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BJ & Jamie - The little things that make you crazy! Part 2 (11/19)

Nov 19, 2013|

Part 2. There are some thing you need to know about someone before you marry them.


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-- Little things in your relationship did get nerves. Forget this aluminum is that I need to discuss first intention at this news for you get married. All that drives her nuts like I knew that our dad because I get so much earlier than she does. He won't he just said it went -- just what I want what I need to call that you do it why didn't you got yourself. Think -- it's fun to. Did torture myself. Amy number one -- -- And Barney hi -- the little things. -- coming out and he well use the restroom and not leave me and -- are looking. Well -- we are all and people sitting there and tell them. Everyone -- when he does that to me actually propelled world and you roll on it cello. I'd like a little reminder of hate telling me -- and the. And I got I didn't think about Alan -- -- tell your partner that does not. Part it's -- nice but it is they -- to tell anybody go to some more -- thing in case there's there's not enough of an -- and know hey you might bring -- doesn't. -- All right the result is that they be one need to do by Amy. And it. And we've been together she's always got a laundry he. Or urged to do a lottery ticket like -- it. So that -- and both looked at -- knowledge absentee up count the I'd mr. -- and wait and because she thought -- in the spotlight yet. Won't should be my -- you are complaining over house slippers he's in his house where else do you -- house slippers. A lot of people have the house slippers a lot of it's not -- acts. -- -- -- -- It is nice to go put your house slippers on his -- well -- IG move don't you think. And I thought. I'm never dated a man slippers but I. -- -- -- -- You don't have slivers of the that in. He should win and slippers she gets a little. Yeah you heard the now I probably have like a pair breached any idea I have a pair for many hotel I stay in -- That I'm. Amy thank you AB have you ever made at a hotel has its moments and at one time and I -- -- I mean you. I'm on India -- they have slivers of motel six I get out and that many hotel lives. Right. And her. They daily. Good morning. Little exit she over the with -- And then it could have been delighted that it etiquette and -- when he -- out. He ever in the -- -- -- It drives me and him saying. He read it like I can't even -- it means. That. -- -- -- I don't like Aaron back and it is like -- -- -- -- -- you know like how it got out shared what should. T want to think so deadly. Accident -- -- who's gonna get the kids. I I I've never did that somebody get upset over -- UROCD. A little bit about and it -- -- how cute is that all right Eric quite. I like it at night and you orbits like pitchers that. And you know I've got to swing has that same problem with his partner. And it -- can happen in your stool. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ads on -- that's all. The anti and -- I completely get it -- to get me wrong JB had gotten that yet your diet sign yet -- and you ready. He sat angry spirit the way he looks and everything out. Yeah I mean they. Hard and then he's. That good I'm not gonna say -- -- -- -- but these. Are. I didn't -- and then once. He doesn't even put it legally. He would sit back and -- -- makes the -- Yeah. In Atlanta. Well -- you know I -- because he has -- trained. -- -- yeah he she trained and seeing. Calls a woman complain. And. -- you are saying that sometimes I should over the adds that he is trying to -- -- -- I read that right now that I have a job they'll hopefully. But it mark maybe now. This is your fault and this is why this list is is so important begins at work these things out before you get married and time limits on coming am new to contribute the and enjoy life and he -- -- more let's get a police only. Are you seeing. Not sure it and I had -- let -- Oh. God I'm like where it's important repudiate diet. I'm I do politicking. It's and they cannot predict. Heard of politicians. And he'll do the dishes -- -- do you -- I have to figure out how to keep count the top row at all types. And he will count the glass says nine time. Altimeter watch him at first I thought I would seem. And it'll count them nine times and help organize them by small. Medium. Large and then I copycat all the handle their faith in the same way. I'm not a court and a box and -- -- this is this is actually he has actually a mental disorder it is and we can't get get. This is seeking medication and is severe severe OCD -- bad yeah yes. Feel -- -- 200 what can BOT BR. Because like with that but if I grab a glass out of there. When it's done it's it's it's to drag. And they keep our league and I get up in the morning and there's -- laughs it's the kids or whatever stick out a lot out of there you'll come down and you'll start treating. Why did you take back. Cut out there is not ready either in patriots are ready to go in every cut out. Re watching it and I'm not touch until they're back and cover. You're not allowed touches this is my -- on errands. A lot of when he does the laundry. Plus it forty -- but but but but. -- since there's a problem that this isn't like a funny wacky like what we're like now -- bad heard. You get this is really mean he has a medical -- you wait and see you'd need you guys need to go to. It's like which is the one as that their MD. Psychologist or second college psychology I. Tells -- he started and therapy. -- is going to get a credit at -- think we have a big problem. Probably. Medical front -- I think he needs some -- some tablets that don't need yeah he's some rules and he needs some little -- -- to -- off. But I will give him what are you should ignore. Our -- will give you want to O'Meara guy. And that's why -- it. -- at least it unless he gets medication -- screw you over a cup. She's into an Italian because she's not understanding that he's having him until. You know it really isn't. -- -- would be alarmed object of alarm like five or six I don't like what are you doing. I'm -- and then I'm talking consult about Mike what do you say nothing. Cardinal. Dario. Dario -- older and things -- -- wrote the hour. Why how god. Save the best for last. Wow I take him as a golf and pulled away. Good -- shoot where -- wedding date. -- -- -- -- of the 1213 fourteen below and he's designed it that -- 1213. Who is. This is really not anti TV he's suffering. He really. At -- she suffered. Serious there isn't any -- -- and only get dark. Of the other stuff like this written columns moon numbered. And remember -- my girlfriend came downstairs at 2 am and she was straightening out all the hassles on my mind runs in. -- mean it really -- I really didn't about it. That's seriously play. I can't what you're saying it's a serious situation but what do you until somebody doesn't wanna go. Why I -- they don't understand that it's a serious situation how do you get them to might be somewhere and get medicine. I think you get my ultimate. You mean -- and you get help you get you know Oakland's number or on the -- and it's really freedom to live. Noon. -- anything. On. -- -- -- 00 with a cookie -- to be ready at an out of the house and everything I'm doing -- -- Because Tina everybody's come his entire families into my house and giving I'll listen what Architectural Digest home when he's talking about. What all of his entire failing national civics -- hearing optimism during that the -- -- all haley's got to my hopes for the holidays holiday yeah Thanksgiving. And and tune out all the tonight what is beautiful amazing Architectural Digest home like I wanna get in the refrigerator I called somebody Sebring get -- -- -- -- -- Today I need an area around grew. You -- dining rooms and even a beautiful blue these what are you doing -- never really had not decorate any new dining room. Anthony Grant you need medications when she gained a lead paint I know yeah -- easily said what. If I knew it was going to be this much of a stress than we want -- giving them. Time for the didn't judge me in my house Sean and he doesn't understand that. I want to mark something down -- cadets can. Right down January 2 -- and it's under that -- ready to January 2 2000 all of this is important. 20141000. If this man makes it with -- through the holidays to January 2 2014. He's mister right. From its post. Race show but other holidays -- February 2 he's a man. A lot of people can relate to what I'm saying a lot of people all recent -- you know you're you're meeting everybody the whole family for the first time. You want your house to be architecturally digest prepared all right right now because you could you judge for the first time ever. Peace is going through. The holidays with Jamie why I've just given him -- January 2. I know this happened just sample that's the make or break including these events is rendered a joy. And it's. Wake up with BJ and 530 -- and our sport I.