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BJ and Jamie - Sean's birthday spelling bee

Aug 23, 2013|

Thursday was Sean's birthday and you will not believe how bad he did.


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-- Happy birthday. Needs to lose you -- -- Yeah yeah AE AEA game. So we gonna do this now -- -- don't yep I shun you need to give many enough. You guys to come in -- at all. And he's he's coming in here because I am not Clinton and she TS computer all right your right now think of everything teaming Paul I have given -- When her son conniving conservative and you have a. Yeah. See I would have never even as it would -- dawned on me to keep peace paper well kids I know for me it's. Each year if I have peace paper here even get paper and that's the best is my am and I don't care unless you aren't -- telling finalists it's okay. -- Cheney's team in a couple of days ago we. Second grade word success then her son has dispelled. Needs to get it down before his class the next day. And I thought they were just a little. And another -- that we thought you know I mean how we must know this we thought she draw I don't. And -- -- -- JVR dot gonna put ourselves like dummies on the. Each word is worth five dollars OK okay it's actually do it like a real thing and I got you know obviously music yeah. Okay. Each words on his worth five dollars on your -- I -- -- money made -- money. It's OK okay beat -- to spell it out to me DE SK. Great players. -- -- agreed that he tried skiing and my best tennis of my little girl yeah my book it's. CL. Both seek it. Now usually she didn't tell you. When we get to the end of this if you miss a word you lose everything. A little. Right every time I I. Yeah they'll announce what do you subsite dollars in where you can't take the ten dollars yeah. And quit and -- I'm gonna Alaska good enough there aren't OK -- -- You need. Curry. HE URRYA. Okay that's that's that's fifteen dollar -- it's the comedian. Hot hot. -- -- CAA. RRE. TT. Remember in new went with a quick whistleblower Doug and -- -- -- it. Julia RR ET yes. Parents can every kid that's. That's dollar venture could that jury answered that that your final answer care grants careless. Yeah RRE DTE. Jonathan who supposedly. Most. Well up version that said TJ RRE ETT -- carrots and. Malone. Yeah. Our ROT. Yes. Her summer job. I'll hit. -- bad now I had to get rid. I don't look good -- hold -- -- that I'm. I was just I can't go and now who think that yeah the moment that. He would. They did and Alan -- yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah did let me -- isn't so they have these sound different did these different things and we haven't gotten his challenge words yet -- So -- that he's supposed to know from the first grade. To carry over to the -- we haven't gotten to the challenge word I got nervous with the EU -- And an extra. His spelling homework I feel like that and that's what. Collusion there's one save an effort nerves I'm still. Nice yes -- him in the ninety's my left -- I it's a subpoena but I'm. No kidding are is so I. I think you LeRoy. Here we go we're going to see we go to challenge we're telling me now against. How come I don't know priests is that what I -- are where we could go yeah OK well. Our -- give up its image as a work -- some more money OK okay tireless communicable -- these are carried over from the first drink. Who actually had -- get. Crawl. Points -- -- not -- AWL. Back on he was worried that that the WCD you know how well that dal. I can't believe he had the right dead downwind and I drove me off. Randy you look at five bucks with -- homework. HO NEW. Old -- case. Is still very good show and yeah I think we go to the challenge right now we're going to tell children. Are you ready and challenge for us. Well. I yeah. -- I've secured. Yeah these are the actual -- on his homework first second -- He's seven years old okay today you are 42. Not a. Yeah. Vegetable. Love -- DG ITA believed. Them so I. Table. And they should. All. -- -- To enable open -- -- Asked the -- back. -- and Alan. You're close it was a -- -- and yeah. They -- a liar and yeah it's in the it's -- into and they decently but not even able to listen to -- Dismember them and GTA bottle I that I remembered and it it was yeah -- die in. New job and let it jive with the Wednesday night a match when your language and. This is a great guys stepped out of that Jack I have two words okay. I and to -- yeah. Humor challenged words. You're down zero again and again. David terrible -- the have a chance now to win ten dollar OK okay ten -- and birthday dialer that your ideal candidate. -- Any undo these -- I don't know but they're good -- torrential. -- -- -- he seven in your 42 today this is this challenge words Franchitti had to practice. TE RT and TI AL. And CH EY. TRE NC ain't he don't read that they'll. And the seventy. -- It's hard. He's our producer that beat them preschool girl -- TV show Rachel I looked -- over until it's got it to it's like at night a spider. I couldn't -- who -- Swear I won't work on more balanced public feels. I'm gonna give -- picky picky picky -- I'm I'm I'm puff puff puff stuff I'm big evening twenty dollar loan visited twenty dollar where this is a great idea OK you can make it. All up on one word one word one yeah. Rebalance your your -- -- remember in my tennis and yeah I he mentioned that in the second grade also mentioned and this -- and work on the challenge word category it's a credit they ranked. So you are 42 today before it gets it she is being challenged word -- as well I'm. And -- Aren't good luck for twenty dollars. Last word -- the last challenge where it is. Yeah I think a couple of. Necessary. Tornado it's. Contagious where necessary. For twenty now come on it's nice to see -- SS I -- let it any. And eat them SSI. NSA. Aren't. And the he sent them I did I. I think is necessary it was really Mississippi. I forgot that I put the necessary. Yeah. Yeah. It's very necessary playing. Asia and. I'll end. There is seeing him. -- -- -- And as they are well I think you passed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then you. Thank you get to stay on -- -- as our producer yeah. I'm that good and spell check and wake up with -- and G weekday mornings drive thirty -- Dallas 10 I think.