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Bj & Jamie - Wives buying underwear for their husbands. (11/13)

Nov 13, 2013|

Sean's wife buys his underwear, Jamie finds that odd.


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-- -- -- -- You know how I love the -- and bags. You know you do that remains and Romania the -- it's an alma a thin and the cost elements. Or -- Some reference god -- Sharon's. And it is very bad it's was surely there are called and they are those armies like her name is Burton back and -- remains. Was in -- -- is now is selling brand new pair of underwear for men. Diana there and new line of boxing shorts and their full 170. Dollars apiece in. I'd like -- -- those. I think expert underwear and -- to golf. -- money. -- -- He should get a pair of those before heading to prison I've. My husband Kevin JW. But it warns some thorns and the guy -- that Ryan Seacrest that he does in English words and the dollar panties luxury does John imagery here -- I am I'm assuming not that much I don't know I was three -- I don't 99 down here. You know if you pay these act idled by a mile and under. She shops for your underwear for. -- here yeah this. Doesn't pardon my underwear. Well. CNN. There is -- is your clothes and she buys your panties. I don't know I guess I don't -- That's weird she just is at the start Wal-Mart hated the and I noticed he needs continued she does all the laundry so she knows might. -- inventories got a good woman she and. Never buy my -- from communities share my nieces and provide I had to order in the same here I've been married and no -- engaged. Blood lines. Never has she bought me an order not ever. And I didn't study is the elephant. -- sales of. -- that he bought the pair of those -- I hit it does not -- Could go yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Parents like sexy red lines and tight you know the longer -- like the -- islands for -- balanced and there's not much. Yeah. Such -- -- more often feel close to their. I got a disorder trunk. And and I got in the baby when the baby ones then they need to make smoothness. As weird as he don't need to split the right out of it but the how weird it is it's not weird since. I think is -- and museum and he's dead -- with it. I'm always conclude you know I don't know I have considered me him and let me and then be okay -- and that bragging. About -- we don't flavoring top OK thank liked when he was forty rings on their pay Lauren. -- -- You can go on how to do your relationship and you don't buy -- Our relationships we got enough of that on the shall have. Said I'm happy Monday and said I -- happy. You're not that. This -- -- and though -- starting to Jamie. Not bad enough as the heavier exhausted today I have no I'm very happy that. Love's party and he has an idea is they weren't you buy underwear for your guy. It. A man I didn't you're -- He did the why I could win win win as you like and get my husband's PNC's. Well the started like -- said. You -- our liking other side you don't on January and he'd I don't doubt it loud and IMAP -- that I discovered her -- packed. Some oil industry she doesn't do all the -- feet. So. Maybe that's part problem completion dozen or. -- listeners a scissors you do here's what he would do -- right. I've ever seen -- yeah that threatened airlines. And I just screw it up I screw up it's returned to about -- Is that -- that's a weird I don't expect that. You separate your finances in your laundry notified institute. You know he's meteors are part of her. Act. Why won't come over this -- I am not in the room. OK I will come across his table she knew I could hit it in the. And making a million active. But it's a good I do not DV -- our crowd on your shoulder and then go to leave the room. I. Don't know what are you looking Nicholas when we're gonna go into nickel. -- as a penis it nice and easy to meet Teresa. -- All the time I mean Manny but -- women how did any differently even know what we like to be your man eminent. We know what I eBay aware -- if you -- all why I'm you know women be able to not -- because they're out -- you'd. Actually like I can't because they're -- I like Vietnam and then might. My fiance actually like our poll and I know what kind of let you know burst and go on -- though the Anthony. -- looked like I am is said Deron cherry creek Mazen and its importance and the dollar or three innings. A little a little bit thank you trees and the who's -- and ask. -- -- -- -- -- -- Remember now. What was what was your I was question is figure that they can -- like that they do each -- team as a separate basket. Now I just separated as a do no -- Who threw it all in one but I don't separated ethic but I would do -- still -- it my problem is that I do it wrong why does she do yards. Oops I -- doesn't. We're not it's not a set thing that she does all the laundries when saying. I help with the laundry. I say you guys do and he said she does tires she doesn't primarily she does verse in primarily I do mind that there are times -- -- mining and yeah it's just don't we don't have a set thing where it's her job to do little I never said that you made it to myself yeah. People are saying when they call them Jamie she'd heard he made -- like -- -- and you do. It may know you were making its. And I really aren't that it's okay I really -- -- -- -- starting crap what you said was no she does her yet. Well sure and I guess is what does all the laundry. That's her job because he Berkshire can't do right right. Yes she does it do a better job so yeah see him to be so much faster way. You know it's funny is I don't know what happened in the that world of women. -- But I can -- He and why can't I don't. I. Seem yeah just that and I'm. Not -- -- and it doesn't say it is about like that and Suzy baker. Yeah iron and you're one of the steamers and actually got one of those that I don't know how to iron into like let me have. And -- -- -- need to do you know and that's great invention and it and got it all starts and everything I don't know it. If I try to start to white crap. It's everywhere -- tonight. You know what this tells me. Women are just gorgeous no movement on Napoli and the EU limit -- given up briefly. I'm telling you right now you've given up in south cook it you stop cleaning -- stopped doing laundry and don't know how to iron what what's going into sick. -- his desire to huge. In your opinion makes Smart you know it means you in the. Anti base where I am going to test. Coming over there and pain and if you keep on disappointing just and is gone is gone Nancy it. -- -- Remember that that instinct video -- blazed a Backstreet Boys that they are puppets in their puppets. We are idiots for living you're getting a lot out of control activists like volume and now artists this puppets with strings. There isn't isn't isn't it -- make. Everything it right. -- -- -- Is this just. NN yeah. That's called Mary. He's just come on up at night. Yeah or even -- and on and it's not what you Latvia for that because it's true I mean it I'd do it every mile watches jump budget and. -- -- -- -- -- And how high on me. Not me. I -- my name in news trying to jump. Usage jumped -- you can -- please don't tell me. -- -- -- -- -- -- Wake up with fleas and see us weekday mornings -- thirty -- and palace where I think.