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BJ & Jamie - Producer Sean's spelling challenge #13. (12/5)

Dec 5, 2013|

Sean does really well.... than blows it all at the end.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Jamie yeah. Cobb CE OW. DI GI -- I know. -- You are gonna kill it today sure ours on this -- and not get out of the park is. Is your day you don't get it last time you're in the hunt and -- So well. -- winless in Nam I won sixteen and by two. Blessed me with a twenty. I didn't. -- the -- -- while that was big into -- this the only time meager reward money last week to twelve weeks there. -- Anything you won't be getting better this quirky rat and learning as well and becoming a better speller I think. I think you have to imagine -- on them enough. -- -- You first -- pay for how much money. We start with five dollars five dollars the first word is the -- I always -- this when. I know I do it's the PA TA TO. A well potato could pack -- PA. And about a law it let me tell you that Obama -- T eight TO we -- and there's no and I don't -- them. It's gotten. There's no me. Or do you start MPH and YE you're -- that. I had patio and my hand and potato patio had to say you know I -- take them. Don't -- do you. Eight and yeah yeah. -- panic and it's terrible -- has -- -- you might have a problem with the. The EU at the snow potatoes. With EST yes but it it's a singular incidences that. Instead he should step so in the PO net until I'm home that's a lot from. Or couldn't have gone better I. So. I can see -- -- And -- just always think that yeah it's half biggest problem. I'm ready and the bonus word yeah sort of mental and wired that wasn't bones no. Now know was that made you think they think Syria award do for. Yeah dollars this is just so funny and ridiculous ridiculous if that meant to -- al-Qaeda drying -- was -- kind of. That it. Any good luck. Yeah. The weather outside is frightful. The word is whether. -- -- -- Five dollars. WE a TH ER. A good job I'm Reggie didn't over the first felonies he -- -- from your WW. HE AT -- your. -- -- the national here. Need to get out I'm working you know but that's okay. He looked at the received no let me see I don't want him he didn't -- wanted to -- sure the paper's own mind. Attributed to choices it. -- dollars. -- Night. But nursery right nurses and equipment and. Brian. Then there are Ryan -- RH YME. Dollars. Yeah. We thought for sure you blow that would not needed second grade -- though -- -- -- right if you like his indictment being pregnant and he ended up. Fund raise. Funds. For them. And as a bonus worth. -- greens if you indeed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the guy with a detailed very. Qaeda got -- race yeah. Dollars in new content. You're rolling -- the money. That's really this is gonna win some cash today. Weather is that each and then poked -- but he didn't say it. Yeah. Acts fifteen dollars ridiculously. It is ridiculously cold out. Read speech that's great use of the -- really this morning minus fifteen at the airport ridiculously ridiculously cold particular thing. It. We need to beef and do what this could take a while -- -- it and it ridiculously yes you go with the word this way. It is spilled wasn't far from -- A ridiculously all right. On the bill and I'm that I'm an -- RID. I CU LO US. Old. Why. -- I'm glad you are spelling and we had our. Do yeah we'd all enjoy. It's happened last time it was -- -- this habits and decent -- -- on -- -- -- money precision. When he blocks -- remember if you miss a word you go back to zero. Thanks but no. Liberals I remember just keep just keep it on the World Cup and got to keep it on the world aren't. We have like four more years you know we have one big bonus for the idea that we do here this. All right. Let me see premier. Free -- and that's. So that's easy. To spell it out the -- it sounds. PR EMI ERE he's at all. Not least he's been studying he can he who have now you've been on the island is study and it's good for you 25 dollars and twenty. I just get picked up yet but if you believe this I think you mean you work on these other work really long and really this story short. Try to stay calm I'm really excited your when he thought domes and everybody's rooting for you right now because it's a holiday season notice it the most wonderful time of the in his. Three. Avery who it's the -- as you have seen very seasonal duke WRE -- T yeah -- -- Okay. And go back and box. Score. One. -- dollars. To add to your thirty dollars that you already have in your pocket well almost your pocket but these phones united phone line -- -- -- -- you -- I can't see it -- you know he know I think he's good he's sticking it to you oh no no no no he can't see me at all. I've got my did -- What adults plus the thirty Marty have some joints on the top 130. Dollars. During that -- and thirty dollars should get this would do this Christmas stated I had a feeling this is Christmas. Your house you for the kids and you know 130 dollars well yeah. -- -- The word is -- Happy happy. And he turns around and very soon grow year I mean who can't spell chronic. CH. A neat and it's on. Its unsolicited that. Aren't. I had notes. -- and it -- it. -- We hate to -- Chihuahua. Yeah well and in need CNN and low and on the. Yeah. So seeing angst and yeah. -- I I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thirty dollars in the bank and what. But the -- alerted you blow at all. Tonight. Yeah. Kyle COW. DI GIL. Wake up with -- and -- weekday mornings at 530 Jan tell us 105.