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BJ & Jamie - Sean's speech to the graduates of OCB. (12/10)

Dec 10, 2013|

Sean gave a speech to a graduating class at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting. Part 3


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Back to shown its commencement speech last Friday -- Ohio school of broadcasting now this clip here Jamie. Is it sure is talking about exploiting your weaknesses. Alex plugging into this is a motivational speak for -- speaking and then talk. For the nine graduates of the -- at a school about -- yeah they just got their degree -- guest speaker and so there are almost the gradually yes this is via official graduation there in their capping gowns and everything. And they are and I saw the pictures and no this is part didn't. -- probably eight. And his commencement speech aren't. Why does this explain. This is before the introspective. You weaknesses and strengths. And it teetered and it I don't know if yeah in this instance or not -- -- horrible speller. But a. You said they are. Not. I'm trying to relate to passion isn't to broadcast school yet what the audience of -- Don't -- -- latter I wonder that it is horrible. It's a broadcast facility in the -- as the worst it's like it's on a CEO. Casio cassette player -- what equipment do you guys work on a -- that put played and recorded her. I know that of a big it was wrong you know the transition from wherever you and what a rubles on criminal court is my -- back to -- -- He he -- yeah speed. As it's my. Times are beyond the Eriksson beat my personality and he. It's every time I do it further in my career. To my weaknesses. So you think I agree though. It abuse and and like a resonates in new York and Los Angeles you didn't send them -- -- -- I can't spend half. Or you can send an audio clip and your check of your spelling bee and to try to get another job. -- and it's for you and your help you that's different your career what. Well I mean I don't it's kind of funny. And -- good and they can say this guy is young jovial guy can spell you know it when he uses got. -- -- There -- companies out there are looking for people here as well. I've ever seen it's I see a job posting you know all four years college teams style guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just wanna say investments. Pay your student -- so it feels good. When you're working and your pain alone because your investing in car alarm -- in -- future. Jumping into the dark don't be afraid. And put yourself out there you go out on a limb -- a lot of jobs out there and -- are out there for people who are excited. -- them and who are willing to make an ass of themselves to get him so good job guys congratulations you made it now -- make it. Atlanta and oh yeah and I'm gonna make. Yeah line like that that likely to go making news sent them off and and did you get a -- standing ovation from this now I didn't really hit the outcome did didn't they clap -- stand up and. Paolo -- a laughing. He asked and it was and it was hard to get a recording of the loud bell exuberant applause this phone -- the I think I got a nine cents. For granting Cuban applause then he's that good when you do good you did he said mountain to the world and perspective I see why they would Escude I think -- BS back again. Didn't really graduate -- yeah fingers crossed. I mean your that you're kind of the the star student. Of the Ohio school but the the right now you are and somebody just comes along and refugee out you know their rescue again the exact click you know -- expect this right now you are due to slower. -- -- Just wanna say it best. Student loans. Now did they ask you to say that part. No you're isn't alone isn't but I know for myself personally when I got the full column I had finished paying my student loan I felt so good about myself. That I just wanted to share that encouraged them to also have that. You sure your interest rate less. -- -- even know what it was hooked up I. He did around the room and said okay for this exigencies yeah yeah -- unload and be ready if. I don't know I just feel like the guy that he -- introduce you -- -- -- piece of -- -- people -- Putin's. Leadership and I won't -- now. Not as planned Allen was planned. -- I get a public that's. -- -- -- To clear. That had to go through the -- is that. Yeah that's I. -- in those parents must be litany of mine yeah. They all asked to see the car with the reindeer is and that was the topic of conversation doesn't about the speech but the Rangers. Come -- -- -- and remained nearing the end zone in the rain gear Hitler completely Dieter amber now. It's not dealers. And it is a Hollywood cardinal. What is indeed that the budget he delegate a fleet of cars out there with -- Hitler's our budget gears a bit easier to do you need some. See who's solid on my -- Wake up with each and each weekday mornings at 530 to answer and tell -- -- I think.