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BJ & Jamie - Producer Sean's spelling challenge #12. (11/21)

Nov 21, 2013|

Sean finally wins some cash!


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-- How GO WEEI. UGI bill. And I know. Oh wouldn't that commercial I think you -- on every. Yeah he did us. I listened -- high stepping they're doing really good warm. -- outside and what not today suburban papers Allenby -- second great style yeah that's you can that's not along with his TV get these right now each one of these -- designed swallows. It was worth five dollars. Turkey cash her kids. And I was on the today Turkey can. Yeah -- calling it that you never won a -- I know when I'm I've labeled it Turkey Castano case competence. He labeled -- My cheat mind my list where's your phone. In my pocket. You make sure just make sure that she might even have let -- because I know that your girlfriend even try. Yes Lisa try to just -- you the warriors the last -- Police. Put up the way I think even have like a little Morse code like. She might hit it twice like me I mean if it's at the denying that the global network activity and a man. Then to bring that up -- to -- -- -- last you have I don't know you achieve with the you don't want was I don't know if you've turned that phone elected -- Hulu goes out on site actions but the money yours and -- and a -- Maybe she finds his practices attracted. A the highlight on -- and their children's. Lives. Maybe should I physically we know I don't know I don't know I don't I don't know I -- ready I'm ready ice and is approximately seven you know he's in -- -- and here are a few of his words. Dynamic. Two point. Folks she's just. And dynamic dynamic yet. This dynamic. DYNAMIC. I'm very yeah. -- serious. -- -- -- -- Well I don't know around ten dollars is that what five or ten and then I don't know what you -- doing. Well this guidance to a 50 yeah. This sport and you have a case of any of my music worth playing OK. Hygiene. Looked hygiene. And has. No idea how -- T. Boy that's gotten. -- HYGUNE. And. And doesn't matter. I -- You mean. -- there -- can't since it's could there with the herd is this game the snapping right. -- -- Like Jeanne in your body not the gene on your leg. Oriented jeans jeans. And I do and doesn't and I tournament than either. And why he's -- as -- I don't Wear and that's with a JE eight and I asked. -- does that noted that he got from. This is the kind of money oriented just you know I genes like -- anybody is GE and yet. Let that dissolve itself hi Jean never mind that remind him -- -- it. And nobody knows why that I is that nobody coming eyes and -- -- and nobody gets it Coker come onshore Turkey -- -- any number. Solar and and then there's a reason why these words there will -- it in just you. And -- I'm sorry. Policy cat out of the bag it bats bat. The DA. EC. HLO -- -- EL OR and ELR. Yeah. Next you -- Well. -- yesterday on the screen here units when call landing put the word bachelor. He's double BT. Well that's ten and I had spelled first up IPC president. That's only people that I really want to TV. We all know nobody got it -- because he starts out. And I did yeah cracked is that he did is ironic and I always want that tee and -- and then benetton's. He he is empty and. Proposal. Thrill pull easel. The proposal of the recently. Proposed well proposal. -- SEL. Yeah. I've gone. Back on the gravy train and -- to do. -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'm I'm I'm -- 50%. You apply books I thought that he read them right to the end. And load her around the Caribbean some call it Caribbean and I don't think again he can pronounces and it's -- -- -- religion and Edward and that. It's like coupon coupons. Yet one more often you know often. I know that either ways acceptable and be in the -- even if it or not. I'd kinda clear -- and so I think you can repeat in its duty coupon. That fills me. Does that he'll. Elect shall not right seat Caribbean. -- JP. RR I BI. Health health club and an important and so he has says PRI. Asked him into the part of its CE RP. IE DEA and. You thank you gentlemen thank you name back to zero do math and Turkey delicious looking good that. And the like spam thing. Sometimes they ask you end up with Iraq. I think I'm not a quality -- And you know I feel for whatever reason he should never again holiday. Newton and not parsley if that's been written. Partially. It's -- I have no clue in this who we are not regularly shot nice -- and PAR. TI a LLY. One more attitude -- one mourns the one more I think we should be one boards 56. And a good Turkey with ten dollars can be fifteen bucks. Fifteen dollars. You think you can. -- -- Ankle. Let the NE NT LE yeah. -- -- Millions of money on us. You are you proud day. John. Me. How. CO WP. IC IO. And I know her true. Wake up with Vijay and -- weekday mornings I thirty Dejan palace where I.