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BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash- Snow is coming, Coach Foxx. (12/3)

Dec 3, 2013|

The snow is coming and our coach will be back on Sunday.


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-- And -- yeah it's going to be -- easy. Okay here's what I hate. -- going to stock up on all the staff and I know that that. That they -- BP is coming over tonight yeah that is his daughter -- were set -- the Christmas strain which normal thing not the. Christmas tree on the tree. -- that was sent out spoken and this is that the veterans -- and -- -- asked. It's the run ads you know it's huge scale. It's like this big right in -- cars -- -- -- -- the bucks the F again -- them that changed or Broadway and every year I buy my new car yes some pictures of it last year. It's really cool it's so nice to have somebody come in exhibition. Although that's a lot of work and telling I'm just gonna keep him and -- gaming kiss him for averages because it helps me -- yeah. An -- actually the opposite like I see a big fight breaking out and he just like the old Turkey dinner you know we had a fight's gonna breakout. -- got is -- why you get there. But before you know what you guys are fighting in the trenches all of the election derailed all of the house and each card takes like twelve batteries which. Does it really happy is that I'll be inside the interior -- lined -- waited at the locomotive doesn't pull all. Each car has to have its own batteries and it does pull that Eads inside that light bulbs -- lights. Like minded and they put this oil in and a locomotive and and it cuts can ghosts extra students. You guys -- us troops is only allowed to play with it Christmas okay it's like. That's it it's a Christmas tree in an accident and he's gonna hopefully. It's not -- dreams it's gonna be out of school. I think it's kind of weird those guys and actually -- the tree now obese but. It teaches them. And my uncle used to make little trees the bush is it. Have -- little -- CN I had an -- like read the articles are weird today are prepared that. A big table and allowed to touch it moved into despair and. He had one room in his house is dedicated to trades and it seemed like when -- win over the he'd always say well it's not aren't. Here yet he made it broke a lot. But you know what I'm doubly weird he -- worked then rim couldn't even go live in that room without his train in your hand market. Always thought it was configured and you look for his head right -- adequate but we're gonna go in the trailer that. Is it with the that was weird. I was just that little guy though. That was cool and it isn't I -- it's my hope was is that we get all ready for this stuff and then BJ you know have a last I'm not Clinton not. You know and actually got that feeling this time because it's gonna get so bitter cold. Too it's too cold so it's gonna -- so bitterly cold that it might cancel some of the snow calling for I mean. -- DP said you know dominate infant. This tells me it's gonna snow a lot recently talked about it a couple of kids know that it's warm because illuminated before blizzards sheer density. -- -- it was warned yesterday that the -- know it's one of Portland are the natives know. Yes it -- or that of the natives don't. So yesterday was a sure sign that something's gonna happen to put them like -- -- -- So. With the wind coming through you can steal and had that. It's now that feel of snow kind of a warm. Pre storm -- wind technician that wasn't coming -- -- jacuzzi. -- on who's in the lead the free from the increased -- Though -- now they know the native he's natives and they didn't know. It superior to the ground they know. Didn't hear the -- of the buffalo but it's deadly row hoping that the hooks of the buffalo. I don't stadium still around here in -- and we're sensitive to the environment of our state -- Tennessee boys don't have a clue. Does that -- executive. I've got word flip flopped justice today. Yeah yeah yeah well he didn't Google got to applaud her life. And I don't know what's going -- I. -- this win and while we were on vacation however it has finally gone viral and that's the -- feud. Viral video now daily feud contestant offers too much information. Host Steve Harvey asked this question -- something that might cause as sensitive man decry. -- -- -- cost sensitive man cry can't give an erection. Okay. You've got to love the movies that your mirror accident. I know you do an answer and in the -- -- to make. Them make me -- Wouldn't make you cracked the videos straight to we we should post DO video because Steve Harvey just falls out. And I can't have this weird feeling him remain an island Iran because I was prophetic but. I think people are now trying to come up with so -- -- answers just to make. The Internet the best of -- Yeah. But when you watch this video it seems pretty genuine doesn't yet have to -- The Broncos coach John Fox's return to work to work yesterday -- less than a month after he underwent open heart surgery to fix say -- faulty aortic valve. It's pretty amazing. Yeah John Fox's declared himself heal and return to work he plans to get -- this week before deciding whether he'll coach Sunday's game. I'm here -- what -- you are. An. You just gotten -- holds the opened up against John Elway is already only thing. Really were not warned don't field you're going to be in the press box. Coaches' box me in that when John Elliott talks of his teeth that's scary yes the our error. And I've gotten -- Charlie Sheen and his really upset with the angels get a -- Question would you would back -- just to get to this old John block -- -- think John Fox one a bit interim coach net Del -- got to lose a couple of games while he was gone. They didn't lose one I don't do you think he wanted him to lose that they wanted to give -- game two is just so he looks better so he comes back and sweeps and on to the end. And on about that yeah and Panasonic. That's not the wind in them yes definitely when you're gone and then somebody. Pills inquiry and they do a great job and probably fourth is that it's this kind of like when -- to fills in for for producers. Sure on our producer sure on yet so paranoid sometimes and in any shouldn't be because he's our guys. You should do is pretty good and it's worth the price. That a fourth with a bright -- which he looks a big. Trust me I'm -- and that's. All deserve. But I just an example sure and it's always doing out -- example. Our company so cheap -- they require us to print on the other side of the paper. -- for anybody whose citizens that depend on both sides and the other company doesn't. She really hard to read the paper. Would that be bold print on the other side and I get lost. I don't know what's needed is the time comes up. Wake up with -- and see us weekday mornings at 530 -- palace where I.