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BJ & Jamie - The little things that make you crazy! (11/19)

Nov 19, 2013|

There are some thing you need to know about someone before you marry them.


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PG and Jamie. All right now you've been putting it on useless for about a week I have bill. This place you have there's this whole marriage thing in and it seems like every time we get a chance yet there were about to do its. -- a reason why we don't because it might cause some problems you said. Today it was a day where you are. Yeah relationship problem actually guys saw that there. Are so they're still listening to the back burner for a while Sosa exactly what is it. I took all of these. Ernesto wherever they talked about how you know money sacks. Children all that. Yes those are are huge issues in a marriage without -- -- -- but what they said is there are these late but this 35 and nine and beyond. There are specific. Things. On I did eat today eighth and it today. Situation. That will set you over the heads. And making snow angry at your partner. That you need to work these things out before you get married okay and they're very very important and they see all the time on the couch where. Women are minimum. OK so you did in your relationship for about eight months and I don't really like. In that marriage we feel like we're married stage I'd minimally decent. Fifteen years or so -- sell. A. So these things that you need to figure out there aren't so get mad because it it will drive each other. Four I think it's already too late for us but -- but nevertheless we think is an excellent analyst with that Audi B. And we don't care up as a bit like that to a neighbor over under can give a rats but -- I don't care you know -- It's barely ever on the -- how he just sits on the calendar. It drives me crazy OK so is he crazy and some can drive me crazy due to -- and the one that puts it on the role. Most of that's OK okay so I'm I'm the one that doesn't it's not effort you're okay. No hole and heard complaining about it and just simply saying that it kind of bugs me just a little bit that that. It's not put on the wrong. So I go into the media -- so that's something -- can send everybody over the -- matier. Dishes in the sink to silk quote unquote overnight. Or -- have to be cleaned up before you bet on mom and powerhouse. A lot of times they sit. Overnight but as soon as I get home I'll clean kitchen. Admit it's a good idea to know if if if visas or so now now I think you're asking me though is this is is that. Does that bother her or does bother me enough that it causes a problem that's in the relationship all the okay. No it does not okay -- we have a set way of doing it I do at all as far as pitching us any. No that doesn't bother -- what I know this list is accurate because I think until he went Imus meant the end. And Monday I am ex husband he just flipped on -- and it was announced. And he said she. -- I didn't know respond during a moment. And it's on the. Yeah he's been million something he's been harboring and holding onto you know as a. I didn't and -- They get to that point does a lot of problems going on anti Clinton. It's the little things that chance that you with the introduction of even even all of that -- mean these are real. It's that day. If you've got you know something that you work spouse does sir your girl from portrait. Whatever if if that person does something that just drives you nuts or something sent 30322. Miles 3032225423. I so that is and that's on the let's hear. Again with a toothpaste bullet from the bottom -- squeeze it in the middle Imus and the middle squeeze their. I'm a squeeze your but it doesn't bother either one must I didn't ask them okay so that's not really a deal breaker. This winter as Nina it's because I refuse to do this towels once org tells multi times and in Washington. I'm a week you'd we did this about this member of a onetime -- user you are -- is when I'm OK so your girlfriend. Lisa isn't a one time towel user will not -- second -- It makes me feel yucky for me hangs up his talent after him after he died company things are meant to for I promised to -- If you pull Shaw told us just -- -- and uses his like ten times before he ever washes it and -- yeah it's crazy. And us. That's fine. It doesn't usually talk to partner about if there had brain man which means to wife or your husband or whatever to be. Is do certain things have to be certain brands yes. Absolutely. Yes she has -- certain brands up not me as there are certain yet few things for me. But it's more so for her. There are certain things she likes and she wants that -- Really peanut butter and he's asking me a certain brand and I did -- now there's certain bread that we get in the needs to be never she'd. -- offer anything right yeah that's what she likes. And I know I know that's what she likes potato chips. Certain -- I got to bring almost certain -- registered generic ships move. Not good at that couples even by whoever what brand of paper on the back. I could see that. I could see where you get to cheap stuff it's a problem. I think -- -- a double tripled while I think it does a better job weeks leading instead to smear. Hello friends I play him in his Grossman. And we had despite the at a -- to not fight and back at what point is the garbage bag too full of stuff more traction it. That's a big what. That -- they would and they complete stop stuffing and I think it's I'm just got out and I just do -- I know he's like. I would do it but it seemed like I had one morgues. And you've got he got them all but done their regional beyond ours just -- -- an income taxes alone. But you're not -- in view over compact did then just breaks the back up half so there's a certain point. And we always what it's like to get out no I'm gonna come back not taken out not a good back in the bag -- He has a thing where he thinks he can take weren't Ireland only down. Doesn't and what are the little things to drive me crazy 3032203032225423. Will have a Nokia added -- What do you you mentioned one welfare of the sport oh you have a punch him. What animus of -- -- to you need to figure out but before you get married are you guys activity vacationers or EU. Allegedly on the beach with the umbrella vacationers umbrella on the beach do not -- -- activity I do not and. Think it maybe goes scuba diving once but that's it not -- Just sit lie there like a beached whale every day I mentioned to you. Good the bad thing because I think that's a big thing for some people what they did that some couples -- to -- one person that loves and wants the -- made every day. But on the other side if there's that person like me. That. But never made to benefited have to. What's weird about me this is really weird. I'm making it before I get an. Who do that you don't know and love and accept that she -- big damage I have made I have to haven't made for again and it but I only get. You know I just make it -- for the bed like four minutes before you met which is weird that. So right now the bad Systemax ads coming. At all. I hate to -- people actually sent a sleeping and get up every morning and when they get out of bed the first thing they do is make their bed who aren't as he could throw and I think are all ex military and they put back and they put everything back on. Just as if that -- -- the only time hours looks that way as when housekeeper comes at via -- -- apologist in a corner for hammered ultimatums over to a Scioscia. -- contract I think -- -- response no my team and another one is there rule about the remote no matter what does he always get -- -- are you glad to have their mouth. -- comfortable by the un and and and -- with what they'll let them like yeah. It's almost like the downstairs TV is mind yet -- listeners. And that's kind of the rule yes there is not a role but it's kind of the rule but if for some reason I'm out of the house and she can get Kardashians on. Downstairs then I have a really hard time getting the TV back. I let me just tell you -- two more and then you can add -- cause you real fast -- you fold the clothes should they be put away or is located just pulled from the basket of clean close. I don't put a -- I'm -- throw more on the calendar. Just to come out as you wanna. We have we have a -- -- clothes she has got on to me last night we I have a stack of my clothes on account right now. That's probably three feet high. The delivery room. I have I have. And where I put all the clean laundry and yeah the door and I wait for the a lot of buried he needed them and then held the door and they never counted it -- we and I. And we do need income. -- put. -- away because that's -- gratification. In the world should find them laundry -- -- -- you know been hard deepens and then of Basilan -- last hoses. He's OK for him to clippers toenails in the living room know who go. That's never a member of the current -- we're gonna draw the line without -- yeah no no that's disgusting disgusting we'll take a quick break we'll take these calls so Amy can't see who else are you rubber room all all -- streamlining our. It into itself like Joseph do you. We'll take your calls next. Wake up. And -- weekday mornings at 530 -- palace where I.