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BJ & Jamie - Peyton Manning's Papa John's was robbed. (11/19)

Nov 19, 2013|

One of Peyton's pizza places was robbed during last weeks football game.


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PG and Jamie. Did you see this one of people who managed Papa John's got robbed during Sunday night's football game. Well one what are the Papa John's is owned by -- Peyton Manning I guess that they knew that he was on the field. And he wouldn't be inside the store -- pizzas -- excited to go and rob the store. I'm gonna go ahead and that think Peyton Manning's ever in the Papa -- -- OJ and I had this discussion all fair it and let's just throw something out there for. It was out and don't know maybe three weeks ago or so and they say that the sales for Papa John's piece here in the Denver area the 21 stores the Peyton Manning owns. Are up tremendously. Like 500. 600. -- -- He's finished. Now across the country all the other public job to -- They're not -- -- so well I mean they're okay but they're not doing as well as what these stores are doing is that Jamie asked that question. Those ridiculous. Thing. It comes from a certain guys. And specifically from the. I guess I I guess it's the I guess it's the people that live in those zones of where the Peyton Manning stores are. Apart Brad -- did not have picked up -- because this is the sales in in his stores alone just didn't missile -- our way -- Compared to everybody else -- that they. I am I'm worried about Peyton. I am that I'm concerned let me tell you this okay so I just sciences and law enforcement officials say. Thanksgiving travelers. Should not put their home address on their luggage tags because thieves use the information to locate homes they can break into it because. They know that you're let me just read their you know home. It also says. They and that feeds are scouring the Internet for people saying well look I'm at a town -- attempt to break into the house's right. Patent and have a AMT -- we always know where is on Sunday to. Protect -- And easily. Well the if you think about that you and I might have the same problem. As people. We have people who watch downforce people -- -- don't even try. To do. But we didn't -- -- -- -- does I'm Sherri it's why. -- -- its place I'm sure it's well did in his pocket to its -- puppet John -- I don't get this when it's got to be personal Kansas City -- They don't say in the report if that happened after the game. After the team's loss isn't a teeth and so I think it's achieves fame and look for somebody in a red already. That team's logo on it you're probably -- -- -- -- think -- it -- ride it was actual store. It was an actual store. A diocese to people wearing masks. Rain into the store and abandoned -- Papa John's by the way does not carry a lot of money inside the scope or just about every transaction is don't -- credit card you're not gonna get much not a lot of -- Doubly true as sharply on other shows up. -- a lot of -- But could -- -- -- -- they got away wouldn't I did the keys. I did the difficulty it's. It's. Comments on -- feel this is this. It was the only hit it. That's a and we have entered the stopped to speak to them connected. On the so. -- collegiate student. Aliens aren't there what's going on yet -- -- wouldn't it. -- -- -- -- -- They thought oh here's a lot of dope. I can't. Funny the moon we are giddy mood. I -- -- -- -- -- immediately be a co worker. Who right now a code word and that word is well. He hey -- TH WE -- LTH. Is well. Today is that Alice when a 59 to accomplish it and BE a LTH -- -- you 1000 minute what are you gonna do next. The other and we got a couple of options here in the marriage thing. -- you would do the tax. We'll play a song will put the. -- -- -- the upgrading. Our main. Views to the puppy in the back and the club in the bag story. That's crazy -- -- and where we've got a more. We get -- some of the stuff -- some of them are rudimentary amount. Wake up with BJ and -- Weekday mornings I was thirty Dejan Dallas 10 I.