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BJ & Jamie - Sean's speech to the graduates of OCB. PART 2 (12/10)

Dec 10, 2013|

Sean gave a speech to a graduating class at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting. PART 2


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-- Our tactics -- swallows in his commencement speech which was on Friday Ohio school broadcasting. Nice that you heard the big intro right yes and you know we couldn't do our job without. Sounds while there he is a price stood and they knew that the moment he walked through the door to Ohio school broadcast now graduates on the show. But but here's -- this is how we start out discernible speech in giving the advice of these kids -- in life. This has been to move forward and broadcast so how humble and have an idea of what you want. This little broadcasting. Baby that you just received you'll have a broadcasting maybe they'll go. And do something. It's like -- tumor. You on the broadcasting tumor. To grow it should -- of acting baby and now did you ever written down broadcasting. You just pulled that one out of -- you and. It's something that I have always kind of thought of as I was going to school you know it became pregnant with. The desire to be broadcasting and and as I was going to that school -- nurtured that. And then graduation. Day it's a symbol of like giving birth like it now I've birds this. This desire that's inside of me NN and it's my -- now we got the nurtured her. If I'm still in the nurturing process. -- this it takes a log dot Zachary -- sure but you always say it's like this product has. Seeing him baby willow wasn't gonna use the baby analogy it was all my notes. And and I throughout the. -- he would do you didn't use marijuana plant and this is true yeah I'm getting into an apartment it's time to -- gonna say yeah we did. -- I have an idea of what he walks. This little broadcasting. These babies. Received you'll have a broadcasting baby -- go -- And do something I'd just like looking around at each other Golan but there. It -- Yeah actually yeah that's got me I think. I was still in my hands aren't let me do it ears that exclude that is would you tell him to go out -- -- -- and it. And then not sexy jobs will always lead. To a sexier job on the line so afraid. My first job mosques don't put it behind me. He's only been recently. Don't worry about that that's there that's those -- there. The potential in the job and radio someone told me once. Let's see what we're working. Four hours. This -- by making this up as you go or is he out kind of as part because you didn't ever hear this strike and it becomes four and he is like saying. And I. Okay that is in this star or how you say in native tongue. Use skip this part and probably get paid for it at 2 o'clock o'clock anything. At peace you would get paid for the hours he -- but that -- that job could not translated. In 286. Figure job. -- ten years -- you have to think that we have to think I'm taking the steps to get to the ultimate prize and that's. You have to -- your heart you. Good mood is walk hard. -- can you start right at the wildcard possibility that. Inspiration that Andy he did say it is not easy to walk -- mounting a -- by the question -- -- son have you ever walked up to them. I have I was younger but I have locked up well there. -- the -- it wasn't any immediate like that none of ruby hill in oh are at the lookout mountain. In -- abandoned them protected them mountain climbing my little mountain -- actually going appeared to win. -- -- He's the walk the stairs here when the elevator throughout that was -- -- store guy that was so that's kind of the same. It's it's. Not scared on the elevators now. -- Just yeah. Like all the passion no you you're almost like the Reverend Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson point. It sounds so stupid that I I just have this kind of knowledge. -- -- Well Lockhart is an inspirational Terry coined by in my favorite artists Dewey Cox really -- movie about a week. None singer it's called -- card remember is that guy and -- Dewey Cox and doing time it's the story of Dewey Cox well he's inspirational as a comedy. No -- card that's pretty inspirational I mean it encourages you to really walk -- and. We'll torched inspirational. Athletes of its meaning. Don't know what I have militants and. I -- not. The ring of fire Johnny Cash story it's quality Louisiana its move -- how you think of it. It's Johnson's I don't and he believes he's fully ear pulling the -- cart for. For inspiration for those who can still be an inspirational afraid to use this again. Well it's. Heart and smile it's -- to do is walk hard. It's solid. And it's all that's good advice on anything that's really good -- that are now how. The students are did you when you jumped into that. Easy and embrace did did did they jumped to their seats I feel like some all the more inspired. I did I haven't scared and let me inspired amid a did you scare in the -- but I seats didn't speak. Which one it was inspired. I feel like at least. At some although more inspired. They don't mention me in there acceptance speeches. That are like seven graduates was 990. There's nine but it is is encouraging now -- -- -- to. -- Well you know they paid their way through any kind of. Course and then Harvard to. -- easily -- it's like more like it to -- groups and I get semi circle you just I 75 people there total. 21 point. -- you received the instructors and everything and everybody and all and family and friends now okay. Are you here's another part of this is where you talk about how are -- you've learned to dress the part I'll lose. I'll help you or image you. Like this is that everything Jamie sorry you got so does -- Don't think you know what's going on and then take a lot of notes and and I. -- real sure about that but it helped me become as good easy because people always take the time to teach. Dressed the part I encourage all of you to find someone in your life who cares about you. As your -- director has something to close to the project he can't he can't really see. Well the upper hand and he. Yeah -- mental on the. And we'll do. Sherrod crux -- carry a briefcase. Or break your arm but yeah. What about. Landmark the last margin -- I cringed. And didn't like him. And I -- we don't. It is time to teach dressed the part I encourage all of you to find someone in your life who cares about you. And as your image director has something to close to the prod it that way that me too close to what does it mean Jordan -- -- the problem. My perspective is instead we think we all look good in what we're wearing and therefore were too close to what. To the project were too close to ourselves to really critique are all well and image. Successfully and sometimes it takes a one -- a high -- cells to tell us hey maybe you shouldn't have a -- it are maybe release your image director. China I would blame her. I think she's given enough. I need to I don't know -- well. Variety -- I remember when you were my. And they didn't try that and I think she's just given up. Maybe it's not -- and I think you slipped back backwards a little bit you know. He's that whole image thing and just don't cater the people are friendly -- driver reindeer carpet geared. A hole I disagree. The -- and you can't he can't really see. How well -- Palin can do it too close to seeing somebody outside yourself to look at it saying -- Maybe use didn't. Where it tore up T shirts to those opportunities for me and tired guys are the best place we internships are the best place for a tie. I would not have the shirt. From my image and appointed when I went to school. And -- that the way that I have dressed. Right well that presented myself and carry myself even though was outside my element has helped me achieve the success. Because I've. Art until I got the part that makes sense. The part -- like. This since we're going to anybody. It. Is only hysterical that's. Where it is only. Dixon called. The retorted duo is it important or just having -- yeah. Mostly sunny and you don't do this again just like okay you you're gonna gonna gonna do -- speech you gotta get your hands on the speech for social and helped us get the audio that is not like he's blind -- at this -- I'm just I mean ultimately Phelan is good and I look I don't know how are we getting so. Right. And I got 225423. What do what do you think so far of -- commencement speech for. Let me ask you this. What are your favorite moments is. The broadcast babies yet walk heart or you're too close to project -- and we're not done and although it's more you know just like two more -- California. I don't really gets into the inspirational thing the whole reverend Jesse Jack do you go out and do it make you make it -- you know. -- he talks about his horrible spelling. And -- mean this mean it's gonna sound sort of -- What'd you where that you thought might help you in in this world I mean. Because you have that that saint Patrick church actually looks like tuxedos the white black when -- was -- did not mean you shouldn't -- god. Did you some of the thumbs up. Listen to -- any evidence that they had never seen my clothes that work at the end zone and I let's I was learning new shirt that case is you dressed the part that dad anything he's lied your bottle. For the most part right close to the project are two more I get to market where you'll do that next. Wake up with me and G weekday mornings at 530 dance and -- -- I think.