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BJ & Jamie - No more relationship talk, talk. (11/19)

Nov 19, 2013|

Bj is catching heat and says he will not talk relationship anymore on the show...


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-- I don't know where it happens. And let's -- I don't think so horribly wrong this morning and grow old. Alleged incident is a very quickly here before we get back to. Held. Horribly wrong things -- and we listened to him and we -- and I want to someone when. You step. I think that we do we do it you can say anything about anyone ever again. Because I think that's what we're hitting get somewhere with what thinks I agree with the occasional let's just never ever mention ever. No more relationships stuff on the show right and that's what god we're the cause it just makes good moment. And we don't mean anything by it we really don't and -- I'd. It's on the -- level and already there are in trouble could. You know what it is and it's my fault it's not her fault it's not her fault okay yeah. Well I agree I agree -- is sometimes when I say things they come out wrong. I don't really think you throw ended it paints a bad -- -- -- okay I'm amid considerate at times again this. Know of for example one thing about all these long. Something about it I was shares amount fattening said the neuron but like last night I said. Oh my dad you know return a Thanksgiving I'm like Alan I have to be like perfect egg for your family there but he isn't too worried that decreased my house. A couple of that's supposed to -- Right we -- things wrong all the time. Rule what do you mean he was just simply saying that they're used to Howell simple. He lives. Hell I just it was only you're trying to juice things up to look like and bring in magazine I went into the and he was just simply saying how -- way to -- This is a big problem what did he say roe was like well because my house is like mower. -- and you know the board decorate. Anything as simple as saying don't worry about your house and -- there is some fine. And he's he lives as single man. So you're thinking that he's comparing your house to his single -- -- said don't worry about is like. Don't worry about you know to do if things that politically is to my house and all. I think I posted the other night John -- I was really mad at him because I did the last emperor that. Non shares saying that you're beautiful. And what well. You -- saying you would do in the mantel and you'd kind of hurt your back a little bit near saint as a and getting world and he says all -- you all but at least you're still beautiful and to me that's a wonderful thing to say I agree yeah I own them. You're still you'd get your beautiful. Beautiful what you have to you have to focus on that that's what I mean. I don't know why you're mad read the exact same age. Because I don't know why but it just did. Not off. You did you aren't old. He's put British teenager was a joke kids that we are all we did it was funny. Re getting old together that's what he -- All that and you're not but that's what he meant so loving way of saying we're getting old together your beautiful isn't it. I think that was a lovely audience I think I might even use that -- -- releases like. Well you know if your flexible. -- -- -- Tony it -- damned if we do and damned if we don't ask guys we relax or are we not show on. We're damned if we do in you've admitted dad Jamie yeah you know on -- semi. What we're just guys we do stupid things some times. Fully get it we say things wrong. Just accept it for that. Let the other day out just tell -- announcements Dublin -- a candidate Lisa and then. Honest most of means Imus does -- these friends of mine that got a little just to. Because somebody is committed he's -- -- was funny so so they're walking into the avalanche came right. And there's these girls from shotgun -- until about different. -- of the so I have these friends and they are walking minutes couple hand in hand now and there's these girls from shotgun Willie's hand announced three you know little carts. They were free admission card street if you bring your -- ticket. I get into the strip club. So the girl I -- damn my friend one of these and says hey -- this is for free admission -- shotgun Willies and I got -- be funny and goes. Are you VIP member I didn't pretty. -- The global. Which he's not but he be funny and she. Because I was there a -- guy -- -- She's the girl responded like. Yeah like she knew this -- ball is still did yeah which didn't go overwhelming win. Our friend's girlfriend I can men soul -- It is good there before or is it really I was joking Brad and I didn't Adalius explain how she's joking -- and in the boxing them you. Now who she doesn't not only Bambi doesn't know me and god. Now it she. Didn't see what I -- I hope that but it he would we heard. Ugly -- got explain does this girl trying to light. What machine that would -- just like that like oh yeah I know you yeah that's Johnson's most importantly to me yeah yeah. She believes you did not mean our bread. -- ever believe you are friend. About. Did today. We're not talking about a school or any more on the show. I haven't abortion and I'm. Sure a CB. Like what -- I got it. You get a little bit but they're proud of the -- like. Yeah and I. And you're right yeah. Did -- not obliged. By. Our friend doesn't know -- right -- my god is not. So -- -- just one word and yeah. I got to do now I just think again. Don't we have that did not do anything anymore I don't know what to say that tiptoeing around the daisies. I wake up with Vijay and. Weekday mornings tries thirty Dejan -- 10 I.