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BJ & Jamie - Sean's speech to the graduates of OCB. PART 1 (12/10)

Dec 10, 2013|

Sean gave a speech to a graduating class at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting. PART 1


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-- You putting your part of the issue on swallows. Commencement speech and I can't wait for -- yes yeah. He is so -- Yeah okay -- London. Your service -- I'm a little bit nervous this guy this guy was your teacher right. So -- gotten didian trail is the it was the director of education while I was a student body takes all the credit for UB New York okay it has been. As he does not does not here we got this is on Friday at the Ohio school of broadcasting. And -- -- is the commencement speaker for all the people that are graduating. Again we always like to have us some of our guest speakers. In this case. Yeah -- former rather it's been very successful we were just looking over the records it's only been a couple of years since this graduate. Has extended from the program and I had the privilege of being the education director at that time I mean the new position of career services director now on. Education at that time. It's fun. Positioned to CH students that you just know it's going to be successful. All we have to do sometimes to stand back and watch the magic happen and. The magic happened Jamie. Can you hear that the magic the magic -- in Sean it's just. It's like he said that when you came through the doors of the Ohio school -- -- there was a -- Yeah there was a glow about him and this is the kid it's gonna make him. Just watch. That was the case with our guest speaker from Alison -- intercom. Communications today. -- swallowed graduated just a few short years ago started in turning for a intercom communications. -- -- BJ enjoyed the show continues to serve in that capacity. As morning show producer and sometimes. I was taking this as -- was talking about here. -- is behind the scenes a lot of for every person that you see on camera. Or on the radio there so -- any support roles that go on diet that make your. And on that what it Jamie can help me on this. There's not diminish support roles and others not it's just Jamie and -- -- right OK for the most part we had a couple of in terms -- role in general I'll support. But there's no real support putts to -- cut there's no big massive staff I -- -- may be your Ryan Seacrest -- Los Angeles has won. Like writers EA and produce it we don't have miraculously -- -- This team is lucky she considered somebody for a soda in the morning about that -- that's that's how you know completely Arnie yes I don't know where this guy gets that there's just this massive group of people that showed again. -- means like engineers promotions. Program director. Say okay. Are those that are. Knows he doesn't mean the individuals and a OK okay -- machine my bad day the machine to machine in every show that you hear on her radio usually does a producer and he just said -- -- -- -- -- good. Yes so so again back to what we said I've seen those producers do an incredible job. Lot of stress but they've got those shows are getting away with you do an incredible job a lot of stress -- -- you know a lot of stress for the show. And I had not seen a lot of stress I I think about things that need to be done -- -- I -- and it's what you know like today what has to be done. Today a well -- nothing really to gain. Tomorrow and tomorrow is probably gonna be really busy yeah. It could not brothels -- that we. -- LA area -- Denver radio usually have us a producer behind the scenes those producers have an incredible job. Under a lot of stress but they've got those shows couldn't make it without the producer and yeah. I guess I'll tag. What does he said those shows you that. -- any act under a lot of stress but they those shows couldn't make it without the producer and that's. -- -- John you wanna go home. And go home and he's been simply just finishes show that it -- even make. Where can we -- a we're a joke. Or not and I can rent -- -- and look at that it is that I'm. I've looked at the truth is like every show just about. The complete city -- the leading to -- that's the truth then they can replace being played all of the producer. Gonna find funny is when I was without trusting and frank idea here in Denver leading producer. You've ever producer and even knew there was such thing as a producer Mike Allen could. You. There's times well let's come along what I guess I'm not -- how Palin and with our guest speaker for today before we officially introduce him. Like to see. One of the things we're in this case here one of the things that a morning show producer gets to do. One of which is being made fun of years we have some audio over guest. Yes producer today. They play they go back and play this thing you and I did a laughing about Sean and he has a Hitler. Bomb reindeer car how great it all that that discussion that we had last week you were making fun of Sean and they play like five minutes. Of play now they sprung it on me. They've played I mean via live. And have been funded and a bit -- -- at least I listen to present yeah it's. Yeah I had a embarrassing he means it you know just not ever knows how it is with us throughout treat friends when. And it's it's turning cheek and it -- and and yes it was sometimes with a guide John to make fun of them and whatnot but if you don't know the context of our relationship. And now Shawn is supposed to be this motivational speaker and -- to him getting up in single fight win. They're playing integrating. Audio clip plus disclaimer that Jesus out of you with your -- -- shirt. You're exactly right it's the timing Sean is the bit that they picked I don't know hey hey it would be like him playing dispelling the I'm glad for you yeah yeah. I feel like puddles of dungy -- your own bit on your own fears of example was telling -- -- that would be embarrassing to you it's deeply. Sebelius in -- the globetrotters speak into the NBA. It. Makes total sense and I guess that makes a lot. Maybe they don't ever dialogue. A global -- -- target it BA that's like what does it look Carter sitting down LeBron James to Taliban held to improve his game yeah exactly. -- and twirling it. A little between the -- a lot more and I'm -- need to music. -- Any new. If they don't regularly go back we start of the speech itself I'll bowling on -- must not give its direction and help these kids are gonna be like well you know -- not now I think the words. Broadcast baby. Those words -- this. Your broadcast maybe yeah. Wake up with Vijay and 530 did CNN Dallas 105.