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BJ & Jamie - Sean is a Dork, he has antlers on his car. (12/3)

Dec 3, 2013|

Sean got a red nose and antlers for his car and that is just the beginning of what is dorky about him.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- So long when a pulled -- bargain up this morning I saw it -- Thought of you actually Jamie I didn't even think of thought. What's his name current economy I thought a deal actually because I knew you would look at it when you came here and -- Hallmark all got it again as the. And let's. Get not dominating -- proof that I will tell you that they probably big role. Income and -- yeah I can picture I pulled up and I looked over at some -- -- car and I just my -- Oh really and got a question quickly and -- -- -- -- have a question for you what -- you rolling your -- -- Well as some would she get to point. But the man who's who thinks that some things are really funny like the. The tuxedo shirt. That's a classic on. Now see a lot but no you do well here are the real goof ball to me to stand up -- take notice. The guy has then -- OT certainly hasn't as the bikini T shirt. It's like he's wearing a machine yeah yes that's actually what my favorite out of this guy that we know where's. Well he's also the guy. Perhaps you all know this guy I submit links and a red nose on his com. Root out that it does look it. Really yeah. Here's causing down on the road and read those and eight dollars on your little car and fits that Conosoga. It makes entirely though -- -- or. -- It I don't -- festive and fun you know you're a man. I -- a festive and fun man -- when you look at the pictures of Cheney's decorations at her house in the -- she's putting together tonight with -- -- doping -- had been thought. They're having tested it when -- we got the Brooklyn who triggered these are two cars at the Nissan cube it's a tube -- and you got to you about that he got it Rosetta red goes on I. It reeks of being pulled over for a DUY. I'm just drawn to the red nose and just be a law already -- I dude -- -- you apply a police officer and -- that Clark coming down the road and a guy like you behind the -- now that they've that your wife I probably would go okay. Yet but here do. So I see you learned that we aren't taking that back at the bar. You thought it be funny to throw some handlers saw what are back after having a few shots. He married earlier as I go all. The work I don't think anybody admits -- it was in the nose on sober. -- at the -- -- I think either medicated with prescription medication or. I'm. They'd drink Jack it isn't anyone else driving the car and helped real 322 -- Is driving a car with neither -- those big boos on the front or -- on the front. Or you've got you know antlers and a red nose on your car just dive into who you -- the end just to explain it to us because she doesn't seem like that there's an explanation made it. Now -- -- it's fun and infested. But we don't know that guy or girl or whatever or couple. That that do these things you know and I mean I think they're really annoying to the rest of us that they are well. Let us -- done. I'm my column I can't go to -- the Nancy and I think he did it shows people that I can have a good time I can laugh at myself I enjoy the holidays enjoy having fun or are they -- -- on -- driving his wife's car. -- I agree yeah I agree 110%. Or the guys stroke -- -- like OK see you got three options there but yeah I agree with him. And and a I just don't see it because. Mike cars Michael and Lisa just probably -- -- and records her car. Now she wants to putter it wears -- I can't see BJ driving around with at least he knew I can't see it now -- O'Keeffe museum driving around with -- -- -- on the car. -- desired he mentioned it yesterday as joke I was like time to get into the having as Cyber Monday -- and -- is that who are those people. So yeah and a belt. Okay. You notice the radio. It okay do a lot of standard what's -- ten. Yeah it I doubt in my back window. And his son. What is that supposed to look like. Almost light side edit it to the window at the little people right quietly like -- that the backbeat. -- You you've got Brad -- like. What keeps getting kidnapped or is he sit in the backseat of Costa limited tell you now as I'm guessing -- single. I particularly like yeah. Shock here. -- No longer on this planet I think that -- -- -- man had and in the end pink -- you're not gonna get a girl you know your car guy I don't know if you try to -- Brad -- to get a girl -- thinking that you know that's kind of too -- -- know you're not know yeah. That known not Kenny Tate. Feeling okay -- and are often that you have a great day to make something happen every person's -- Any idea in mind is driving the ramble Brad Pitt in London it's funny in -- haven't released. -- -- -- -- -- I'm actually following here on site and it's a -- -- tomorrow. -- -- -- Yeah yeah. And just -- -- mosques and. I was gonna suggest that you pulled next to him so that we can you're on your phone today it looked at what you do when that -- he -- -- great -- There isn't a place that used to be let happen but now people have guns. Yes you're right -- and get shot these guys you don't like and knows the net and Ashley do you wouldn't look at the person behind the wheel was that a guy or girl. -- -- Does he look kinda goofy do you do you see that to be -- and it's very masculine. It's just you guys. Have a talk with them. You are but she said I wanted to go after him that's for sure. Just have a topless on and that is so I'm listening. To them. An amazing woman I -- but I feel like in the relationship the roles have reversed in the relationship you -- -- that scene is them and and New York. -- DC. -- a white piece that I. And you know Hawaii and could be did you see elements and. It's absolutely -- Yes yes he has to make sure -- he's done before he gets before she gets home. He's already held a dozen other pro I think -- -- the -- the role of the woman and she's taken on the of the -- yeah. Well I don't know if that's necessarily true let me she was on -- word for the the is the antlers in the nose for the car from them so that makes me feel like she -- -- destined leads us. Well I think it was a day that unionized spotted her opening your card or -- -- -- That ask after -- yeah. But she was on that. Yeah vehicle where I am writing it's going to be. A small. -- -- -- -- -- Well not only on the Crist a mandate -- am -- and another in my car and I baby baby it's like they're very. I -- a card that has claimed them side taking of the bumpers -- it's the keynote speaker says. Yeah. If you flames on other crap going on -- allowed them -- yeah I. So that's -- and I'd take that back up and played them inside and. You're not you whatever on the inauguration is a much deeper I think they. Yeah yeah. It may love deteriorating and are they love they do his teenagers would be like I got my parents but butler's. -- -- Had mind their friends their like they -- in the mobile bring -- T-Mobile even the boy it. -- It's comforting you know that your kids to grow just like you hit. It -- -- it. Examined. And in -- -- -- -- the -- pissed -- the people there actually are written. -- -- I'll usually you don't root out here in the market for -- to be a nice guy I looked at a picnic right. Wake up with BJ and -- Weekday mornings at 530 did CNN Dallas 10 I -- yeah.

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