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BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash- Eric Decker - Paul Walker dead - Hot new Apps. (12/2)

Dec 2, 2013|

Eric Decker has 4 touchdowns seems fishy, Paul Walker dies in car crash, the hot new App.


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Jamie. Eric -- Did you think idea that nobody else knew about. Yes I do it's -- -- is it yeah what are you talking about -- in my theory. And the meaning is is incredibly jealous of their Decker right and that the only reason I threw the ball so much is because nobody else is available through the ball to. So finally detain them ball. Decker did finally crude touched down yesterday they can patent for finally throwing me the ball he's been throwing him the ball he's velocity on the ball -- He didn't he -- but -- -- He threw it like that on purpose. This whole conspiracy thing you know you're gonna ruin our season. In Binghamton work. I'm actually change the season you know like as I've brought to light that Payton hasn't been on the ball right and then. They heard about. In the coach -- to -- going into the game with the got to get -- more involved I don't is because it means content -- at a resort secret all eyes and well I felt like yesterday that Peyton Manning hasn't yet Decker assignment ever lived and they did another press conference they were allowed to keep this part of the audio in its. And we have exclusively. Excludes -- We have -- whatever tip stirs gave us a little bit idea that nobody a flat. And it excludes. -- No no no slam or not then it's. Sometimes -- -- your draw. Single coverage and they play well they ran good -- and protection held up the bill allows to get down the field. And I think his why is really hot and I would like to do better and better. There was also -- that guy he's got a mall and doctoring stuff just so you can get your conspiracy theories out there pay literally does not hate mail and there you'd -- us. Lane is clearly that's Sean -- I saw little frog and his throw. You know clearly -- -- you know Clinton should be ending admitting finally admitting I told he's been in England about the life forever you have got to be kidding me you're gonna pass this by. As exclusive -- -- competitor who follows a similar version they play well they rendered -- and a protection held they're allowed to get down the field. And I think his wife is really hot and I would like to do there and better to come on -- on. TE you know that's not even close to leave the impression personable. Exclusive. -- yeah. Well again because nobody's gonna run that crap -- you surprise he found it exactly right it's exclusive nobody else got ten does that mean he greeted. And then in a lot of them. -- meaning in -- jealous of the hot guy and one of the things men do it's a funny thing I'm feeling in India. If you really competitive with another man Bryant and jealous and insecure whenever you want to see if you can get his wife. You know like no you don't guys don't have them -- tournament. It's you know I have never had a guy that I was competitive -- that I wanted his wife you know we went to see if you could -- his wife. It's to gaming guys played just. C. Yeah if you want -- Aren't crazy. I'm pretty -- privy to it because I did but it may very well you -- privy to freaks it's a thing when I think about it like for example the orthodontist. There was another plastic surgeon who is best friend went. Well sure enough his best buddy the plastic surgeon I would only pick on me didn't he just went to CP to get me over. And did he just went to secretly I was almanac. -- on the drug to see them the means wife mountains now. Don't think so Malia I know exactly time because they're out and still mine it's a key and you don't know -- -- yeah it's a thing it is a thing. It is living your own little bubble in the island scene. He had he has not been seeing guys know I go out okay certain creeps. Creeks could tell you highly successful -- and try to steal the other highly successful put his wife yes. They didn't. I think I and I -- -- I'm in a bubble I've had people offers Jane hey I -- credit card let's get out here right now. Articulate. I swear to the -- We're unique bombs and an Elmo live which is very desirable. But. -- -- yeah. But it's just this thing is as competitive things I've said all along that Peyton Manning it's bothered him a little bit that. He can't take the hot why from the back I mean how -- I Eric Decker why if his wife. -- hot they beat -- there have not baby. And -- me it is on him. -- a Buick. Business commercial -- it seems like a mouth breather after a huge amount and. -- -- mouth Britain he and you know you and your theories about -- is -- mouth -- I even -- his wife's heart but he's a mouth breather. They -- listening and sometimes her -- draw single coverage and they play well they ran good routes and protection held up the bill allows to get down the field. And ninety kids out why it is really hot I would like to do there and better. There was also really -- hats off to him. In the end now now let's listen to a for a third time here and I do hear that that is. And Miller I think it's an -- jealousy on that team is running so deep. We'll pay the ultimate and immediately available decades back he's back he's back thanks Jamie. -- you can thank me. Bronco fans everybody police hale were right now to cheat anyway. Get her back calling and saying and yes and well hey he's not to him because he's so jealous. He's so jealous up. -- -- can -- -- just just thank you. You don't help you know he you don't know better and -- she should throw fueled the fire -- me. Jean K -- yes. And she -- now. My name. We hear anything else going on and laser com and Jean video for absentee beef that. PGA they'll -- yards and a and a stunning. There's another thing you know gene -- the state is nicotine. Yeah see there. And asked him into a Paul Walker. Fast and -- star Paul Walker died on Saturday in a one car accident in Valencia California he. It's -- it was driving a Porsche the last words you know -- less -- what I'll be right back. You know. You did see that so he was. -- and is friends Porsche. In apparently there was eighth the hearing listen distinct and steering fluid to leak because there's steering fluid all down the road. And there was no breaks. In the city just lost until -- I saw a different picture this morning of the actual concrete down. Being many minutes now IDC while the car is like destroy the way this idea is like except it broke it -- So they had to be flying. -- -- they weren -- and again as bad and it exploded and they says of the front of that the car which would have been the power steering fluid because inches in the back. Chicago and now. I'm telling you mean when they showed us pictures of the scene after the crash after the -- to fire out. The only thing you can identify who said tree and -- one tire that was -- -- of. -- today is Cyber Monday it is on pending deals and I didn't go to mom but there's some really good deals you just need to go online and and searched the best deals ever like. For example 50% off -- you have to talk. Good to have talks with. If you go to Good Morning America than a lot of the good deals are going onto his harassment not -- Cyber Monday. On one of those Droughns -- to do the delivery for me and what's. -- I don't -- -- -- -- seen a commercial air as sounds cheap it sounds like you know like on the said that some Olympic T. -- That is cheap for drone need at least money now this dogs and like the one with the canes that company caves that we won't break you points for a seventeen year old you try to push you push an on -- actually anxious to. More professional drone to Jamie. Now the real thing and tell -- why don't want that. I know it's not that it's not like those hobbies hobbies that people to hobby you don't forget that one kid whose -- -- airplane. And came in cut his artery in the guy. An air hostage an air hub will cut your -- Joey can you -- me out air hogs that. I don't know Margarita and -- yeah -- -- kids like. The back of his head and it can into his arteries that doing nothing to my arteries and -- and I can't. Twenty bucks. See it is an -- sleep like a flying snow globe the atmosphere. But it's so great because you -- break it. -- -- You do it on the movement in the same frequency gifts. Kids know what it pretty badly that. It's muddy bogs you -- not got dollars it's twenty dollars high flies off the counter. And jumped at it it it didn't have it that it's a piece of plastic -- out. -- when I air hogs mentioned that really does not lead to -- really really really fun I think that's got yep that is. 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