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BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash- Paul Walker more informations coming out. (12/3)

Dec 3, 2013|

More info on Paul Walkers wreck, and Jamie wants hugs before Honks.


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-- I'm probably know exactly. First shot and I don't mean Q. And be coy about this or are what number here's what I've learned. Over the last couple days. Do not. -- in a car with a celebrity. And -- Because no one will know your name or care about you. Somebody posted yesterday on FaceBook TF a lady posted said hey you know nobody's even talk about this guy that actually was driving the car. He you know -- best when we don't know his name. That's just everyday familiar name -- and nobody so don't give a car with a celebrity and accidentally died because. They won't talk about you don't know your name look I'm still looking matier. Bring him on teams in trying to look for his name the missing Paul Walker things everywhere I understand it Roger rodents Roger rodents. Roger was a professional driver two yeah. I'm matier move from the fantasy -- that has -- running is records. Let's -- -- of the California roll -- walker has been. Has been charged with speeding but it doesn't look like who wrote it says anything and usually trying to. I'll be a front William I didn't know pull walker before the accident. Honestly I mean I don't follow all sixth that seriousness yeah so. I didn't really end up being disrespectful is just saying I didn't know the name either. When aired that pole walker dynamite who. I I don't know this there was an attractive means. And I -- mean I mean he really well he was a lot of movies of. Only forty years -- Anyway this 500000 dollar Carrera GT that the other driver was driving and that his body was driving an all kinds of warnings with it it says down. Not to take eight they. You have to they recommend technical training before you drive this car. It says Allen you also need to let any friend what's to drive your car go through technical training. Because the clients. Is so sensitive. Your friend can burn it out and second and it's at 44000. Dollar climbed. It's just a clutch. -- estranged. Obama 300 dollar or pay and bad. Well you know that -- -- the -- -- that the motor for the back windshield wiper idea and it's. His wife how much is that voted 500 all bull by the winter weather at just the motor -- let our friend that. But his name John -- and -- -- he would jobs we just stuck it Downey since eldest son and again the. My job. They just went down and Asia and you just -- peace -- car. Because all you do is coming in here and in Canada in 2000 dollars everytime I see and nobody's gonna tell us. When -- -- he did he tells videos. Why you pay import -- -- look at my glove and. -- to -- for that none of that and it also says the cart -- not go over a speed bump without damage to the three under. It's cost 40000. Dollars. I jingle we're speed -- -- -- -- just got 40000 dollar and just end it's ridiculous some cars like. It's as each wheel is were 7000. Hope. To be used car the -- -- made appear magnesium and cannot be repaired or -- it. You see that body style I'm gonna he's got like NBC the car of the body -- of the car I'm looking and relevant. The whole molding on the back in the that looks like G ancients. Our minds is Superman movie or something here and it's generally. Means that man it's got a -- mobile -- yeah. It's cool -- people are saying that that he wasn't rape her his body was racing at all because there are only three minutes into the drive. And it did they weren't racing. That the steering when -- on. The Israelis and unity got a car worth almost two million dollars in the steering went out. You know it happens in the best of the for a short drive and in the eastern Cuba in the steering fly -- I -- fanatics -- cents. Look at my kind of thing and I'm not letting -- know you -- at all. Is better about my my I kind of in the Alabama portion GP what could learn -- -- clearly hurt you know that the today vacuum and there is no. -- affordable. Not only that that car doesn't exist. What those pictures and now all -- their cars go all ought to mean it was just in bolstering you can even make out but it was a car except for -- Yes pretty -- I'm speaking as sad if you know what makes a grown man cry -- go on family feud on what's his name's Steve Harvey asked. This question names something that might -- insensitive -- into crimes. Here's the answer he got some. Mike called sensitive man to cry. Can't give an erection. Childhood -- and it's you're not you don't get an election we don't get enough on into the limelight she. -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- your mirror accident took. And as an answer should -- -- being being being -- that. They're making current. -- he used to it afterwards. Too skewed by -- it was a -- and how people need to Betsy I'll. Because I don't have one of those bathtubs. But he got to have to those bathtubs I don't have to us. I don't -- -- -- -- you don't know relate to put out the bathtubs outside conceivably can hold orient. As you sit there naked. Leo is -- commercials you have these like like inside a jokes. With in a couple you know in my -- legends. One of ours is pleased with the help let's compare this. Bathtubs -- it. But any time certain bird like I'm -- Eric -- in the two year whatever it's like me. Ads and they do the voice where the -- -- yeah -- just a couple of movement was so stupid. And annoying that you didn't. -- wound it's -- knowing it is too much information you know what I tell them to listen. You have got to give me a hug before a home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hamas -- yeah yeah. Yeah. I think we get we don't like how long can that I. Should this blonde lesbian it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah to me yeah your bumper sticker and -- for a hold. For a hug just think -- -- -- men but something would get that you don't sought out a bumper and he publicly admit cars back but it's. -- -- Of the master much do you know none at all right that's nice now another to hawk her thank god I'm afraid a good punch. Well I mean. The like the most skill. Coming into romantic thing correct it's not most romantic thing in the world so you know I knew I like it really just content is not reach over -- Kim is like and he gallon. You see a different. You we do not see completely at the way. I -- and pulling it off. I don't get it my own bubble you know and. Wake up with BJ and see us weekday mornings at 530 -- and the Dallas -- I --