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Bj & Jamie - Sean loves Theme parties!?! (9/11)

Sep 11, 2013|

Jamie and Bj are not Theme party kind of people but guess who is??? Sean and Shaina are!


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-- -- And Jamie yeah. Jamie what he's just sitting right there can hear every word we say. Yeah I'm not Famer and I don't think it's gonna hurt his feelings and just none of Famer Vijay and not Illini a theme OK you're in town that weekend. Well first about a minute or religious person. I'm just not as -- even mean a femur and I don't I'm invited to three parties with fame and fun with you another -- -- I just I don't know. I feel that I'm not but another thing there yeah I mean I have kids have learned just a village kids brown -- now that that's. That's great you know honestly I'm not like my one friends and nothing has and there have been a dead man's party C acted dress -- you're -- What is on the -- is not as a zombie party you know. They had to me yeah. -- -- I don't know if I'm the only one on the -- and my captain bring down because a lot of excited about it your captain bring him I hear you -- and Somalia and I'm not I mean I know I dress up because I now. I don't even go out you don't it's their team that most of the time I won't even show up because I find did. I find it to be kind of work. It takes to have to get dressed up to go to get stuff to really get into them you know to -- out. For me it's it's I really didn't like his work that to me it's also am. Can -- not an amateur works on the most important to me and human finding corny inhuman and then. Pilots are sound like a high polluting our -- And god knows I'm not. For me it just sounds like a lazy. Ranked and it's the end he turned me it's just -- I would rather be in our regular clothes haven't apart. -- -- -- my friend insists she's haven't Snyder -- do you kind of beneath you. -- -- -- I don't well. You don't want -- -- to be seen as a as a on the iPad Kimi YEI I. But I'm asking now that it's his final ranking of one of BP and I just -- just normal a feeling it's a pain. Yeah here's another any pain my girlfriend is having and that what we eat and in nineteen you'll Snyder for McCain were both sounding very medium and let me finish Edmonton's Debbie downers so she's got in the nineteen -- a fast she's -- comes and I laugh. You have to prepare me a wine or a beer or at Champaign. With an appetizer. Write us a got a lump of so. Why -- appetizers. Did you feel so you have to think in your head at themes one fits together so you bring like let's say you bring -- eggs and then I'd bring some -- -- and -- like eggs young. He has to make yet a tidal freer. Appetizer and you are -- -- -- you try these various yeah and then everybody brings to it but does it makes everybody is all liquor and a but you for I get no I get -- -- Saying it would be like if you had a am certain type of vodka. And I keep it -- name right now than a watermelon -- colleges Blake -- and it's got to do with alcohol. -- Seattle took care of them and academics and -- it's like this and the kid says like a country or word on the label prizes are awarded for fan favorite most creative. And then she says are we love your kids so please leave the. So it's a spot I. As I saw quite a lot of fun but I like the last line -- -- kids -- zoologist thought about it we using what I just said OK okay so you taking you infusion of people taking the cut a hole in a watermelon -- or any kind of those brutal and whatnot. He takes -- -- off. Cheap vodka put it down in there and let it soak overnight new college smear -- Easy to that would be your kind of mundane right. -- written -- again but that's what you're talking about it makes the food and drink to get at least -- -- separates while. Yeah he bring cheese militant alcoholism talkative. Who produced it for me. He heads beer or I'll tell one. Yeah hello Simon if you bring a country about not being suggested to me infusion is in in having that is jello shots and yes. -- The -- aren't scaring me with appetite is okay let's get to show on its first in North Korea and what he said this morning okay what he what he walked in here invited you -- ninety. OK okay are there a shot elderly and I -- 42 little dog makes it even worse I was actually for the games into the nation's work. The -- yeah a -- here rules on there. We didn't even come. Obama is not doing she's not done. Starring John. Lou that's the best best snacks and swallows is not -- Hey kids sat doing she is most. It's the lions doing. I like to gain sweeping the nation trailed three putting too well it's 303222. And a 5423. -- if -- -- married to one of these gas. Please let us know you can talk about it Sean has invited us to it toga party the ask. Two with a total party where nothing underneath right not if no you don't look look look look look -- -- just a -- with nothing. I wouldn't go to that. -- no amount of money. -- price in the big studio hitting trick. Yeah your total golf. -- standing or. This sign for the yeah well what's happening is this Saturday at Alamo draft house or -- and animal house and their doing a total party. Gearing the shell leading and there encouraging everyone to come in their toll -- watch the movie animal house and has told as synonymous with animal house and has risen. And has drinks in the theater where Utah does and how fun I like dressing up or dressing down. And doing fun things with other people who like to get. Why do you guys he's dressed up so much. I dislike -- and up I don't know I don't think I have a reason for it is just something I've always enjoyed. Always enjoyed wearing costumes and and being different you know characters we have. You are like -- I -- but I like you'd get away with more when -- -- -- you can do what he could be goofy below that more silly little over the top. It's a part of that I know it's like a personality problem like he doesn't feel like you being -- he is -- as his desktop no. Greece is cut hooked into that but a plus she with the I don't know club that he's -- or something. You know I just had to hold dress up thing -- -- don't like to dress up and and -- -- moon move Lou don't keep the costumes on there and I think about it the eyes. Like Lou Lou Lou that group clown make a month I know but does he -- that Wear the mask in the whole you know costume thing. You because -- actually like the person when senator and we need them to death Vietnamese to get different they're doing -- -- pretending that she's clear of ten yeah you know -- We have given a secure reading too much into it is just about having fun in being a character or being a part of a group that's having fun and doing some. Vijay and I just don't -- an -- I don't hunt yeah I want to deal study yet he's here and when -- -- don't get me -- They have fun. I'm all about this noon oh those crazy blazes that have fun -- that I don't have to Wear a costume you know the dress up things kind of mean like -- -- nothing against that my other friends that are have been their dead man's party that I just down. -- -- 3032225423. Are you couple doses are you address them. Couple well or Portland is your husband the cheese ball let me give me an exam and you your husband -- -- -- -- -- party. He wears -- V neck shirt. These votes for American Idol. There's one more forgot what it definitely shows -- -- micron hawks -- -- does this -- emotions with a coconut bra. Hot on the -- right Derek Trucks who shows up what did you see a single folks -- can I sit and who shows up. To a promotion that we're doing for reduced -- with a coconut bra off I don't know about yeah yeah puzzle as those those cow testicles on the back of his truck. That's right yeah swinging. Things. -- my current attitude that the is that right yeah that car has attitudes. I hits. I just think there's certain kinds of and maybe I don't know maybe we need to try here's what we should do BJ -- maybe we should too. Maybe you and I and our significant others we think he shot we should go to Atlanta and maybe we just. Maybe we think we're snooty name rehearse -- maybe we need to get -- needed as an illegal world. We're going to be -- snooty. I don't really need to Wear fancy clothes isn't fabulous -- what I need to do is big bear threatened a sheet we've. That they've got drama in the eyes of those beliefs you know that they did but around anywhere in your head maybe I need to get out of my fancy world and you would you'd do that maybe -- need to do one of these parties and to see how it goes back and grant him you're getting hooked up into that what you world to integrate into granderson hit him and make him. As understate the look judge she's -- Doug Doug says Doug says it's a blast that doesn't. Oh heck yeah I learned about her years ago. Went through all the party and we had so much fun it was thought we got pictures of people rolling out with their heads between their way to their thoughts on. He may -- we need to stay in the class where neither group -- You wait what what -- we dug the EU foreign get exciting watching people throw up between their legs. And. -- out there helped put him back anyway. Them -- a busy from. There will be -- I would also like they want thing I would -- your listener appreciation party when Shawn was aware in the pineapple loops and I'd never seen any one player. Pineapple group better credentials. Pulls it off and they need to us it's really tells the mountain that's a very complimentary about it. But yeah. Sean did you get that compliment. The -- spell his name do you -- And -- -- -- that DG. There's oh and it. Just an. -- Though there yard. -- spelling Thursday yeah borrow it at that at that I thought it doesn't but. You -- yeah you should know that Doug as -- oh and it. Who did you see -- -- with tong no ties to let him misspelling words okay. These so dug deep you GR disagreed -- -- and our all right Debbie sorry is did he go ahead. I'll be spelled my name. You know and now they're big guys act Eric should. Why does and how global. Opening on the back and its European tour and that's. Yeah other ugly end but he likes -- here. He does what's dress as we would talk a party. Did you find it -- -- not you don't you you're playing it up like he's kind of a goof ball -- did you have fun. I brought a lot. She's got -- -- The problem is I like I like commandment as is very nice in the smells nice and it doesn't puke. I did that by doing -- and doesn't bark out the window yeah away hole yeah then that's gonna hear about. They served a lot of -- -- I never have built before they take it really good. Oh my god. That's the deadly -- work. Wow hygienist. You know I mean there was a point in this conversation we're -- and I literally were considering there -- many -- throw on a toga and you don't. The more calls we take. We're going. Yeah now I just am not CNET I don't really feel it everybody supports thrown out. So hitting woods to be somebody else with their outfits an -- to -- so -- they don't like their lives -- -- so -- -- -- like. -- -- -- -- -- But I concede drink so much -- -- your prospect in the chair like this we might like this and and I got to thank god no underwear and that's never hi I. I don't see that all over the house and men's testicles are ugly and Sarah. Yeah. I go ahead. On my people I know liberating you know your colleagues and out of -- that allowed to -- you wanna look I negro. I'm and you get out on. I -- and I went to a party where it was an animal RT and I think that the -- -- -- but it's one of those. Trading up all your car camera that Sarah Sarah we're -- -- -- eat human and we need to. What has the sun don't hit let me just find out what -- Halloween that it was just him. No good unless. -- Animal and she was. She changes aren't sure get the latest slammer. I'll call because if you would have just left it alone would have been she was a dear so and he was a hunter they called an animal party -- then -- like it that had to be for Halloween -- Soo -- -- long. That go along and it okay because otherwise are slamming her thank you -- for the call she was a dear and he is a hunter we both -- -- was in March that that happened it. It don't we did we do all right Katie ready get this year out he's -- human keep going here do you wish there I just I thought that really was our. Out to and because. Here's a hundred yes but that's my. -- Hey. I can't say there aren't. -- -- at that they. Act a little bit and it up a little bit. Yeah yeah and throw up all over your sheet. He's not done. So far and so are statistically Jon seems like a thing -- -- three Jonathan yeah I mean there's there's that does happen. Yeah. One more soon. Stick -- Lauren Lauren. I I. I got engaged at a party. Little movie -- It -- labor and I had entered a little anecdote. He has a helmet and make you feel Lauren. Should. -- but we're what kind of where you end up. I am confused are you are you had a family gatherings because I mean to propose and have been a room full of strangers seems weird to me. Now Palin Labor Day party can't buy it would be fun to have a total. And and yet we try and act out a target on our brand and it brought out -- K nobody -- -- -- and I actually -- and then we'll just proposed. That is rule him into. And the funeral. You know anger I guess what region have no idea and that toga party why don't you do if you're engaged to lease it steel. It's. And and I think I'm going to be a -- -- second. You know playing a little -- -- -- -- you get down no one really get healthier track. And I'm sure. She'll see across the first time in weeks I. Wake up with BJ and in the mornings I was thirty did CNN Dallas 10 I.