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BJ & Jamie - Bj & Jamie on a Stick!! (12/2)

Dec 2, 2013|

Sean took BJ and Jamie with him over the weekend... On a stick!


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And Jamie. And elevated Jamie I don't know how I feel about this whole beating Jamie understood things. But yeah. Don't know where he came from I don't know what it. Over the weekend as Sonnen is as lovely wife CNET -- BJ and I missed a pin and took this out with them noon -- we have Thanksgiving with only went down at Christmas tree let them. There's a picture of -- they're taking a hike in the woods and I guess he wrote upon smoky -- the air it and there's a picture of us should smokey the bear and then. You know us up by a by the Christmas tree that he cut down which I don't understand that when either. Because you get a -- permit and you drive two hours to go get a treat you come back with a four footer. And the elderly that he did they get like -- Charlie Brown -- can you go you go to permit you dropped out works should no doubt the smallest tree in the forest. The -- is like twenty bucks. A lot of hot and -- -- people. I don't know about you won't know it and it permits only ten dollars and we got the tree we want it we just want a little five and a half six litre. And acted on the back a little see this is like fishy okay it's eight. The small ones thank you don't take the big ones and have matured and grown so he should have read like a 23 footer and let the little baby when in the -- -- And it is kind of right and it's like CC you know the problem he's brought back what's the problem. My wife wanted to take the -- And we were not about to tie a -- to the roof of the Cuba. So we got to treat that would fit inside that little tiny car with four people -- -- my -- Now I have a picture of that where it looks like that tree has exploded inside of our car. But that was why we got a little and. Plus you'll want -- right -- because you really want to little tree and we wanted to take the cube. Room on. But none of that but do you understand -- for us none of reasoning makes any sense at all I guess. People on the tube to go get it treatable fit inside the tube with four people and it's it was more about the adventure then the tree -- is it a lot of. I'd like to talk about this morning is so it was time to -- that you you have is did will be -- what's gonna happen you know being. You have this like into their heads there singing Christmas carols and although Stefan in the next thing you know they're arguing about patent that I am tree into the Q now. Or what vehicle that it I got a feeling that the argument started before that at the house of what do you call to take the you have all these amazing thoughts and your -- how it's gonna go at Christmas traditions and on again. Traditions whenever. And I saw a couple and you can. The tree he had gone sideways. You you know I've -- a fun group on the root it -- inflict. All of them for a little bit before they realize that they're treated clip because you saw her though. -- and a -- into the background. I lost tree once you hit here is going down Iowa should. To the top of the day and it the big minivan three kids in the car they the ex wives obviously wanted to -- but extract and the trees were flying down the -- 55 miles per hour in the one of the kids those. Dad -- just flew off. -- by widely read all yeah moral. And I think that -- Call -- yeah yeah yeah it didn't hurt his car he was funny pulled override pulled all over the tree was just mangled -- -- that can ask my England because car accident. Hey bucks for the treatment. And mangled. On yeah. And then and as a result off the site discrete reciting your car and take all paying off just for three. You ask. This we don't want that to happen and so that's the thing is like there's a lot of it in your mind it's going to be fabulous it's going to be amazing and then consistent doesn't it is yen each. Come back with a three foot and -- -- Jamie on a stick. We'll get what word that come from well you know all these guys decide that all of a sudden. We just take all these pictures well the reason is is because before we went on vacation and he asked guys to come and join me for Thanksgiving with my Mexican feast or -- come over and hot word comes spent time with me on my vacation. And you guys declined. It's seriously giant that this is a jogger and subtle hot tub we declined -- you find that to be like. I was offended and I wanted to guys to be there on my Thanksgiving and the only way I could think it was to make your very own funds -- BJ and Jamie on a steak -- And so that's what we did and we took you everywhere we went and we just view we had quite a party on Saturday night we all did little hot -- Those pictures have not yet come out we've got dismissive of Jeannie and I in the hearts -- -- you yeah. And there is that's creepy well I want you guys there's only a preview I did and I could -- would you. So you can we'll get hot tea. And so I just wanted to guys to be part of what we were doing and our holiday. Does your mind -- In this rise in blood like son like something I would do remember I was like madly crazy in love with Spain today and you idiot like me taking him on. -- because I was what did you buy me. Number X you know my my ex boyfriends like you know I love you so much and and he brokered behind -- Sunday in the -- -- day in the Atlanta Atlanta and yeah ain't gonna kinda like that. I don't like that and well you don't Lisa even mentioned to me last night I did think that much about it I saw a couple of pictures obviously I didn't see any a picture of us and hot W but I did see the pictures of the smoky the bear in the Santa Claus and. It. Yeah -- we have bodies without her he's got -- -- that we have outlined made you guys close and look at your share it is nice. Checkerboard pattern that was she's got a thought it was creepy and I'm starting to agree -- So are you gonna teach people how to make this does yes. I'm -- man in eight or -- video so that people can make their very own. BJ and Jamie honesty -- undaunted. Antics as I got a text from our Boston I know it means he said. I think -- a great idea -- just be glad to make he had -- Jamie I'm mistaken -- my. -- He's talking about -- people will make everybody wants them to focus on trips and mean it -- -- tax and there's so much on. You guys are gonna go -- old -- cool and exotic places we're really not going choice when you -- -- what -- are not and I. -- or our little bodies were those Richardson to -- going. Well that means. Until -- I was -- interest like sun -- look at night at the flowery pants on. On the purple shirt. Underneath also Bernard Pollard who put him at the aren't or whatever and you know it's not everyone recognized when I took those little guys out there people knew who you. Pick it up. Really that's a big fan should lead and Jamie on. In the cowboy hats those are our forest Rangers that are keeping us safe at their -- Colorado and two out of Portland knew exactly who you learn. Well your -- that sent us an 8% and a big -- and so if you don't know hours on that because I don't either if you don't know resentment it's on FaceBook page BG and Jamie and you can. It's not Sean took out an invention. Yeah there's a couple of club there for pictures actually warm Santa Claus Smokey Bear on Christmas tree and in the forest Rangers and then I guess there's more to come. Hot tubs that Reagan and -- definitely. So -- -- -- girl for insane when she said it was creepy she says she thought it was creepy and I see you know it's kind of promotion -- -- -- the thing we did OK I'm trying to explain it but then again here this morning music and received the hot -- pictures. And I go way. Atlanta if -- It's -- thing is pretty fun I think it's kind of funny to I don't. Yeah like what you and I've been preaching this bad things or knows huge big fat diets for big events it's a prolonged odd that it's got to put on this may be even better. I like justice. It Angelos gets done it makes it's a dirty that when you Sam on this day we has. We season Catholic and non tongue depressants to kids. Appreciate you. The morning Jamie. You Jamie. -- The moon. Anyway I don't start. Does not honest comparison. Yeah. This is free this practice free Israel. Well -- really prepared everything you hear every morning all this crap as street. Yeah credit. -- stick is free to trust new wouldn't charge that grab -- -- at. I thought I. -- Did you have kids. So we still win as you're out sliding your house. Who who have. It is. His I'm just wondering when my supplies in because it is an. My health has kind of pain in even a book your flight well I just don't know that I'm trying to keep them maybe I'm thinking my health -- -- around the 22 year. Morality and not. Yet he's supposed to go and fly at any moment. I'm not ready and start floaters tonight like streets and trips to -- and it didn't just. Because you know happens my -- -- -- got drunk they just stay there. He got a position -- things. Yeah. Yeah extremists -- -- it. Jamie's L Fortson was sitting in the same post position for a couple of days one day had a ball lying next to hit it that yeah. It's like -- well that's the reason not and in all of over he would look like both. Are not good. I I don't think he'd fly I don't does it alludes to buy and sell punitive by themselves you know that yet he doesn't elements Bryant. Yeah I took I actually -- I took them whine away from the -- is like this does not -- and then when he had those cigarettes and no I'm not out of the election and not good. Promotion professionally that's sort of something early -- You don't think that. -- is like selling these PG -- on this date from like a dollar reached. Kind of making money on the bad side did not telling -- and then. Can see -- or not it's in a huge money shall. We need to sell anything for book each area. We are actually yeah. Believe it cost more than a dollar. Now I think we owe him and I. Up. Asia Europe FaceBook page viewer to see the pictures that are hilarious actually a great idea -- so how can they get one emotionally yeah yeah what are there any. There's going to be a video of this week for them it'll be a tutorial are at a demonstration how they can make their very own -- and Jamie honesty and but there's going to be a place you can download pictures and everything them. Never gonna make it real easy. -- gonna do that has never do anything I'm on it took. Your sold it before you before Christmas. And guarantee Christmas. Gift that -- lead to one needs several days. We don't we need to go ahead of them like this week's 14. Hours four -- -- day -- up. Wake up with Vijay and see us weekday mornings at 530 -- and our sport and.