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BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash- Turkey, Black Friday, Baldwin. (11/19)

Nov 19, 2013|

What kind of turkey are you having? Black Friday has already started and Alec Baldwin is off his rocker.


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PG and Jamie. AM news today. Bacon flavored candy canes. -- I'm just -- in this article says there's a bacon flavored candy canes are coming now. Vegan organic jeans. Don't know for want them together. Well crazy with the making the Dickens out of control did you see that the picture of the Turkey and it's wrapped in bacon Turkey wrapped in bacon yeah. Doughnuts bacon -- and Jimmy Garros and wait can you put meat on any action that are. You know -- cross contamination in people do it all the time with the likes hamburgers. What I think they stepped in and sat the kids that with a column. That's. Got stuffed. I don't know what could they put you -- chicken and. It's called it Tur duck in a turn and it's a Turkey lit led ducking and it with a -- in inside the duck. -- -- -- like a dirty word and they need to rapidly bacon can be it but to her -- can make it. A baby and then. Why would you want to ducked inside your Turkey I can you wanna really fouled -- That was beautiful up you know I am right there mister. And and. Did you heat your home that's. Going to be your look at that you're never gonna -- that we don't know I felt good yeah -- Thank you so yeah. Good day we'll see you back here tomorrow yeah. You know I'm I'm not. And so I'm sorry she's just I love the united and in. I was digital tablet -- how do we do -- please let's did act. There's not a lot out there well there's not a whole lot to that and a lot of it is about Black Friday are ready and not really -- -- -- one day a woman is I began camping outside of the best buy. Already it's nine days until black Friday. Night -- -- She is there. I don't get to camp out and I never half. The iphones you know I mean I just don't get it. She as she wants to be the first to take advantage of Black Friday sales the woman has shares in the umbrella. She's not telling others what she's buying. Does she realize that the best sales happen after December 1 I didn't really happen on Black Friday it's been proven. And you know what's funny is that I saw a list and it basically says exact trailers and yet the best sales happened about ten days before Christmas. Yes. Because that it's it's time to liquidate to getting your -- up and to find out if they're behind in sales or whatever they marked down prices. So she's done. In a -- 1980 needs a hobby. She's already camping out. Alan Ball is talking about his ex wife -- and they are divorced and 2002. Why is claiming are now he's just getting weirder and weirder. -- did the -- we -- Alec Baldwin was -- -- for six years instead it was all because of his divorce from Kim Basinger and yet she felt -- plant and she she sure did. Let's hear he evidently about a split from his ex wife during an interview. -- quote he's as that was very painful in so far is someone who I that was wasn't capable of certain kind of behavior wound up being. I don't know at that -- as -- as he thought she would be evil during the divorce does that relieve. He thought it was going to be an easy. Separation easy divorce now we're gonna go our own ways somebody's gonna fight over any thing but you. Didn't have to break any basically says that I guess that are fighting for six years. Right and it would kept -- no wonder he's so bitter. Home. Yeah I it was a bus a bus to the castle. Once it was a custody -- what's a bus to the castle well that's another word for bitter custody battle. -- -- Well there really bad publicity cancel an. Just like really Marines on the -- we got back from -- yeah. That's the hash tag of the day bus city castle Mario shorenstein each week that it Astec bustling Cassel -- the is and listen to what we're talking about but we don't care. And for six years they're in a bitter custody battle. And he says he doesn't remember those holes six years he said he doesn't remember what projects he was working on anything sentences consumed him. Well. I -- asking give dinner but they don't like erase your mind. Let me just like that that it was a complete mind a racer for six years. Well I -- could reach him you do idea because of those moments like I just think about this as we -- doing the tree last night. I don't remember that first year that my -- and I because we were alone in a for the first time. And the tree you know that seven I was renting down there and Broadway or whatever yeah and I don't even. You were going through some tough stuff by you know odd yeah union and I don't really remember what the -- look like. Well I never went through that some Indian -- had. Medium pace began at the tip ODP last night as it is a monster truck Garza is an act. I got these because all my stuff was still in LAL the Christmas decorations new study go to Kmart is not -- an answer to cars to decorate. But you know. I don't remember like a just -- -- I'm I'm pretty similar to -- yeah -- as -- -- -- kind of hit -- you shouldn't do it. It's like it's a breath he blacked out because it was so. Horrible. Mean when they called me that. Remember like weird things like when I got a letter from his attorney seeing the police are gonna come and pick up my son. An AMBER Alert -- issued yeah remembers stuff like that you have those Jewish. I remember a lay on the stairs calling. Song on bawling my eyes have seen those since then -- -- -- -- you can't ya know. -- And the worst part is is that you just consumed by thinking about that and so you don't that's why you don't remember anything else because you don't remember thinking about anything yet I was suspend those whole years thinking about the -- and right what do I gotta do and how gonna get him out of Salem and where we keep it Ottawa airport when I do it. Indian. The same way -- can. -- this again as well. It just -- always think about how -- -- -- where they have what they -- -- however is the paperwork was the money how I pay for how -- keep the wins the next day when I do how we're gonna talk to -- let me talk to him. That's all you did. He's -- he's soda -- on it was weird -- here on fire today he. Because it was like he was my brain that I was gone through Newton. I remember my brain and you just trying to get a margin -- went to India -- work paper everywhere. Amber and I never went through congress. I did not have any of that whatsoever I just kind of walked up the door went to -- place she kept her place. Excellent team split right down this swell not a metal front. Split it well -- in -- it give it. Let me I guess if I would've given it would happen that. Yeah -- but there was no like just there was none of the kids stuff that's that's that's the difference that money is money you know but kids' stuff as a -- and from Borg. Because what you do custody value as soon as like -- old emails from 1910 when you first met him you know like trying to -- and yeah. It -- work everywhere and everywhere ha score and salad -- one story really relates around here went condemn him. And then I'm sure reluctantly. -- and you have. He says yeah I spent a ludicrous amount of money. And it didn't prevail. I just thinking happy thoughts now in new in Fiat -- -- noon -- Wake up with -- and see each weekday mornings drives thirty Dejan Dallas --