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BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash- Cyber Mon- Kardashian X-mas card-Biebers new tattoo. (12/2)

Dec 2, 2013|

Today is Cyber Monday, and the Kardashian's put out their 2012 Christmas card and it is very odd. And JB got a new Tat!


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-- easy celebrity gossip and so he's just entertainment news this. Sometimes it's true he's tabloid -- -- 109. Yeah and you. AM again 130 million -- gonna shop today online at work. Is it's the most wasted day of work ever ever and ever end of the year. I over the weekend countryside that -- locker. He died over the weekend. Forty years it was forty in you know the guy and -- the movies he was on -- theories here. He was actually just filming I think the fourth segment or something and fast and furious you know. Great looking guy he's a little weird scene though the we have Brendan you know him being part of fast and furious and so we went out. Well yeah especially since some of his quotes were if I ever die -- fast don't cry for me and hand in hand the person that was my son on FaceBook. Some of those weird -- you have. He's he refuses. -- was disgorged at least piercing blue eyes just really. Amazingly that's come -- -- and if you saw his portion of the weekend it was actually his buddies there's nothing left debit. Nothing it was what it was like have hired next to a tree. I almost left and it was weird to me that that little -- three to break up that's that fortunately delightful event. They did -- light -- till you're right I mean those seemed just eight it was an opportunity he had he just crushed squished together. And then caught on fire and it was just like I said all he could identify with it. -- And now they're saying. That they believe that that it is -- -- and an exotic sports car went Paul Walker violently died crashed as a result of the mechanical failure. They say it was a steering fluid leak them. Yeah this according to his sources close tied to the auto shop where the vehicle was stored and maintained. Sources connected to her. Say that they Wear a fluent bursts. On the sidewalk. And a fluid trailed for the skid marks at the accident scene. Ouch yeah -- and that's not and I guess a guy driving the car was about to pull into the garage. The -- -- walks up to the cards as I've never driven a portion before. And it until the guys -- will get and let's go for right. And that's how it all occurred he writes yeah just just weird. There isn't noticeable absence of skid marks until just before the point of impact. They say if Roger had lost control to skid marks and show swerving but instead the -- -- in a straight line they feel that this. Cements that theory the driver didn't have any steering control. Just boom it's gone and that the fire spread so quickly in the front of the car. It would have been lower where the engine is in the rear and so that they get just that that fluid tests. Wasn't he also in the middle of club but doing fast and furious number seven or supplement them yeah I said -- -- -- Izturis feminist right I think it's seven ranked in Afghanistan a ton of those. Yep so it's business. And then you know what happened is really bad news and it happened what. Was that there is as big soccer game it was the UK took on Chelsea Newton and in the middle of the soccer game they accidentally played them. Apollo locker commercial where is in a deep enough commercial yeah. Cool waters or whatever it is it's even -- Cologne and he's the star and it. -- -- -- He's just died. And I think it was him I don't she told the commercial that they thought that you said it's not like it's like. You know something really mad at me he shot the commercially he wanted to be a part of that Hitler really upset. And you know those brits get upset and then he was good timing and let me ask you this did you card -- Christmas and I did. Every year that one out. I usually can't do it is a good. Men who. Don't you candidates he would -- I don't know -- it's it's like they did I kind of vacancies circuit -- and I think. It you know it's a dog and pony show up by the Ubuntu and a -- group you and I'll just in the same color and it's. I hate to say this usually it's classy hate to say sorry. But usually it is classy they all dress same color and it's going down the stairs of their home well this year it's. -- -- Like circus people and then. No I -- why did they find it necessary that they release a Christmas card to the public every year. I mean who else does that you don't TV you know Ozzy Osborne -- -- Does the president doesn't yet Ikeda -- you know just to set the stage but who else asked him. Can click on it sun coming navy petty blue Buscemi does -- can remember they get a car -- yeah yeah. You say this theme is what what is. Dollar signs everywhere mariners. Me it's almost a little features -- -- -- -- and again. In this -- I didn't get Christmas out of there's no Christmas and now is -- -- mannequin parts everywhere and money here. -- Kanye West will not be in the Christmas is not losing invited journalists he decline and that it will regret. They said that that led the card ash into ruin Christmas. For every one of the focal. Oh well for this isn't ruined my Christmas yet. As an incidence is not it's just not big presidency. They've ruined Christmas for every one home. But it's really wanted to -- and against him. And answer period that they have going on their. Ice and he's not the Christopher this -- what -- -- They think it's the stars is trying to get all Academy Award winners for the next episode. So there the first person -- talking -- is -- is more than Loudon is a Winger examiner. She's not. Know what. -- and it's gonna bring her way down her status and she's super extra hard. United superstar you gotta get Pelosi and dean -- says it is ready -- Academy Award winner Steve Kirstie -- again. This UN Academy Awards now but you gotta get our current. I. -- I she's like the three time runner isn't -- I don't know if I don't think to gonna get all Academy Award winners I don't see Clint Eastwood I don't see you know those people out there yeah I don't either. And if they -- career than I can get Ashley Judd probably not gonna get out there. But they say -- is thinking about it I disagree I don't think she's even thought about it I -- museum and. No they're afraid to approach or whether it. I'm Justin Bieber. He began American tattooed on his Canadian body yeah yeah. And high. You -- In Jesus and yes. Justin Bieber -- is that Canadian -- yet in the way of and the tattoo of his senior got a symbol of American pride. -- -- -- -- Then. That's fantastic Justin. He's getting -- linked up. Isn't seeing -- -- -- his face. He's gonna do wouldn't -- lieutenant solution would be -- -- -- -- and he's gonna pull one of those that kind of Chris brown and Chris Brown has some of the -- around his neck. He won't go as far as Tyson but he'll do the street the street -- stuff that and is -- yet he had so high. Will be busy start to look like such a little boy yeah that -- -- some waves you know like ocean waves here. Wake up with Vijay and see us weekday mornings at 530 -- Dallas 105 and.