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Bj & Jamie - BJ & Jamie have the New FRAY song! (10/15)

Oct 15, 2013|

We are the first to play the brand new FRAY song.... Love Don't Die!


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is very cool when I get well to me it's the fray as a brand of song it's called love don't die. It sounds from their new album which will be out January 21 -- for a single yeah exactly that's the I think album doesn't Ayman. Have let me. -- so one of the guys do an interview just couple days ago then they're still working on a lot of the album. So our chances that I think heard it -- -- -- here yet but Sam -- awesome. Okay and can't political cartoon is that it sat co production and written by Ryan spider. There's a one republic. Home so it's -- The singles. -- -- -- I want things. That's. Hey is bush. You don't see. So houses. Is still match it. The don't. It's pretty high school. That should dress and just yeah. Paul oh wow that's the first time -- -- and you -- the fray it's called love don't diet the new album is now January 21. They've known name officially for the album but Allen right there's -- -- don't narrow. It's it's really good guy and I expected. Nice sentiment and you know I expecting good that's really good you know -- Does pass in Colorado and -- and Colorado in the -- it was that Coke produced and written by a Ryan tenor of one republic which is from -- Screw it is good right as a rookie league you don't get -- from those guys aren't there you -- that's afraid this 100 the DJ NJ new morning show good morning.