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BJ & Jamie - Bj & Jamie on a stick the video shoot. (12/3)

Dec 3, 2013|

Today Sean is shooting a How To video on making your own Bj & Jamie on a stick.


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PG. -- You're limited drop of the force of the area worked hard on this yeah yeah -- -- that well are you getting -- some props he found some of the audio from -- up. -- -- And Ellis went. On the no no no listen closely honesty. No -- it's not honesty props to you -- and honesty clamp. Vijay didn't. -- And Ernestine. Note opponents. Pile on. TV -- Here are staying at and T and TJ -- -- Time. And never get in this snapped you don't like about -- that's. On team is kinda dome before. So it's -- it's not as I always hear those songs that and that's important enough and it's. He's done and I was so that was a -- civil indicates that -- Aerosmith Jamie's gonna download the. So showed the big projects today that's right. Are you I -- -- -- JGB artist is today I was around me in the -- what does that mean exactly. That means today we're going to create how to make your very own PG and Jamie on a stick video is interesting to write this in the south. -- -- -- -- -- the they got so then that way you can lots of video and make your own beating Jamie honesty. And get them. How many people are requesting us on yes he -- Now this it's exactly going -- all my supplies here in my glass. Case. And I will be bringing you all glass. Bowl yeah that was -- I like he is Cuban. Letters and knows Crocs and seizure and -- -- division. Don't tell me he he probably got about a hundred of those and they're for sale only at two minute little -- -- it's. Yeah he's so popular items of any human being I've ever met in my life if he's like coach raveling -- was everything's out of the trunk of his car. Like all these video -- what I think dash cams the accident DD DB of the only problem is you can't read the directions because it's him Russian kids. 200 things deer in the accidentally -- yeah I can't get all they had to twist. Yeah I need to go what we have to push him -- -- -- -- but we'll -- usually means they go back down and he. -- has had many of those odd couple cases and I got a five bucks a case and I thought I could just drop them. Thousand seals on them. Now it's my kids some of friends or by -- thought that he Siena get them smelly TV snapped up. -- your kids that you. She's -- -- well. All on the top and pushed up their thumb and be fine on is yeah. So now now the new project is BZ -- and mystique mystique. I just and silent but yeah it's just crazy and I think it's that you could -- BJ yes first of all he put us on the SP two. His bid and any traveled. Around with the surround Denver he had downed trees live as we drink margaritas on is -- -- in in hot -- -- does -- have a clause visit the mall. He wears a tuxedo T -- He's at work with his car with reporters in the nose in the middle of that it's out of his car he's wearing Crocs and Sox. He has Angela just briefcase he didn't -- it -- that hole. Sure that that you lost some parking lot that you Roth has this morning. A guy without a tuxedo shirt. Clear see through grief kittens. And Crocs with Sox. Get -- the car with a deer antlers and Redlands and -- -- what would you tell the guy who -- -- work. Daria yeah it's just. Weird. In that briefcase he could see everything ahead it's his kids for Regis did you miss you. -- -- -- There's been. Game isn't just. Yeah yeah. Had to make this crap. This is like this this is what we go through every day so freaked him but not. To be iron. That the ice I did -- -- -- -- Around in the whole thing just gets more and more bizarre I think it. I never worked in an environment he's -- stayed that way at even added to. The template that I until the that they got a good partner it was sprained right yeah I'll say this hot dogs they sit on the ground and it. Yeah -- I needed to -- violence is -- bench is not well you sit on a lot of -- yeah dealer from rocks. It's a nice thick foam pad under the error. And you sometimes -- -- a bucket in it and then I'm not so deep in the water. -- -- -- -- Because it's too hot and couldn't sit up and oh. I believe all this got. And career he's going. -- -- -- -- -- really did this and I'm. Media and yeah you -- now. And -- secret is across the world more than brilliant because it and now I'm not in LA is sit in the hot tub on the grammar. I'm. An American rocket Seacrest is not honest each. I'm sorry. Yeah. Yeah -- the prayer and. Sean this morning and what you get my BJ honesty yes. And one of the Kansas basically shown what happened that they can't you saw Smokey Bear -- -- all the. I didn't even ask if I didn't even ask another question -- trees at smokey the bear ripped off. -- say after lap right in his walks out of room. What are we doing whatever I mean in all the old -- -- I asked myself that a lot when tonight and cigarettes is reside in this deal it. Billion decade yeah. Waged -- only admitted that. OK and then to top off this conversation on the lives Steve the guy shot in the face. What's a better description from us Palm Beach KGB and this -- -- could get a picture of and you know. We should just camera. And -- yeah I really need a better description guys from ninety -- yeah. Don't. Thanks. To -- territory known. In Ireland. And Irish. Wake up with BJ and -- weekday mornings at 530 Dejan Dallas 10 I.