -- and above all there's a ton a single dudes out there why did you have to go with the marry I know in Manhattan on your co worker. 1 PM marriage to keep any idol is not heated happening out at the white or you and use real right now. I am totally true I'm totally Ariel Tokyo. I know you're hell bent on becoming a -- -- that this is okay can rant but. I don't know I think in the next time we talk to you it's either going to be a real links. Is now you just it seems like you just wanna be on the radio and you -- -- decent basically just sleeping with a married a good for you good for you. Well it's not about that I that I yell at my time in 8 o'clock at eighteen. There -- my friends are all like man I want you have a baby before and Terry. -- Can you continue ballpark it since the very first time we totti had six NF first weekend plus how many -- -- lessons in this entire time. Ballpark our lol yeah me. She is different men different men each time. More rise. I yeah I would be an amazing mom Mariah really well yeah. Thank you hope -- beings are the it's when I didn't know you're. I hate to say thank you for the call Mariah will be this -- get good we hope to check in with you win in Europe to it is graduating from them tech school facilities -- people who wanted to call I. I don't think it's a beautiful stories. Slide since she was like you'll want to see the movie that -- Jennifer Aniston playing as part of Mariah the whole com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --