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BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash- Charlie found love-Lindsay is clean-Julia has a baby. (12/10)

Dec 10, 2013|

Charlie Sheen says this time it is love, Lindsay says she is sober... ya right, and Julia Roberts is having another baby.


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-- Yeah saying you have. I don't know where to start there's so much staff Ian is a lot going on today it's very very busy first let me try this okay. Charlie Sheen. Says peace and the love of his life. And again. This one at this time is really scary is that lover loves it down just one because there's 31 time three industry. Porn stars who is dedicated to one can. She also is ex porn star it's good that it narrowed it down now. Again she's urging her to the wire. Again she's I retired at 24. She's retired he had 24. When a business. And you can retired 24. She's 24 years old her name is -- Roxy. And he's been dating her for some three weeks. It's a woman's life here's what he tells -- easy fast mover usually tells teensy -- along with this OK okay. -- lifelong journey. -- 1000 century quest in search of the better and missing half my heart and brain. That expedition is now a major success. And beyond the valley of Donald ski completes. -- -- They stuck a deal and and and as night and asking Penske Penske. And and on the condition is now a major success and beyond the valley of Penske complete. Dell machines can't change that much machine and wins again. Yep he's back on the stuff as its theme. I mentioned this tedious added yeah I just out of the blue we're talking about something and Charlie Sheen came up. And I see -- I think he's light candles -- as he well you know when he felt the leg in the times talking and all those -- like weird languages and stuff he was -- and I remember what was the warlock Jews are big letters at tiger blood -- -- little -- -- -- is a -- -- all that he's backed. He's on. I think you're right there I'm sure he's ever an offer -- well. It was straight day because we started that anger management shell he seemed to be straightened out because I saw him on the Letterman show when he was very coherent and very good. Very good yeah but now respectively. If you detect weird. If you -- an obesity is very good to -- is he -- Mary. You know maybe -- him yet he seemed more stable than. The he's starting to sound against right now. And Barry do you include the brother of Paris Hilton. There's a whole thing going on -- so there's a party over the weekend and down now finding out that Lindsay loan was booted from the party. They say at Barron Hilton's bloodied beaten down led to Lindsay Lowell and getting kicked out of the South Florida mansion where they were party and and Lindsay can I get kicked out of the -- I left because there's just too many drugs -- -- an alcoholic beverages being served. But yet seems he has a video of her trying to reenter the property. So wish but she -- she left on our own record because yours is too but she temptation exactly because she's clean and sober just out of rehab. But it's weird because they have a video of her trying to get back -- here. -- for her glasses are sunk -- and keeps on par something. Oh. So which happened personal can be used to it did the beat down happened before she was -- battery she got kicked down the beat down. She got kicked out because of the -- down hole in the end. Oh because his actual date putting the finger -- the people running the star island -- say that Lindsay got booted because she freaked out and beg your pal. -- the mauling whoever he has to throw bear -- out party. We're told her demand is what led to re punching paris'. Little brother. The Renner says it was unclear what sparked lowlands -- that there and said now Lindsay accused him talking trash. Anyway Lindsay is that image wasn't intentionally left because of the rampant drug and alcohol use. -- her reps claim that because since it was alcohol and drugs over the house has. When it did not partake she was the only person that did not do anything. I am. It's good -- she's -- so. It will buy that the -- There's 3 o'clock in the morning sober people -- how -- 3 o'clock in the morning at a party were -- and strokes are being served and then actually -- downtrend bright John you're tired you're tired here at home in bed at ten you know. -- -- I'm Julia Roberts is pregnant again mayor and she's a little old -- -- -- Why don't -- 46 well cool picture. And that's brilliantly. The nod food complained. -- she has three -- already an aged 46. 46. Injured and it's very dangerous. I mean you know if you're -- he's -- good because some risky. Really risky especially forty. And then 46. Even more. Mom she wouldn't be the first middle age celebrity to pop out they -- to boost colleague Mary Uma Thurman Mariah Carey and Madonna all have babies in the forties. You can be done. Well you know Richard -- and anxious. Sony well first our listeners you know the rest back. He didn't really really old when your kids in high school there with with the community fund that I kid nor. Even -- -- yeah I mean -- you're going to be sixty and remember that one kid I had that old mom Harold to Carol parents. And they rallies like Darren a locker. Or they can get that other car in the lacks the Little League game from there are. Then we went and huh. In peace in the truck. You know I don't -- I'm really great as a brat who he's -- that friends and his parents were really really old thing ever knew and -- his sophomore year that it wasn't his grandparents the. I thought it was just -- entire time and when. And ended just because then I mean not -- because my mom didn't my mom was old and Austin and the like but -- -- but. And she died with respect to meet my sense -- that's good that can happen but this is really setting yourself up to never meeting your grandchildren you ever. Yeah sometimes you want to. A horrible but it -- Like starting over again I can't wait until Sean has has drinking at the push to bring kids on the sometimes that's the until you're has -- Oh my god I can't I can wait yeah. Did you think you'll like I had no idea. I think eagle at the women think that way but I don't think I see it that way the guys -- we don't look forward to -- -- volatile day that all. Today we is don't. Canadiens are kids and kids we have a lot of money I would I would. And myself. And my son have a -- Well how horrible thing to -- yes that's horrible -- -- the love of his life and have kids. And anyone who's -- kids now want him to do that but I wanted to wait. Yeah wait wait wait hold off for another ten years ten -- -- talent he can take care of the kids for. Doesn't this -- thinking. I don't wanna be grandparents come at least in my fifties. So I'd like him to wait ten years before he starts -- give him the top that one now. What is it 1918. App. Hey baby -- Yeah. I -- the fifth and you do a spare room over the Clinton okay. Consider the -- and like it prudent to look at -- that Hank Johnson. -- -- differently -- I can I won't ask you tactic deputy home. -- -- I did that day today whom they. Than me -- Yeah. I. Wake up with BJ and.