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BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash- Broncos, Simpsons, and Jenna Jamison. (11/18)

Nov 18, 2013|


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-- Think about those. Oh you're gonna -- is saying. Yeah. Lou joined them in peace audio yeah that I would -- to years. Millions of. It's. -- That's always have recap. -- -- -- -- is obvious to come muscle to beat those who is Thomas. The two Thomas's pretty much got it done yet they got a doubted it -- -- the reverend Barnes and he said he got a one. Well you made a couple of catches yeah contributed. They contributed to do you think -- and that -- Manning gave them enough all -- many give him props. In the post and stay in the U. The yeah -- my new theory here. Radio. MI in contention has been. That they don't bald Eric Eric Decker enough that -- doesn't because people might have a little bit of the green monster no matter what you think it happens never business. And I think he's made me and I'm sorry you've seen Eric Decker get all this. You know facetime and six -- in -- amendment and he's got some of that we coconut water -- the stores. -- under throwing the football. On Sundays. So that's her pinky mice on the -- on the ball and and and pay what you new series OK -- That patent is what I've been listening to -- So now. They figure that everybody's on to them so it's gonna look bad on paper if he doesn't throw the Decker now guess so let's give him a couple on the side to -- -- and says to Peyton. Heard Jamie say she she knows what Durham and she says its -- who has made so -- need to throw and Decker couple balls that she shut the hell out. And they actually get. Who I think he threw only twice. She can get that up because I think she might be onto something they were short lease. And they were -- touchdown you know the big. Touchdown of the day I can't -- are good ones but they weren't to pay a big big you know eighty yarder because the two twins and everything got done. Than Thomas's attitude how they're not really twins. That you share last name. Just saying it's actually went on the team -- cost him the ball a couple times decides at that Allah. In case can tell we argue sports station we act. We are here we now know everything about it the -- asked me the F stats we added all. I'm assuming there's Sherman Williams let me say how those people with ESP and they got none none of us we can do it. And I can now what was normal score both should. To -- hit two -- when he -- and a he didn't -- last night's final star sits where sports station. -- -- -- -- -- Still. Has made from a state farm agent that popping in and give us -- -- -- but but but. I think this doesn't work I have state -- -- anti gay evident in a lot of wrecks you know assure that bad. -- -- But they don't -- you can't just hurts a unit saw him in there. And never actually -- and it bears and not mean most of the time if you jump by you car and an accident -- nursing units on -- -- blood test that. I. This new crew as he -- -- line. I'd. Pop up -- though he looked so he'll do it again he'll tell. Us. The -- to tell concern and his kids. To be careful Korean rhetoric. They -- that -- my personal. He'll do you don't. And after twenty seasons with Simpson -- that -- -- confused by that story but that on TV. What course isn't just yet bug free TV news box and the cable. Ran its course. To lead or it hurts. Him in the rights to all the past seasons right isn't it and. And that's why I'm completely used I don't know I don't know if they're gearing up all new one and only going to be on cable. I don't get it I don't get the story I guess in this agreements and it's all re runs XX. Is gonna run it will pay at least. One billion dollars billion dollars to one with could be a billion dollars to get the exclusive rights to rerun all existing Simpsons as seasons of the Simpsons. Thank you it's worth that. Big green. The Kirkland when it wraps up it also have the right to stream that entire library of episodes online. -- big green and. I will say this for the Simpsons and and I've watched him for years it's one of the best written shows. Ever. I -- day at the writing on that for 24 years ago about then I mean you know you run out of ideas after about two or three years taken from us. But you know and that had been doing for 24 years in its brilliant writing. Don't love it. Jenna Jamison said that her ex -- OT -- org ten yards but did you Ortiz. Thank you. Is responsible for leaking home video footage of her ranking popping pills and smashing cameras. Day. Janet -- says her ex -- it is responsible for wedge said and the video was posted to YouTube on Friday night and shows the porn star. Appearing to pop prescription pills. Drink from an unidentified battle in front of her kids and -- surveillance cameras. So I'm here my hair. Now she's headed back to porn right pave the first kids. Dutifully kids' education she says. It was a says she had no idea there were cameras in the home and it was illegal that's what she smashed and she also says the bottle was water. Do you think she's. I says are actually the video because they are in the custody battle over their four year old twins. Consider this after troubled neither of them are vigilant can't -- Ian. Yeah pretty much should you see that out of Brooklyn to name Brooke Mueller now looks like the kids the twins are gonna go live with her brother. In there yeah I saw that yeah. We do and they do other -- I don't know that in Charlie's on a flight with a news Denise Richardson the kids yeah. Off to Mexico although the intermediate. I guess that then you know when you have to get a private -- sometimes a breakdown on this. It's all just so weird. And then it let's go back to Jenna Jamison I think if you last week announced that I'm headed back to -- Everybody knows -- made the announcement. Should a judge probably look at -- to in the custody case. I don't know how judges -- I don't know what there. Guess it -- -- Magnum Nancy. It's the united BM to have forehand and you. Eon. The that -- enough on loan to lose the -- -- I can't I don't know I don't know I would say -- it's just they have I mean. Listen the judges it's -- It's terrifying that judge gets to decide your life. You see that story where that guy denied this and McDonald's. He doesn't he wouldn't Edison have McDonald's located about 45 and the judge. So that why you said it's it's abuse. It's child abuse acted given his McDonald's and it gets -- -- -- that young at McDonald's. And the judge went along with him. There had to be more. When she said he came -- hadn't had dinner. He said he added that because he was so if it and we were supposed to go to McDonald's as a no McDonald's. You can either you know decide to go home -- Much you know whatever. Weird story he's -- yeah. Machine I get accused of and I indictment exile over. When I give myself enough troops. Took a a yeah it'll become just -- and human. In court documents. And get my son enough fruit. It's -- I believe I don't know what's -- mouth I hide I don't doubt that at all that's getting pretty picky when it comes care and custody but I've never been through one of those but I guess he really early dance yeah document everything. Need to isn't sure let me down the wrong path. And and get back -- our shot on the I'll eat what do because I never had an evaluation. And again we cannot let the -- and in really good in week but parents we really do a good job co parenting and we both love our sun emblem of -- -- let me just the -- -- -- But it's such insurance I have is to valuation right so there's this stranger that nobody. And he comes into my home any comes in Texas home. Annie hangs saddled it with you and your kid and he watches you play and let them and it's really creepy. And they makes notes -- you sometimes have been through an evaluation. Okay. We says to me aren't gonna give -- few tips is at some point. One of those tips is to make sure the tree had as much food as possible. And the refrigeration seems reasonable. Right into feeding -- I have one -- So I'm getting ready to go on vacation on that Friday in the -- letters flying in from LA that's our court was an island the lightning. So you know and all the stadium food began -- -- to pay entry until. For a -- it looks good -- in on paperless sounds great like 500 dollars. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that's worth keeping your kid I agree but I'm also going and chairman expect. Well. -- -- -- -- Old steam Ferraro or what in the hell is nameless -- that a value later. Never want to open my -- he never opened my pantry but I will tell you what happened. -- shouldn't people relate to that -- -- to. You and I got so let's agrees I was on the blossom when -- you'd been cupboard door Ivy League. It was 330. Yeah yeah. Yeah for every little yeah. I. Just -- -- she -- stuff that I would never plot. At top -- -- good name brand stuff yeah. I got lucky and we don't know if you've got. Yeah I know it's. To be committed. Not believe a hundred dollars with a free groceries. Mr. Indians this morning and -- got to watch him. He goes to a New -- oh my god is kind of tends to have your back. That contains scarves and everything. A little bit if you had had no food he would look. -- 400 dollars more than food well I didn't take you shopping that was a year shipments. Pantry has said Philadelphia. And said Abdullah announced. Oh my god sent to -- thought I was suckered like Edwards and double -- and still funny that you and yeah. And it -- that's intelligent so yeah. Wake up with Vijay and -- each weekday mornings at 530 -- Dallas 10 I.