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Bj & Jamie - Tabloid Trash - Kanye not as popular-Bruce and Lamar hang-out (11/12)

Nov 12, 2013|

Kanye is getting the Curse of the Kardashian’s his image has dropped over 66% and that is from hanging with Kim’s clan -- And Bruce is helping Lamar..


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-- Long long long long long time ago my sisters older than me. -- remember when she loved Donny Osmond yeah she loved it in the columnists. The Buena. Yeah the -- even when times were some purple socks. She had posters. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the damage it'll do -- and didn't like him like that posters. Of snow yet most. He was cool anyway so I remember. I was that we -- I remember my sister is so upset because. That Donny Osmond he got he got married my -- Missed it and yeah. Just couldn't marry him the whole poll and then they say and his musical that -- -- -- says hey. Don't get me. You're you're likely plummet to your popularity career and guess what it worked it did do in an apartment with. Same thing as happened with -- My -- now. Calling it the curse of the card action and blow hole. -- his popularity has plunged 66. Purse. With aliens. You know ever since they announced their their marriage so he goes to street grand -- street cred is out the window me and that's have been diligent to. In less than two years in nineteen. Time Grammy Award. Winners he's won nineteen times. He's won nineteen -- and I don't. Yeah it is now all about all of that went out thinking -- kind -- -- -- -- -- -- proof. You know so revenues went out reality in less than two years than nineteen time Grammy Award winners like ability. And nineteenth and. I don't think he's won nineteen -- grammys maybe nineteen. Awards. Maybe he's won nineteen warts like the American musical large -- billboard award of the -- Let me read arrow mine is here and name their dispute with. It says the nineteen. Time Grammy Award winners like ability his nose dived by a whopping 66%. According to the influential. Hugh let's go look at this nineteen times or in nineteen grammys. BMI urban music thirteen times and -- ET hip hop awards eleven times. Nineteen grammys. Only can. Well Heidi you know I think that they act as a misprint but there -- -- one. Maybe it's just nominated and I remember he stole one on stage and Thomas Junta Sulu and again. I know right then. Before west began dating the 33 year old Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In 2012 his score. Well as high. Take a seventeen. Among women aged eighteen to 49. What's more the 36 year old father of blindness was -- even more lost is scored nineteen. Among. Jews and women and men and nicer -- I know we had neither the Kanye yeah. We're funding and everything this morning. I know nothing about the guy and he -- would it says what more than 36 yeah bother Brian I don't know. Between the current kit. The undertook the -- with -- and. That's right I'm sorry your exactly right is get that northwest kid yeah right you know I get my direction of hypocritical. So close and yet they got to maybe you know I am I was like yeah yeah it. When you think it everything you are certain yeah things. Gone on how yet that's exactly. Let's hear Tom Cruise. Not a big name on the ticket for tankers. Everybody's saying that he said that his job is hard at that than that of Afghanistan than a guy at war in Afghanistan. They went viral that's what he said he did not say that the truth from my military person pride in his job as hard. More brute booty said okay and what he said is that the attorney -- in the deposition on this lawsuit of slander because he ceiling. I think the Star Wars saying in the media and calling them bad debt re abandoning -- is suing -- -- -- and these depositions. What they -- and lags. Sometimes I'm away like on a movie set. And in the lawyers said. -- also like a man at war in Afghanistan. And then Tom Cruise said. Yeah I mean it's brutal it's really brutal Jason are you saying that it's like being in Afghanistan and -- that and -- goes on -- Now. We never said I saw that quote he never Emerson at no. Jesse was wrote he was just basically comparing it to being away on leave the right. That we go out to do movie you could be gone in as many as a 10250 days maybe even more much like a true this deployed to left. -- a -- and that's a witness and that's all he said and somehow it's just gone in this really bad direction of Ira -- that he said he comparing himself to them. You know the troops rank and. No that's important too because. Because can't say enough stuff today actually getting in trouble ranked so you got -- -- when he didn't really say yeah and as much glad I did jump on the bandwagon -- did not say -- -- You know I -- give the guys do when it went -- Gruesome Lamar apparently -- that if they smoke -- not again Bruce Jenner. -- Bruce Jenner smoke imply that they say the -- been hanging at a Bruce's house in Malibu. This is secondhand smoke he just walked in -- -- Instead they spent hours together during which Bruce -- ad council's Lamar. And there is like issues including how to stay clean and whose companies and -- keep however he will and vocal group. You can't drink lies there and can't do hard drugs but he -- integral puzzled and. Okay that's. -- -- he is giving him you know don't take every few weeks ago I. -- -- -- -- party. Wake up with Vijay and -- We didn't morning's drive thirty -- Dallas 105. And.