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Slacker and Steve - UPDATE: Mariah 9/11

Sep 11, 2013|

You might remember Mariah…she’s the girl that would do whatever it took to become a single mom by the time she’s 30. We told her we didn’t want to talk to her again unless she had major news…and she contacted Lil D. Find out what the big news is in a few minutes.


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Electricity. Street analysts who went inside -- I remember when this started it seemed like. Coal more -- yeah people floated people matter to us for following her life but she called us and had an idea. On how to make life better she has a goal. I remember her first call and -- -- was yesterday to do all he was yes you -- I am able to twenty year old brother and I -- GameStop and I have no math and you. And I watching him on the shore and thirty and we'll get after it pays to be comment single moms. I'm out Escobar and he actually knew what I -- any -- aren't I am glad I -- average peak I will go to are actually act and -- I will now -- -- ID doesn't seem crazy. And school even animal now. I don't think I'll wish each parent I can -- You know immediately that I love and to core. And I can provide that and I had a -- a good job betting pattern. I have everything I -- hand everything doctor. So that that was Ryan and the first time we talked -- her goal she's a journalist and achieve with what she's talking up. Oh well we not harass her and extended weekends and this is what she had done. How do you have relations has had to okay or I'm guy so that's she's. Sharing her right there how many times did you ever since expired at 66. -- six. -- -- -- Six times each or six -- I just six guys. And menu -- before me and you didn't know before menu and Warren like fringes of your life who complimentary -- and about. I didn't -- is and how it -- high school. Now. So we didn't think we talked to a much more she was on her quest. And she called a few weeks later. We just yet -- forgive -- if you know this whole story but there's some reviewed all right so this was the last time we talked to work annual motorists there we kind of decided by the end of the last and we talk to work. Although we only wanna talk to you anymore Moret you do your -- site and. Yeah interacting very neat and -- compatible with the current cash and -- I'm no longer. And now you find me. And I want I want it but he just real right now. I am totally right near her I'm totally aerial Tokyo. I know -- hell bent on becoming a -- moment this is okay can -- but. I'd I don't know I think in the next and we talk to you it's either got to be real links. Is now you just it seems like you just wanna be on the radio and you wanted to. Like decent basically just sleeping with a married a good for you good for you try how many -- -- lessons in this entire time ballpark it. -- -- -- -- She is different men different and each time. More rise. I feel. Or that my friends is where we left fast easy up until last night -- little the our producers said. Mariah wants to talk let's. Find out what new information. -- right now. All right I wish I am. I -- Yeah. Yeah yeah. Dobbs you know you can't. Do -- she had a goal. I knew I -- play. I -- it kind of worked out. Tour and just -- how easy -- Our -- GE could be. Any number of the twenty plus do you -- a very. Now I don't and I was ready I was -- -- candidate or an. And going QB eat her day -- day. It's something that I am and so you're still secure the plan you're gonna be a single mom and no no men in your life you're just gonna -- it says. Well I mean and they're one of the guys I have not let -- -- -- and I have epic strictly. And there are a lot of Barbeque. I learned. We're actually you. -- he turned out. Arab. -- You're you're dating him. Yeah. That's the father know what we know there's a there's a -- there's a milk sharing going on in there. -- -- wouldn't -- where does he know we're pregnant. Now. Are you. We are you planning on telling me. Serious break now I got you know I can't. And their future I know is you know I'm doing what I did here and even gray -- you know -- in my -- I don't know I looked into how -- I don't wanna. And that. OK so if you know your mom and all of a sudden you're in this some serious relationship enough. -- I'd probably give it you're aunt Carol. But if it gets more serious he'll tell him what do you tell on the master plan yeah and -- decision. Yeah I mean I'll deal that ranking how it back out then all I'll kill yeah will work out. I didn't BB. Yeah losing ground donation yeah I know you're right all along you were -- -- -- Do. Or should he -- see your lies is going to be on the range from this point four and learn new. Advocate pretty scary how good they are so wonderful. All right well I mean good luck Kenny I guess is things sure we'll talk to you in 8937. Whatever government agency takes this war. You this DS on his -- into the -- -- -- I don't know what to do now and I don't either we. We -- and LTD coming up in a minute but if if there's anything you wanna say about her will quickly take. What every one to say about her and then we'll move on to today's OPP who I would know that we can tell you what it's about but I think it's more important is -- Honestly. Say what you want and if you don't wanna say it on our phone lines say it online FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve Ference alleys. -- A parent is not. A wage at eight a look at it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wait why she wanted something she found a path to get it in she accomplished her goal. What is more. Don't. -- I. Ate a lot. Oh yeah I only in Arizona father she just wants the raise a kid herself she does an end and in -- Our Bruins oil and you know. I hate this thing is we tried from the very beginning with people just like yourself -- to tell her that this is not the route to go I mean it's we're not we're not knocked in single parenthood or anything. But it's there are better -- she was intentionally rushing headlong into something that other people. We're trying to teller is isn't a good idea and now she's apparently accomplished is so what do we an individual maternal instinct over powers everything. Think she's -- she's scream maternal instinct or attention how. Bill Hart senate okay. Yeah yeah. I don't like untouched as quarry young girl and from delusion and dished out sheds. Moved there is no all universe where CEO. Chew PH singletary. -- Young woman I'm thirty. Been trying thirteen years to -- eighty my husband and we can't and we don't have other dollars to make up maybe. I find it brought chat room state that there are women like that in the world well. The -- army -- and maybe the answer is sincere currently only trying with your husband maybe you should try to sleep with 24 other men. CS yeah from my era. Tedious that maybe going to be exposed you -- -- -- unprotected or Tony I -- although I. Number should let her. Car. And we don't shooting care about that part she's she got to be a mom Steve was a plus sixty soccer parent about it but she can tell by looking at somebody if they haven't. Oh that's -- says she was still on the is Syria and this but it is like it was a blessed miracle that -- Gary. When fair allow them. Standard I. Like the woman that knows what she wants and goes outing gets moved to states since. -- -- go on the call I promised we're gonna video PP right now one more call brandy. Right guys. I am I think I'm that I would say congratulate you and your leg again for her whole. I'm entitled American English and I probably did it kill me another aren't some -- that goes by hopefuls. You know it's going to be late in the you know icing on the air -- you know the good job then. -- her in so. I really wanted to wrap it up and now you're making me angry again that I thought we were gonna have everybody does feel like brandy made some good points though. Steve shoots I really don't want to see your face right now and I tee and and really does your -- screens sarcasm -- -- close at all but they are. -- Andy Brandi Brandi is never in an idea honestly if you could afford it wanna. -- sort of the camera talking about haven't secrets to go out and see between by different people and in. Never know which one is the actual father so you'll never know the medical history about the blind because you think you can check in guy out and know everything about and -- just irritated yeah. Not about -- yeah I -- that's. But you see that -- did not know what they're out -- a little. Anything it's extremely. Dangerous which part yeah. Sleep according to Manning in two months and she's heading -- out. Prime ordeal so single and in this audit is gonna come out of one Italy whatever well. It's disgusting. Ads and even the moral compass then he can only took so whatever -- trailed -- so I mean I lived to treat you like but this is not. This is not a good idea. And I -- it like I think this is a blessing and trying to cheat unless the miracle of life if you guys can hear it let me just tell you -- set off an alarm from now on.