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Bj & Jamie - Sean Sings What does the Fox say! (10/11)

Oct 11, 2013|

Sean Sings What does the Fox say!


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Yeah. Jamie yeah. -- and the last thing is that what does a -- -- you know. -- -- I don't done with this lenses over from the parliament -- you know I I've actually watched this video probably three or four times in the first couple times -- -- really dumb stupid goofy. Much like the jets -- his eyes but down but now I'm kinda understanding that. You know it -- he -- some viral because the catchy song is that what it is I think sell John knows every word to it. Yeah I think it's catchy song and in the if you look at the video production attitude to show -- I mean they put a lot of work this thing -- with the all the constituted shot on film I mean it's like I'm real production. How many -- they have. A 107 million million. A -- left behind adding no but that's what they have a bunch of different videos is this comedy team it's comedy Gianni I'd like Norway -- This song is like tendon in a weird way taken off lagging in style and I keep Tina Fey spent. And they like what does the boxing what does the -- to do we know order and I don't know what they mean the U. It is the song and whereabouts when we play at the end he is Friday so we can't it's Friday -- we really -- think -- to sing along. You know all the words so it goes on the -- Yeah I beat all the sounds and everything yeah put it in most -- a lot of miles you know my. He's got to remember pharmacists not to hear Redding area but the. -- -- -- -- -- -- They didn't. All right -- jail he. Guy who you ask him in its time on the Internet. What T expelled. Watching video so yeah I was just belly -- and on loud. That was so -- -- yeah. A good job just. I have an affinity for some peace within and abroad should release shall. I earnings and very young that you damage there -- some. To be kind of breezy. Wake up with Vijay and G weekday mornings at 530 did CNN Dallas 105.