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BJ & Jamie - Android does not have the hot new App. (12/2)

Dec 2, 2013|

There is a cool new App and it is only on iPhones.. and that is a bummer.


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Jamie. -- The -- notes is this -- clumsy right now with your help he's gonna learn. First let this get to know him better than I got hit okay. Listen I don't. -- look at this -- I already of 100 points and five diamond points to teach my ninja how not to make the. Here's the thing it's called clumsy -- and then say it's like the hottest download and murder add you know in recent time it's it it's taken over Kimi crashed or whatever but I. -- -- -- In announcing -- available for the android yet I think it's just an iPhone thing. That's about to -- well her iPhone people were privileged. Let me take it might -- in. The same thing. Kicks your phones but they're good they're good but they're not break from his iPhone on top of my on my Samsung. Your -- makes -- laugh. Pathetic but you know learning you know what -- let me see your screen right now your -- oh -- your screen it's black with your mind clumsy -- -- -- And Datsyuk. And I -- got you here. Into -- dollars but that's the right into the you know companies went in free none of the -- It's free it's pretty delegates to the iPhone only -- -- listen because -- you missed on the candy crash and all. I've been invited enough to know that so this. The -- that you should know about first as you know Alice and become heads well I got invited to this ninja thing and it was over the weekend a -- haggard. -- -- And -- -- and Merle Haggard brother two yes and -- -- invited me but I didn't know what it was right it's what you do does need to be like yeah. And I remember a long long time ago. Long time you know these people tell me about thing it was called FaceBook even like with them a sense of stupid. Would ever do that and -- Ian delicate -- and blog at 140 okay. You're gonna bring new and are in new and this is cutting edge now and you need to really look into this because there's a chance there's an outside chance that it could really take off okay what is it. Cold Twitter. And that it -- week. It's called Twitter at one point you're gonna realize today that things pretty big. And that all the kids -- Is that. And it's knowledge. It's where the pictures going -- jackets snapped snapped at bats as the kids -- -- yeah we have tried that once. Is it jacket I don't care for them not to say pictures I'm not do anything -- -- want to -- and of their economy. And -- -- -- -- I'll say this when it comes to a FaceBook and Twitter and PGA junior on boats into farms there but when when I post a picture to Twitter. And a post when the FaceBook I feel like more people see it on FaceBook by far -- Twitter. Follow because no no no no because Twitter you have to be on Todd it's the rolling through. He just continues to roll roll roll -- so once you post it within seconds you're just basically down here. I -- Jason and I'm really really happy about it being December. And that is that I'm so happy that it's December digital I -- I -- what you -- are thankful for. That countdown night countdown and I am that is an account and I think it was just thankful my guide and am happy that. -- him and nothing is thankful for oh I forgot number eight. And move over for Barbara I don't care I am number two all these guys that she had never grow beards in the first place bring back to finally -- -- yesterday. You know it's sad part wasn't it to consume light to three days before Thanksgiving before you and I figured it out. What this whole place full swing here as well let's just number four about -- show it on what it took us a lot bigger but the read related announcement and another at the moment. It. It didn't happen on FaceBook was that weird controversy a Black Friday shopping. There was it was either. You -- going Black Friday shopping or you board an exact minute we are you comfortable because some people are like go go go another device like. How Darius destroyed you know whatever. Yeah it wouldn't support I thought it was more of a controversy for Thanksgiving is on the side than Black Friday -- sixty -- you're talking about yeah you right but there were people up there actually like -- like taking jabs at people that we're gonna go out and do shopping on banks have been saying hey why would you give up your family. You don't walk away from your family when they're all gathered you know to go shopping and it was that. What little I and messed up he dressed up on Black Friday as think. And starred screaming at people he said death thank you for spending time with grandma and grandpa and leaving them in destroying the very fabric of this on the Thursday. But I -- more Slade goods. Thank you for ruling of running the tradition of Thanksgiving you you parasites. On the country of the country how much credit card debt do you have now he was screaming at -- I have to agree it is I think the whole thing with opening up on Thanksgiving is a bad bed move. News but I just 2.2 four. It was acute because Thanksgiving is over and brown 7 o'clock in the Islamist football's on its now rumor. I'm sorry. Who is Turkey on that -- and still dressing hanging out there. I can still smell this mashed potatoes and football on TV it's not over -- through some green -- minister whose. It's the somebody's. Got to beat somebody up and gotten them again and then there's the dream of being Black Friday you see the video to fight. -- -- Haven't passed -- was the stun guns that was quite easy. I don't regret. I mean that is until -- -- below we have near -- they you know routing them -- hand as. Well I think I think -- certainly. She had a stun -- because she was getting them but. Again and what surprised me about the video player and I -- -- first on the news that the video but I heard the story that it the stuff none thing happened. But when I saw the video they're both so yeah I'm. Right seventy years old right me scrappy young shoppers in Italy where. That he usually when something like this happens it's women that are older. I don't know if it's it's not teenagers fighting. Well and well I don't know mr. -- really are idiots are listened to listen you can hear the teaser this audio the other girl oh. Yeah. -- -- Yeah it was they had there was a lot of fights that are pulling. It is over TV's I think he came hands tablets tablets. Are now that was crazy got really ugly. There they are his again and happy holidays and went to good news is first of all did you. I believe and the big man if you're Jewish prisoners are from the sinister but that the first. Easier Thanksgiving the first day of Chanukah is gonna happen again for like eight billion years. Emea daily news some some eight bill if she 14100 so write them there aren't a hundred years. As the first time ever like the first -- -- -- and then Thanksgiving all on the same day they were continent. Happy thanks in again. And that's. On the same day -- and got her facts correct and that once the anti epidemic you know. My Jewish friends and many I had Nugent and number Jewish friend Nicole and sorry he's got that song that would mean that it's -- public his name and he told me and I got wrong. I hate to do this to you Sean McKinney do the math what they upon a car we are tonight. And I'm. I -- that started on Thursday. Friday Saturday Sunday Monday night at the war I think before. To. You know land. And. Do a -- of the match. Wake up with BJ and.