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BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash- Bieber contract-Mileys birthday-RHW. (11/18)

Nov 18, 2013|

Tabloid Trash.


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-- Jamie yeah. Hey I just you know if you get invited to an adjusted beavers parties I have. -- you have to sign a confidentiality. Clause. -- having that I guess he's got some new people on aside now. And and they're saying that they're really trying to do some already controls them and you know publicity control -- the trying to fix it and that's what they're trying to see a problem in the wedeman. And really hookers -- gonna sign. Well I guess you can you go to a brothel where I'm not sure they -- those. I think this in the US. Yeah well. -- he has a party at his house. Or if you're invited to party at a club or whatever -- you know you've been in in a certain section. His team he what I tongue in Cisco is TMZ has the documents and it's this whole thing about you kids they edit it just the Dina Vieira. And you can't take any pictures that's a good idea he sure that it is. You know -- -- confidentiality. Clause paperwork stuff for Jamie and I yeah so that when we are out people have to sign like the absent. Might like on Saturday and I think everybody should head to sign that there that played that none of these pictures can be popping. Guy -- flattering no unflattering stops somebody you know what they were picture out there are some girl -- in your group that would be track. Education right eleven become president that is true that. We need applause okay the protect yourself. Anyway and it's a clot that automatically sends that if you violate the claws or whatever it's got. The agreement. And that will owe him three million dollars. They're -- -- any merit -- actually put that in there three million dollars I could read out the top if the picture of your -- being home gets out three million. Speaking of wild parties Miley Cyrus is planning a wild when he first birthday Barney. And it's going to be Essen and famed wild. The event -- said today it plays out later this month hagee is indicted her ex fiance EM IMs worth to the party he -- London. That's sad news is he's become he invite DX is definitely need he would come to the -- in the best of them party and he's not -- -- -- From. -- appearance go. This no Herbert. It is an important. They've created eighty and sex dungeon with cages and whips and. He can't -- party not even is over her tongue thing. Yes I'm -- her. Did you see the commercials for her her concert. Known to she's come down as you know because we -- with tickets over the weekend. Which I'm. -- -- -- to the north voting here and I am shocked that Miley Cyrus can play the Pepsi Center. I'm review. Because she seems like to me she's caught in between fan bases here. The young kids -- not gonna go to the show parents -- our personal and who above the age of fourteen is gonna buy a ticket to see Miley Cyrus concert. Yet it's nice that she was in a weird place you yeah. And then she's just got that saga. Party and then brands they know me. But it hands. And a a man and now and me nobody in the US and that is that it's now it's Diane. Am I am ahead -- not. Yes. It. You know and after that performance by taking a look at it are there going to be pretty spectacular show from what I understand. Eye popping. So the reviews have heard from previous shows. She had previous shows well suited at one overseas and Amsterdam knows the. Mean I'm not giant kids listen I don't want them to stay on the air -- -- island island doesn't -- -- I know she's on tour. Means. I need to thousand not an end and then in the commercial -- she's just she's doing. And it's like she needs and that the president. They'll all commercial and privacy commercial a look at them there. But. Like she's a Liz and Graham plus it's been a -- -- I mean. Anyway in addition of the Atlantic island of England to get here at the radio audience in. Here's something didn't you think. Taylor Swift and Harry styles -- secretly dating game. So there. -- -- And that. Did a swift is back when Harry styles supposedly Taylor has been in contact with Mary said to be amazed. They start talking for the first time since breaking up earlier this year -- say it was the New Year's Eve with him. Away when. And New Year's Eve. That's right -- what was that when you. I don't know I don't have six Hannity and it's awfully far out to New Year's -- to be making that prediction Canada -- here. Let's just simply get Thanksgiving together record. Thanks giving it. -- irritable he knows on that over the weekend. Yeah who -- people told me people said to me that they thought that I said it perfectly five -- is terrific. -- -- Thanks to. Thanksgiving. Together. Earned him and in me than innings giving the. It is hard at that your facts -- your time. Anyway so yeah we'll see how that goes dealer has been house sending in London theories on why she keep buying houses by people critique. She was dating that can begin and he's not a house right next Kim. He did her she moves into the neighborhood. -- I don't -- church I didn't hit -- Stalker is. It is I have finally I haven't seen this yet but made her real housewives up they are your -- A good shot. And yet it's not DVR which is this when Atlanta. Until last night. And I know a lot of you haven't seen -- you play a DVR because there's a -- game back as a roundabout way too much to seventeen yet either. So Porsche Stuart you know she's married to. No you don't Porsche Porsche Stuart I couldn't tell you. Cornell. Kordell Stewart yes. He's. Former. Buffalo isn't well he's I know he was like Colorado. It's -- it got them there on time. He threw it did you think you're right or. At that quarterback. I support -- Stewart so yeah he's like glamour. Has he went to school I think we're on the same page -- sure they're. It -- through a horrible horrible divorce. Horrible divorce he's of those guys it's really weird and that snow and end some people have gone through this life. Where you think everything's fine you guys are married and it and they want it they just filed for divorce you don't know but -- Either of those couples and like the wife doesn't like they just did it moved out more than five million like they wanted me anything I think it happens to guys more than women. And I think has been surprised more so -- the mean she does. My girlfriend Selena was dating this guy for two years in -- -- them and they were happy I mean we went out to get all the time of the one -- he's not calling just out of the -- just don't -- more nothing until she called his parents should maybe it isn't I asked all the stuff. -- It isn't you know Ireland in the -- -- we could. Have been out. Look at you know due -- to laugh. When -- -- he was engaged actually to marry her and then just out of the blue and she said you know. But it it's not the right thing to do so we're done. I just quit. No nobody cheating. No scandal. Nothing she just one day and decided she didn't wanna be there. Hey play well that's gonna have into this chicken and know you're a big hit a real housewives of every county. Well this happened a portion of her and poured out married and then all of -- penny just like I'm done. Don't just quit BS featured -- -- so on last night's Matheson okay she has been implying. That he might be homosexual. -- I'm an anti quarterback -- Unity you're gonna do when. You're going to be what it be that the plug on the nothing else and he's a big news. I mean big but the but the we seem like they know his egg and I am wanting to show. Well anyway since she's been condom queen on the TV show him and she hinted that he might even have that. Committed acts of domestic abuse during a troubled -- Here's what she said OK so it's his holdings of candy that the girl now. She's a -- he never beat you -- And then port portion dinner saying thanks -- for time and this goes well. No he'd even be made that. But everybody gets shaken -- So he sugar they shook her. That's that's her claim here that's it led to give. Them. Do you think she's just -- though. And then that he just cold lost everything so suddenly that she's now name calling he could be gay used to -- and things like that. I think she made an all -- Other he wins really -- mean an elitist and he was crazy controlling and that show. He controlling. You know where you're like I'm not you know when to -- had a lockout -- You won't go with those people and he's mean. You python where -- I see Germany maybe get that collar -- -- is not Kordell Stewart was gay or Deanna. -- you shocked I was married. But as that. For me. Cutting edge. AMP we shot that he was mayor thinks the answer is that he has spent years fighting off gay rumors. I'm ready -- I don't know you lots slowly they can be seen anything for -- and I think Lee disease Sackett -- gaming. That's different from London and I don't know how to act in the and yeah yeah. Now either T shirt the Seahawks another man I could. Any indication that he's in demand at all what I do think is I think he's. He's just one of those men that are possessive. Of their women. You know. I mean it -- possessing. Yeah of course -- cute some of the Asia. As football it's the animal but I. -- of -- like. Yes a lot of -- Wake up with BJ and -- Weekday mornings I thirty did CNN Dallas 10 I.